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由 AI 自動生成
  • next week there'll be 800,000.


  • So it's the first start will then deploy it at the speed that it's manufactured on.


  • The manufacturing, of course, is being done by Pfizer, uh, in Belgium on the S O, that will determine the speed at which we can roll it out.

    當然,生產是由輝瑞公司完成的,呃,在比利時的S O,這將決定我們推出它的速度。

  • As we've said all along, we've always said Even if we get something before Christmas, we will have the bulk of the roll out.


  • In the new year, we'll start with the most elderly on with people in care homes, Aunt, of course, their carers Thio make sure that that others don't catch it on, then essentially comes down.


  • The age range on NHS staff are also high on the priority list.


  • Onda also the clinically extremely vulnerable who we've supported throughout this crisis.


next week there'll be 800,000.


由 AI 自動生成

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B1 中級 中文 推出 護理院 速度 比利時 輝瑞 阿姨

英國準許首次推廣COVID-19疫苗 (UK approves first COVID-19 vaccine rollout)

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