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  • Here's how to use auto tune in audacity usar clickable sections below to skip through different parts of this tutorial.

    下面是如何使用auto tune在audacity usar點擊下面的部分跳過本教程的不同部分。

  • Auto tune is not a native feature and audacity, so you will need to go click the link to download the free V S T plug in called G Snap.

    自動調音不是原生功能和audacity,所以你需要去點擊鏈接下載免費的V S T插件,名為G Snap。

  • We've put the link in the description below.


  • If you're using a Mac G, snap is still in beta, but the installation instructions air similar.

    如果你使用的是Mac G,snap仍然是在測試版,但安裝說明的空氣相似。

  • Scroll down the page to download and choose which version you want.


  • Open the dot zip file in your downloads folder.

    打開下載文件夾中的dot zip文件。

  • Inside you will find the G snap dot dll plug in file in order to have access to the plug in and audacity, transfer the dot dll file into the programs.

    在裡面你會發現G snap點點滴滴的插件文件,為了能夠訪問插件和audacity,將點點滴滴的文件轉移到程序中。

  • Plug in folder using the following steps.


  • Open a new application window.


  • Go to this PC in the left side menu.


  • Select Local disk opened the folder titled Program Files Parentheses X 86.

    選擇在地磁盤打開名為Program Files括號X 86的文件夾。

  • Open the folder titled Audacity.

    打開名為 "Audacity "的文件夾。

  • Find the folder titled Plug Ins.

    找到名為Plug Ins的文件夾。

  • Grab the G snapped DLL file and drag it into the plug in folder Auto tune should now be available to set up within audacity, Open audacity and select effect, add slash remove plug ins.

    抓起G啪啪的DLL文件,拖到插件文件夾中 自動調音現在應該可以在audacity中設置了,打開audacity,選擇效果,添加斜槓刪除插件。

  • Scroll down to G snap under the name column, click on G Snap and then the enable button Restart audacity to finalize the plugging.

    向下滾動到名稱欄下的G snap,點擊G Snap,然後啟用按鈕重啟audacity,最終完成插播。

  • Now you can use auto tune record or select the audio you want.


  • Toe Auto Tune.


  • If you don't know how to record an audacity, watch our how to use Audacity video, which we put in the description below.


  • After you've selected the clip, you want to auto tune goto effect G Snap a window will pop up with all the different ways to use the auto tune effect on your selected audio.

    當您選擇了素材後,您想要自動調諧的效果G Snap會彈出一個窗口,上面有所有不同的方法來對您選擇的音頻使用自動調諧效果。

  • You can dial in your own sound using the detection and correction naps.


  • The detection row.


  • You can set the range of frequency detected and how fast Auto tune response The changes in pitch in the correction section, you can dial in the snapping region around each snap.

    你可以設置檢測到的頻率範圍和自動調諧響應的速度 自動調諧響應 修正部分的音高變化,你可以撥動每一次扣球周圍的扣球區域。

  • Note how much pitch correction you want, the attack of the note and how long it lingers.


  • The little keyboard on the left is where you can select which notes you want, and G Snap can also link for committee.

    左邊的小鍵盤是你可以選擇你想要的筆記,G Snap還可以為委員會鏈接。

  • You can preview the current effect by pressing the green play button in the bottom left of the window, I'm singing out of Thio.


  • Once you're happy with settings, click apply, then close the plug in and you've successfully added an auto tune effect to an audio track mhm.


Here's how to use auto tune in audacity usar clickable sections below to skip through different parts of this tutorial.

下面是如何使用auto tune在audacity usar點擊下面的部分跳過本教程的不同部分。


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如何在Audacity中自動調音 (How To Autotune In Audacity)

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