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  • mhm.

  • Hello, Jennifer From Charles Speech With your pronunciation question, Today's question is, how do I pronounce the word border or boundary?

    你好,Jennifer 來自Charles Speech 帶著你的發音問題,今天的問題是,邊界或界線這個詞怎麼念?

  • So we have two syllables today for and they're so to say, bore, we're going to start with the B sound bah close the lips and the voice boxes on and moving well.


  • We're going to quickly move to the or, and to do this, your lips are going to be puckered, and then they're going to pull back into a square tent shape for that or sound.


  • Or so the tip of your tongue is down for the start and then either stays down or you can flip it back.


  • It really depends on how you choose to say that or sound or or, And then we're going to quickly move to the sure this is where it gets challenging for a lot of people, because a lot of people incorrectly touch their teeth for that are sound, and then it gets really confusing.


  • So keep your tongue away from your teeth for this are sound, or then allow your tongue to touch the teeth for that de sound did and then moved to the earth by then flipping the tongue down or back for that final earth.


  • And then again, square tense lips and make that sound long and strong.


  • Error or juror Border, border, border, border.

    錯誤或陪審員 邊界,邊界,邊界,邊界。

  • I'm going to address how we add Suffolk's is to the words.


  • I often get this question.


  • If you're adding an S, we would add the Z sound borders.


  • If you're adding the e d.

    如果你是加了e d。

  • You would just end with another D sound bordered, bordered, bordered.


  • And if you're adding the i N G, you're actually going to add a third syllable bordering bordering bordering bordering so again border borders bordered bordering and now for a sentence, the man got a stamp in his passport as he crossed the border.

    而如果你要加i N G,其實你要加第三個音節bordering bordering bordering bordering,所以又是border borders bordered bordering,現在來一句,這個人在過邊境的時候,護照上蓋了章。

  • Give it a try.


  • People are going to notice the difference.


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如何給 "BORDER "發音 - 英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce BORDER - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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