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Hey, what do you think about Italian? (Subtitle: Bryan Pai, BS Translations)
For a first date? Depends. We talking pizza or pasta?
It's so complicated...
Ted, my sword!
Hang on dude, I got something cooler!
You should invite her on a study date. Everyone loves to study!
Oh man, no perps/purps? We were up all night farming this guy...
All night!
All night? Do you know what this means?
We're late for class!
Come on Ki!
Class is cancelled! Score! More time for questing!
BD I'm looking at you!
Oh, sorry dude! I gotta go get ready. We're meeting the new FPS coach today.
Oh man, there's always a FPS thing.
What about you Ki? Wanna grind some mobs?
How can you think about grinding in a time like this? We have no class. I haven't learned anything in weeks.
I'm off to yell at Calhoun!
Whatever, I guess I'll nab some z's before drift class. Psych!
I don't get sleepy BD, I get gamey...
Oh man I'm tired...
Here. You could use the extra fuel.
Oh yeah...
Thank God, hold this.
What is all this stuff, Jenny?
Playbooks, Kill Reels, anything to show the new coach I'm awesome.
Still gunning for Varsity, yeah?
Hell yeah, whatever gets me taped to that flagpole.
Wait. They tape you to a flagpole?
It's an old Varsity tradition. Plus, I'm gonna lose my mind if I have to keep babysitting JV.
Oh, not you, I mean you're... great. It's just... Them...
One... Two three!
Stow it! nerds, the trial's on!
Well another bad day in court for VGHS superstar the Law,
accused of first-degree hacking by the Anti-Aimbot association.
Word has come in that former FPS coach Bob Jackson has fled to Zanzibar, refusing to testify on Law's behalf.
Hey! How y'all doing out there?
Thanks for coming out. Really means a lot.
Alright, Let's just get through this.
Hum... In light of these super bogus cheating allegations,
and out of respect to VGHS, the last place in the world that truly believes in me,
my legal team and I... feel it's in my best interest...
To punch through my prepared statement, fire my legal team
and swear vengeance on the loser who dared frame the law!
You're going down, buddy, just like this podium!
No! I never cheat and I never lose!
I'm all gassed up and ready to ride!
I can't believe I dated that guy...
Hum, so... I was gonna grab some pizza and pasta with Ted and Ki at Romero's tonight
but they kinda wanna just stay inside and hang out...
-You wanna come? -Okay
Wha... Really?
Awesome, I was thinking around 7...
Are they allergic to anything?
Because I can make my seven nut shellfish onion dip
Oh, no, they're not coming... Ted...Hum
It was just gonna be the two of us.
Grab some Italian food, and maybe catch a movie...
Just, you know, hang out...
Doesn't really sound like "hanging out"; Brian.
It sounds like you're asking me on a... What's that called?
You know, when you like someone and you're asking them on what...?
A date. Yes, I'm asking you on a date, Jenny.
Please come to my date?
Thirty seconds late, Jenny, off to a bad start.
Coach Matrix!
Fall in!
Asleep at the wheel, Theodore?
Sorry DK, long night...
Ah. No doubt toiling over the book report you were about to give me.
The one that's due today.
Book... report?
Oh, shucks, I left it in my room, can I just get it to you Monday?
You didn't do it, did you?
No way, I super did it, I swear.
If you speak the truth, then deliver unto me at the FPS tourney... The report.
You want it by tomorrow?
I wanted it by today.
We have an FPS team in shambles with sponsors dropping like flies
and you bring on a wild card like Marry Matrix?
for the sake of your job, Calhoun, I hope you made the right choice.
Not the right choice, the only choice. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a school to run.
What the crap do you two want!?
Tell Freddie to give me homework, we haven't had an assignment in weeks.
You want homework? Didn't you come here to play video games?
Actually I came here to learn about gamers what makes them... "TLDR", Ki, nobody cares.
Freddie, come on, you know the rules.
Tss, I know I rule.
Just give her homework each week. This is a school, God damn it!
Fine, fine...
Ki, your homework for every week, forever, is to do no homework!
Nice try, Freddie, but I don't think that counts. - That counts.
- What?! - In your face!
Just breath, Ki... Keep it together
Dean Calhoun, I respectively request to be withdrawn from Freddie's class.
Yeah, no no. You don't get to do that. You don't get to withdraw from class, you have to get kicked out by the teacher.
And that ain't never gonna happen, you ugly narc!
But... Okay. But that doesn't make any sense, there's got to be a loophole or something... - Why don't you look for that loophole elsewhere?!
If you two don't mind, I have a school to run.
That's what I'm talking about, I know i could count on you, my man, right there.
