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  • hey guys Sam here with a final video of my trip to Amritsar in Punjab India

    嘿,山姆,這裡有一個最後的視頻 我在印度旁遮普邦的阿姆利則之旅

  • with a few hours to spare before traveling onwards to Bangalore I made

    有幾個小時的空閒時間 繼續前往我做的班加羅爾

  • the most of my time in the city with a visit to Durgiana temple (Durgiana Manir - Silver Temple) which is like

    我大部分時間在城市裡 參觀杜爾吉亞納神廟(Durgiana Manir-Silver Temple),就像

  • a replica of the golden temple plus I could leave without feasting on an

    金色神廟的複製品加我 可以不吃飽就離開

  • Amritsari Punjabi Thali covered of butter from the naan once again I was

    Amritsari Punjabi Thali涵蓋了 我再次從那安那得到黃油

  • joined by David from David's been here and deepak from Amritsar Walking Tours so

    大衛從大衛來過這裡 和阿姆利則徒步之旅的迪帕克

  • let's go and explore Amritsar together one last time

    我們去探索阿姆利則 最後一次在一起

  • good afternoon good afternoon guys I'm here with my good friend Deepak I'm

    下午好,大家好 和我的好朋友迪帕克在這裡

  • of Amritsar Walking Tours how are you my friend I'm fine so you're gonna be showing us a

    的阿姆利則徒步之旅你好我的朋友 我很好,所以您要向我們展示

  • couple places we're gonna be eating what's the first place we're going the

    我們要去幾個地方吃飯 我們要去的第一個地方是

  • first place we are going inside the Hindu temple yeah which is similar the

    我們要進入的第一名 是的印度教寺廟耶

  • architectures are very similar to the Golden Temple but it's a Hindu temple as it is

    架構與 金廟,但它是一個印度教寺廟

  • busy inside it is a busy but not like so we're get a bit of an appetite walking

    裡面很忙,但不喜歡 我們有點胃口

  • around and I can't wait because we're gonna be having Punjabi Thali

    周圍,我等不及了,因為我們 將會有旁遮普塔利

  • yeah yes it's about the Amritsari special foods like it's about a Makhani dal

    是的,這是關於Amritsari 像Makhani dal一樣的特殊食物

  • that again is about chickpeas it's about vegetables and one more one or two

    那又是關於鷹嘴豆的 蔬菜和一種或兩種以上

  • more things like Amritsari tea so it is a very big thali oh my gosh

    還有更多類似Amritsari茶的東西 是一個很大的塔利哦,我的天哪

  • on entering the temple you ring the bell


  • so this is a Hindu temple which is a known as a Durgiana Mandir it is also

    所以這是印度教寺廟 被稱為Durgiana Mandir,它也是

  • known as a lakshmi narayan mandir however its architecture is a very

    被稱為lakshmi narayan mandir 但是它的架構是一個非常

  • similar to the golden temple as i told to you it is dedicated to one of the

    就像我告訴過的金廟 對您來說,它致力於

  • goddess hindu Durgiana lakshmi is one of the goddess of Hindu

    印度教女神杜爾吉亞納 拉克希米是印度教的女神之一

  • which is goddess of wealth and narayan which is protector of the world so there

    這是財富和納拉揚女神 這是世界的保護者

  • are literally two temples inside this big complex come with me to explore this

    字面上是兩個寺廟 大建築物跟我來探索這個

  • the similarities between this Hindu temple and the golden temple are

    這個印度教徒之間的相似之處 廟和金廟是

  • apparent as soon as you walk in one major difference though is the crowds

    一走進就很明顯 主要區別在於人群

  • over here there's hardly anyone so instead of having to wait in line to get

    在這邊幾乎沒有人 無需排隊等候

  • inside the main part of the temple we were just able to walk right in so right

    在聖殿的主要部分內 才能夠正確地走

  • now I'm just wandering around the perimeter of the temple so I can get the

    現在我只是在 寺廟的周長,所以我可以得到

  • best view of it with the sun shining on it hopefully that will make it golden

    陽光照耀下的最佳視野 希望它將使它變成金色

  • literally Durgiana temple is one of the most important Hindu temples and all

    從字面上看,杜爾吉亞納神廟是其中之一 最重要的印度教寺廟和所有

  • of Amritsar are it is sometimes referred to as the silver temple because of its

    有時被提及的阿姆利則 作為銀殿,因為它

  • silver doors where you can see the embossed images of deities however

    銀門,在那裡你可以看到 神的浮雕圖像

  • despite the silver in its name it often gets compared to the golden temple and

    儘管它的名字是銀色的 與金殿相比

  • it's easy to see why just like the golden temple Durgiana temple sits in

    很容易看出為什麼就像 金色神廟Durgiana神廟位於

  • the middle of a lake and it's accessible by a bridge plus its central dome and

    湖的中央,交通便利 由一座橋及其中央圓頂和

  • outer walls are covered in gold making it look like a miniature of the golden

    外牆覆蓋著黃金 它看起來像金色的縮影

  • temple - all the crowds


  • well that is one of the prettiest hindu temples in india but who are my favorite

    那是最漂亮的印度教之一 印度的寺廟,但誰是我的最愛

  • and very underrated attraction in the city yeah I mean it's not really that

    而且在 城市是的,我的意思不是

  • many people here and I think we're ready for the Amritsari Punjabi Thali are

    這裡很多人,我想我們已經準備好了 因為Amritsari Punjabi Thali是

  • you ready you better believe it man I'm starving let's do it now we are going to

