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  • Hello there, viewer! Great to see you again.

  • Everyone falls sick sometimes.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to call up your sick friend, and ask how he or she’s doing?

  • You can also wish your friend good health and a quick recovery.

  • Do you know how to do that? Well well learn it in this lesson!

  • Listen to all the conversations, and check out the vocabulary section towards the end.

  • You can also practice the sentences by pausing the video and then repeating it.

  • Let’s get started now!!

  • Hi Jeremy!

  • Hi Alyssa.

  • Are you feeling better now?

  • Yeah, just a bit. I am still feeling nauseous.

  • Did you take the medication?

  • Yeah, but its effects takes time to kick-in.

  • Oh… I better leave you to rest then. I’ll check back on you later.

  • Thanks Alyssa. I appreciate it.

  • Yo Scott!

  • Hey man! What’s up?

  • How’s your leg dude?

  • Broken. I got a cast.

  • Ouch! So how long are you gonna be out of action?

  • The doc said 3 weeks.

  • That sounds really ugly buddy.

  • Yeah man. I am gonna be bored to death.

  • Well okay... Just searching out. I'm gonna be out at the beach this evening. Surfing!

  • I hope you break a leg too you jerk!

  • It takes one to know another.

  • Alright mate, talk to ya later.

  • Marvin, you are Jamie’s neighbour, right?

  • Yes, maam. I live a block from her house.

  • How is she feeling now? I hope she’s started recovering...

  • Her parents took her to L.A for further treatment.

  • Oh my goodness. Was it that bad?

  • I don’t know. The doctor she recommended it.

  • They weren’t able to diagnose the disease.

  • I hope it’s nothing bad. May God bless her and give her good health.

  • Hey Tiff! Wait up!

  • Hi Taylor! Tell me what’s up?

  • Have you seen Ethan? I haven’t seen him for a while.

  • Ethan’s ill Taylor. He’s got pneumonia.

  • Pneumonia? How did he get that?

  • He went out in the snow without warm clothes on a dare.

  • What? I didn’t think Ethan was that stupid. How’s he now?

  • Better. I think hell be back on Monday.

  • Treatment is the name given to the medicines and care provided to a patient when he falls ill.

  • Diagnosis is deciding what disease a patient has based on the symptoms or tests.

  • A doctor diagnoses the disease after carefully considering all symptoms and reports.

  • The treatment is done on the basis of the diagnosis.

  • Nausea is the feeling that you are going to throw up.

  • When you feel you are going to vomit, you are feeling nauseous.

  • When something starts having an effect, it is said to kick-in

  • For example : The pain-killer I took kicked in after 5 minutes and my headache disappeared.

  • When you check back on something or someone, you check to make sure they are okay.

  • When you check-back on ill friends, you talk to them again to find out how they are doing.

  • When someone is out of action, they are not able to perform properly.

  • This can happen when they fall ill.

  • Jerk is an insult. When someone is very irritating or rude, that person is being a jerk.

  • Don’t use it too often, because it’s a bad word.

  • Thank you for watching this lesson. Well be back with a new lesson tomorrow.

  • Do come back and check it out.

  • Did you like the lesson?

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  • See ya around!

Hello there, viewer! Great to see you again.


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健康英語 - 關於一個生病的學生 - 用英語詢問一個生病的人。 (Health English - About A Sick Student - Enquiring About A Sick Person In English)

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