Laying it down, large and charge. Give me the bones. Pound it. Right here. Pound me. knuckle sandwich
So you lost your star player, big whoop. You know what's better than a star player?
- Having a star team. - No, a star coach, that's me.
As the head coach of the Denver Commandos, I've never lost a pro championship,
but I'm sure as hell not going to start at the high school level.
I do not like wasting time.
Speaking of which, JV, I can't bother with you, so you just do whatever it is that you do.
Varsity, let's talk business.
This, is the new Playbook. Banged it out out last night.
Memorize it by game time.
Memorize a million moves by Monday morning
Miss Matrix that's marble madness!
You're cut from the team, Alliterator. Anyone else?
Well, it was fun while it lasted. Goodbye everybody!
So I'll see the rest of you at the game.
Move it!
So your mom is the new coach, that's... cool, right?
I'll see you at 7, Brian.
Okay, yeah, see you at my place.
Trying to butter up the new coach?
I can handle our annual phone call, but hum...
Is there a reason why you're here?
Yeah, Calhoun called in a favor and I thought "Why not?
I'll stop my daughter from screwing up her career."
Okay, you're here, whatever, yay...
About that spot on Varsity, I want it.
And when you're ready for it, I'll...
Ready?! Are you serious?
Is there anything else, because I have a game that I need to prep for.
Story of my life.
Good talk,mum.
That's the last rule book.
There're no loopholes...
I'll never have homework again. Oh God
Hey, Kiwi... Got the homework blues?
Me too...
I'm gonna be up all night doing this long, boring,
succulent, savoury homework... Man I'm hungry, and sleepy.
Do you wanna split a pizza and go to bed?
- Ted! I need your help! - You got it best friend!
Ted, wait! You left your home... work.
Okay, man, this place is books!
Now, I've really gotta hit the clean this place spotless.
Alright, thanks buddy.
Hey, what do you think? Tommy Vercetti or Max Payne?
I don't want to smell like a guy that has nothing to lose.
Or do I?
No no no no, Ted, you gotta wake up man!
Jenny's gonna be here any second!
I'll get it...
- hello... - Got a moment?
... Sure. Mrs. Coach, what's up?
It smells like you got a date, so I'll just cut to the chase
I just talked to Varsity, phew, they hate you.
- Oh... good? - Yeah, I said the same thing.
See, I need someone to make them mad,
to light a fire under their asses, and your ass is that fire.
So I am starting you in the Varsity game tomorrow.
Jenny... Hum, Benny, Ted Benny, my roommate, Ted Benny.
The stories I can tell you about Ted Benny...
Oh man, I'm sure he's in one of those classic jams, again. Hum... bear me.
- Hey you! - Do you mind if we skip dinner and just stay in tonight?
Sure, but hum... The dip, where's the dip?
Dip? Oh, I must have forgot.
Look Jenny, just because Ted and Ki aren't here doesn't mean I don't want dip
Okay, Um... I think I have some picante, in my room...
That sounds great yeah, go get that!
Okay, sure.
Oh! bring chips too.
Haha, you so funny, oh my goodness...
- So, about tomorrow's game, I really think that who you should start with... - I see you at the game, Brian.
Yes, ma'am.
Bad tie
My goodness...
Here's your salsa, weirdo.
Jenny, wait, listen we gotta talk,alright? Your mum wants...
Brian please...
Do you mind if we just... relax tonight?
We need chips... We need chips. Chips. BRB (Be right back)
Oh... Come on Ted! Come on Ted, be awake.
Ted! Jenny's here. In her PJ's! She looks adorable... I think we're gonna cuddle!
But, but... her mom wants to start me in Varsity tomorrow
but she wants to start tomorrow, and if I tell her, that's gonna ruin our date!
Dude, what do I do?
- Ki? - Do you have any homework?
What? Where's Ted?
Oh, I don't know. And I don't care. I just finished his homework,
and I need more.
What do I do?
Welcome to Varsity, Brian!
Brian? Brian?! Brian!!
One second Brian, I have another phone call coming in.
Hello, Ki's phone, this is Ki speaking.
- Hello Ki. - This isn't what it looks like!
Looks like you're doing... your homework!
This... is not mine, I promise.
Oh, If it's not yours. That's cool.
Wait a minute,
not doing your homework?
Isn't that the homework I assigned you?
Hahaha! "F" stands for more than just Freddie, Ki.
It also stands for You "Fail~"!
Yes, mwhahaha! Hahaha!
You're failing my class, Ki.
No! Oh God!
You're starting tomorrow.
Yeah... Sorry, I wanted to tell you, I just... I mean, you said yes to us dating,
or, at least... going on a date and I... I don't want to ruin it.
