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  • welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hit songs sung in a language other than English.


  • This'll ist.


  • We're looking at those amazing pop tracks that stuck in our ears, even though we couldn't understand what they were saying.


  • We're basing our picks on a mix of cultural relevance, the addictive quality of the song and how long they spent on the charts with Number 10 Rock Me, Amadeus Falco.


  • For his third album, Austrian New Wave Artists, Falco wrote a love letter to one of the world's first musical megastars, a son of Vienna, Austria.


  • Just like Mo's art, Falco celebrates the composer's eccentric career and calls him the world's first punk.


  • The track made Falco the first German speaking artist to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart E.

    這首歌曲使法爾科成為第一個在Billboard Hot 100排行榜E中排名第一的德語歌手。

  • Let's start to show him down The talking come from Give Me.

    讓我們開始讓他失望,說話的是 "給我"。

  • Despite his massive success in Europe, the song was Falco's Onley number one hit in the Western World.


  • The songs instantly recognizable Hook has even made it ripe for parody on the Internet and even The Simpsons.


  • Decades later, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, no e o number nine Dominique E O Belgian None.

    幾十年後,醫生,醫生,醫生,醫生,不e o九號多米尼克e o比利時無。

  • Janine Decker became a global sensation after being encouraged to take her music outside the convent walls.

    Janine Decker在被鼓勵將她的音樂帶出修道院的圍牆後,成為全球轟動的人物。

  • Written about the founder of her own religious order, Dominique encourages the listener to endure in the face of hardship, sailing up charts around the world.


  • Decker's also recorded versions in English, Dutch, Hebrew and Japanese, among others.


  • Following President Kennedy's assassination, the track became an American hit thanks to its calming sound.


  • The song's success and Deckers Life were even treated to a 1966 movie starring Debbie Reynolds.


  • It's still widely used today in Siris Like Madmen and American Horror Story and inspired a singing, then in The Simpsons, E number eight, the Ketchup Song, a CD, Hey Lost ketchup, a armed with a silly dance and even crazier lyrics, Spanish sister trio lost ketchup mumbled their way to stardom.

    它至今仍被廣泛使用在《Siris Like Madmen》和《美國恐怖故事》中,並激發了演唱的靈感,然後在《辛普森一家》中,E號八號,番茄醬之歌,一張CD,嘿,迷路的番茄醬,一個用傻乎乎的舞蹈和更瘋狂的歌詞武裝起來的西班牙姐妹三人組迷路的番茄醬喃喃自語地走向了明星之路。

  • Never do that.


  • You know what?


  • While the song inspired controversy for alleged satanic references, the lyrics air actually about a magic gypsy.


  • Despite having Portuguese and even a Spanglish version of the song, the chorus is seemingly gibberish in all of them.


  • As keen listeners have pointed out, however, the lyrics are actually a clever butchering of the Sugarhill Gang's rapper's delight.


  • Now I'm feeling the highs and you're feeling the loathe be starts getting into your to you.


  • Start pumping your fingers and stopping your feet on moving your body while you're sitting, and you're saying that the lyrics really didn't seem to matter.


  • However, as the song went to number one in over 20 countries and has even appeared in video games, I never nothing.


  • Number seven Sukiyaki Kyu Sakamoto, annoyed with the continued American military presence in Japan lyricist wrote words to what would become a deceptively fun protest song.


  • Speaking to Japan's harsh times following the war, Que Sakamoto sings about staying hopeful towards the future.


  • Despite its political content, the song managed to top American charts the first Japanese song to ever do So.


  • She know it's catchy.


  • Melody made it one of the best selling singles of all time, charting highly in Australia, the United Kingdom and even Norway.


  • While originally titled to match its lyrics, it was renamed after a popular Japanese dish in English speaking markets, so Western DJs could pronounce it number six.


  • We no speak Americano, Yolanda be Cool and D Cup Despite containing mostly Southern Italian lyrics, this modern dance it comes from Australia, of all places, pumping up a sample of Renato Carlson's Tofel Americano, Yolanda Be Cool and D Cup made a global dance classic, peaking at number four in Australia.

    我們不說Americano,Yolanda be Cool和D Cup儘管包含了大部分意大利南部的歌詞,但這個現代舞它來自澳洲,所有的地方,抽出雷納託-卡爾森的Tofel Americano樣本,Yolanda Be Cool和D Cup使全球舞蹈經典,在澳洲排名第四。

  • The song soared to number one in over a dozen foreign countries.


  • We'll track has become a party standard.


