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  • US governments auto safety regulator on Friday said it opened an investigation into around 115,000 Tesla vehicles over a front suspension safety issue.


  • Under scrutiny are the 2015 to 2017 model s and the 2016 to 2017 Model X vehicles.

    受到審查的是2015年至2017年的車型s和2016年至2017年的Model X汽車。

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or N H T S A said it received 43 complaints alleging failure of the left or right front suspension for links.

    美國國家公路交通安全管理局,或N H T S A說,它收到了43起投訴,稱左或右前懸架的鏈接失敗。

  • The agency said three of the complaints were at highway speeds reported within the last three months.


  • Tesla's did not immediately respond to a request for comments.


  • According to the N.


  • H T S A.

    H T S A.

  • Tesla in February of 2017 issued a service bulletin that said some vehicles have quotes front four lengths that may not meet Tesla strength specifications.


  • But in a block post in June 2016, the electric carmaker denied any safety defect in Model X or model as suspensions.

    但在2016年6月的一篇區塊文章中,電動汽車製造商否認了Model X或模型作為懸掛的任何安全缺陷。

  • It did mention, however, that the N H T S A had asked the company to informally provided with information about the suspensions.

    然而,它確實提到,N H T S A已要求該公司非正式地提供有關停牌的資訊。




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美國機構因懸掛問題對11.5萬輛特斯拉汽車展開調查。 (U.S. agency opens probe into 115,000 Tesla vehicles over suspension issue)

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