Yeah, I get it.
- You're probably pretty pissed. - Oh yeah.
Well... If it makes you feel better, I had a wedgie before they put me up here,
and everything I do makes it worse...
Well, settle in, you've got a long night ahead of you! And, an entire Playbook to learn.
If I gravel some more, would you cut me down?
And ruin 40 years of tradition? Fat chance.
Okay. Page 1: the Panama pincer formation. You have two guys on the left and the rest of your team stays back on base. At second 30, you send the rest of the team....
Good morning...!
Oh crap! I forgot my homework!
- So, both assaults flank left. - Exactly.
PiePuppy, what's going on?
The Law's verdict came in.
The Law, in regards to the charge of aim-botting in the first degree,
we find you...
On behalf of "Feild of Fire" Customer support
Your account is hereby banned for a period of no shorter than like,forever.
Also, the VGHS Varsity FPS team is stripped of its victories
and banned from this year's High School Championship. - What?!
Thank you for contacting customer support, and may God have mercy on your soul!
- Wait, so does that mean... - It means the season's over.
Varsity can't even go to playoffs.
Well, peace guys. I'm going to Yale. Heard they need a sniper.
Did you even read your contract Marry? You signed on for a season.
No dice.
Don't you dice me.
Ernie, it's been real. Have your lawyers call my lawyers
That won't be necessary.
What's the hell is this?
A loophole.
And it looks like this game is finally getting under... Wait a minute.
Is this the JV team?
What the heck is Marry Matrix thinking?
If she just received the same news bulletin I did, she's thanking "Thank God for the weird student Ki Swann
who just discovered a loophole allowing JV to take the Varsity's place in VGHS's bid for the championship."
I guess since technically the CSA's ruling only applies to Varsity, the JV squad can do...Oh, Who cares, it makes for great TV.
Thanks for watching!
It's just like any of the game, guys. - Except, we lose all our games.
Yean, well not this time.
- Let's go! - Video Games!
Go for the bomb!
Thirty seconds to plant!
Cyber Dwarves, Cyber Dwarves!!
Ki! There you are! Have you seen my... oh, backpack!
Alright, let's do this thing! - Oh wait, Um, I already...
Ted, uh... be that... what I think it be?
By my troth! This is... Amazing! A+, the best paper I've ever looked at!
So many words!
It pains me to admit, old friend, that I doubted you.
Please accept my apologies. Yeah... And my corndog.
They're coming. Lock it down.
Watch out for sniper fire.
Where's the bomb?
Tie game, and VGHS scores by the skin of their lucky underpants.
They'll need more than underpants to close the deal against this powerful Cyber Dwarves defense in the final round.
DK! Take it back! I didn't write that paper
I don't know who did, but... I'm really sorry. I wanted to do it, I just... didn't.
There's no excuse. I'm a butt.
Oh Theodore...
A butt you may be, but an honest butt at that.
The corndog is yours,
the paper is mine! By Monday.
You got it! Yeah!
Alright guys, final round. Please, tell me that somebody read my Playbook.
- I did. - I did.
Special Delivery. Got it?
Tank upfront! Games, Moriarty, make some noise.
Here i come! Look out for Jumpin' Jax!
Final chance for VGHS! It all comes down to Jenny Matrix and Brian D.
Brian, they're onto you.
Don't blow up, don't blow up!
Jenny, get ready for the shot of your li...
VGHS wins!!
Practice is at 5 AM. Don't be late.
Nice loophole, Ki! Consider yourself off from Rhythm Gaming.
But I didn't find a loophole for, hum...
Ki! He means a loophole to his heart.
I hate both of you.
- I won! - You won!
- Yes! We won! - Of course we did!
Welcome to Varsity.
Thanks, you too.
So... Pizza or pasta?
Brian I can't.
It sucks, but we're in Varsity now, and my mom's the coach, and...
I'm the captain of Varsity, I have to get us to playoffs, it's just... It's too much.
Probably hate me now, huh?
No Jenny I don't hate you. I really like you.
I know.
I'll see you at practice, captain...
This is gonna be a weird year, Brian.
You said it.
You know what guys? As long as the three of us are together, no...
Ted! Get back to work!
No questing until you have ten pages.
Okay, okay, sorry.
Sorry buddy, you just told us to keep you focused.
Hey, Brian D, my best buddy! What's up?
So, um, Marry Matrix made you and me roommates, isn't that awesome?
Put all of my stuff everywhere


【網路影集】電玩高校 第二季 - 第一集 Video Game High School (VGHS): Season 2 - Episode 1

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