  • The lyrics critique lavish American lifestyles, and funnily enough, America was one of the few countries where the song didn't top of the charts.


  • Theo Track found its way into Korean television and has even been sampled by pitbull number 5 99 Loof balloons Nina In a In the midst of the Cold War, Nina crafted a political track with a haunting story.

    Theo Track在韓國電視臺找到了它的蹤跡,甚至被坑爹的5號99 Loof氣球Nina In a在冷戰中,Nina製作了一首政治歌曲,故事令人難忘。

  • After 99 balloons attract military attention, a Siris of misunderstandings leads to an endless war.


  • The timely message and upbeat melodies made the song a huge hit, regardless of its German lyrics.


  • France's Creeks with Sun Flashers on despite creating an English version for international markets, German original outperformed virtually everywhere, But the UK and Canada Song has endured so well that someone donated $35,000 to the H one in 2000 and six to broadcast the music video for a full hour hop.


  • I think we owe Number four Macarena Bayside Boys Remix Leo Released is a Roomba song in 1993.

    我想我們欠第四號Macarena Bayside Boys Remix Leo Released是一首1993年的Roomba歌曲。

  • Macarena was already a hit in the Latin community before the Bayside Boys made their iconic remix three years later, melodically exciting.

    Macarena在三年後Bayside Boys進行標誌性的混音之前,就已經在拉丁界風靡一時,旋律激動人心。

  • The song's lyrics Air, actually about a cheating girlfriend named Macarena three mixes catchy beat and accessible dance made it a global phenomenon, spending an insane 14 weeks atop Billboard Hot 100.

    這首歌的歌詞Air,實際上是關於一個名叫Macarena的出軌女友三混合朗朗上口的節拍和易於理解的舞蹈使它成為全球現象,在Billboard Hot 100上度過了瘋狂的14周。

  • A theme song also made a splash at the 1996 Democratic National Convention, where Hillary Clinton and even Al Gore were dancing along, spending over a year on the charts.


  • The song and dance are still a huge hit at Weddings to this Day.


  • Hey, my God, it whoop on condom star number three Gangnam style psy condom star.


  • Imagine jogging Those I was already popular in his native South Korea.


  • Crafting a viral video made him one of the most popular stars in history, mixing explosions but worship and a memorable dance size music video caught on around the world Condom star theme songs.


  • Global chart domination has increased the popularity of Korean food and prompted the South Korean government to support more domestic acts.


  • Theme music Video became the most viewed video on YouTube in 2012 and would remain that way until 2017.


  • The Dances Worldwide success was even marked by the United Nations as a tool to bring the world together through music.


  • Open Condom Star number two Esposito, Luis Fonsi Featuring Daddy Yankee High Fancy the O.

    開放式安全套明星二號人物埃斯波西託、路易斯-方西Featuring Daddy Yankee High Fancy the O。

  • Whether you love or hate this Latin American sensation, it's accomplishments speak for themselves.


  • Yes.


  • After waking up one morning with a melody in his head, Luis Fonsi penned an instant classic about taking things slowly with someone you love.


  • Songs.


  • Intoxicating rhythms made it the most streamed song ever, earning multiple awards and chart placement.


  • As a result, Justin Bieber's remix also helped the songs Popularity in America.


  • The video overtook See You again to become the most watched video on YouTube of the time and now has over seven billion views.


  • The song was eventually surpassed on Latin American charts by J.


  • Balvin and Willy Williams.


  • Magenta, Yes, but see the way get to our topic.


  • Here are a few honorable mentions, Miss her song Nice Hey Me, e Be like me, man E e.

    這裡有幾個值得一提的,小姐她的歌Nice Hey Me,e Be like me,man E e。

  • Believe anybody before we continue.


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  • Number one.


  • La Bamba, Richie Bounds and Los Lobos Symphony.

    La Bamba、Richie Bounds和Los Lobos Symphony。

  • Considering how iconic this Latin American hit is to this day, it should be no surprise that it's dominated the charts multiple times.


  • Originating as a Mexican folk song, It was Ritchie Valens is rock version that brought the song to the masses, gaining success in Europe and North America.


  • Valens is take peaked at 22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    瓦倫斯是採取峰值在22在Billboard Hot 100。

  • The song's Success and Balances Tragic Death inspired the 1987 biopic La Bamba.

    這首歌的成功與平衡悲劇性的死亡激發了1987年傳記片《La Bamba》的靈感。

  • Los Lobos is cover version for the film was an instant smash hitting number one internationally.

    Los Lobos》是電影的翻唱版,在國際上一炮而紅。

  • It's also the only non English song on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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