    你準備好了,你最好相信它,我是 挨餓吧,現在我們要做

  • the Bharawan Da Dhaba which is just next to the Golden Temple is the famous

    巴拉旺達扎巴就是 金廟旁邊就是著名的

  • for rich Amritsari Thali would pack in here yeah

    富裕的Amritsari Thali會打包 是啊

  • Sonali dream of having a million especially to study things special thali

    索納利夢想擁有一百萬 特別是學習特殊的塔利

  • special deluxe thali ok the exciting moment has come the thali have arrived looks

    特別豪華塔利ok令人興奮的時刻 塔利來了

  • delicious so before we eat it was taking a little bit of a tour so start with the

    好吃,所以在我們吃之前 有點遊覽,所以從

  • bread this is a butter naan a so this is a this is yogurt boondi rita the chickpeas called chole chole the first choice of Amritsar people

    麵包 這是黃油naan,所以這是酸奶boondi rita,鷹嘴豆稱為chole chole阿姆利則人的第一選擇

  • and the third one is Shahi paneer and the fourth one is Makhani dal oh my gosh my

    第三個是Shahi窗格和 第四個是Makhani dal哦,我的天哪,我的

  • favorite kind of daal yeah black lentils off

    最喜歡的daal yeah黑色小扁豆 關

  • copious amounts of butter and over here we have rice we have both a little bit

    大量的黃油和這裡 我們有米飯我們都有一點

  • of rice a little bit of bread and a few different curries to try so let's dig in yeah

    米飯一點麵包和一些 嘗試不同的咖哩,讓我們深入了解

  • so I'm going to break off a piece of the butter naan I'm gonna go for the Makhani dal

    所以我要折斷一部分 我要去吃Makhani dal

  • starting with the dal I love it yeah yesterday I gave the whole whole

    從dal開始,我喜歡 昨天我把整個

  • container you guys serve it's like a buttery explosion of flavor got nine than naan

    你們服務的容器就像一個 黃油的味道比explosion酥炸得九

  • that's so buttery yeah some part to her a little bit crispy but in the other

    太黃油了,是的 她有點脆,但另一個

  • parts are just perfectly soft now the actual dal itself I'm gonna try

    零件非常柔軟 現在我將嘗試的實際dal本身

  • it oh my gosh that's so good so much flavor so much water paneer

    哦,我的天哪好極了 調味那麼多的水芝士

  • we've got a big piece of paneer put it on there enjoy about it

    我們有一塊很大的窗格 在那裡享受它

  • Oh

  • I've died and gone to paneer heaven I just love any curry that has paneer I

    我死了,去了天堂 就是喜歡咖哩粉的我

  • love paneer all the time he's a very creamy you know so creamy

    一直愛窗格 他很滑,你知道,很滑

  • here but really this is we call this chahe paneer paneer the cheese and

    在這裡,但實際上這就是我們所說的 茶和芝士芝士和

  • Changi means royal royal my god it's a royal feast yeah like we are moving on

    樟宜意味著皇家皇家我的天哪 皇家盛宴,就像我們繼續前進

  • to the chole which is the chickpeas that is some more that butter not all that my

    就是鷹嘴豆 還有一些黃油不是我所有的

  • hands are covered in butter look at that covered in butter from the naan

    手被黃油覆蓋 看一下那安黃油塗的那個

  • knowing they're gonna put in a little bit of chole and it goes yeah

    知道他們會放一點 一點點的膽汁,是的

  • yours wonderful is that each curry has such a distinct flavor and taste it's

    你的妙處在於每個咖哩都有 如此獨特的風味和味道

  • not like they're all the same they're all completely different yeah I guess

    不像他們一樣 完全不同,是的,我猜

  • the last thing for me to do to try a little bit in the rice yeah with the

    我要做的最後一件事就是嘗試 飯裡有一點點耶

  • right when you put some paneer in here and you mix it around a bit and just take a

    當您在此處放置一些窗格時 你把它混合一點,然後拿一個

  • bite

  • to be honest I prefer using the naan I like rice but if I didn't have my curry

    說實話,我更喜歡使用naan 像米飯,但是如果我沒有咖哩

  • that was good yeah you can't go wrong with either naan parantha both are winning combos

    很好,是的,你不會出錯 與任何一個naan parantha都贏得連擊

  • alright guys so that veg thali was legendary thank you so much deepak for taking us

    好傢伙,所以veg thali就是傳奇 非常感謝迪帕克帶我們

  • there it was so good that we basically finished it all David was actually the

    那裡太好了,我們基本上 完成所有大衛實際上是

  • one who didn't leave one bite it was so delicious everything was so

    一個沒咬一口的人 真好吃一切都那麼好

  • good and just around the corner we found a place to have a chai and this is a

    好,指日可待 一個有柴的地方,這是一個

  • great way to kind of end things off I want to thank you so much for the last

    結束事情的好方法 最後要非常感謝你

  • two days you made our stay memorable and just amazing in Amritsar because we couldn't

    兩天,您讓我們留下難忘的回憶 在阿姆利則(Amritsar)真是太神奇了,因為我們無法

  • have done it without you thank you so much my dear friend say thank you and

    沒有你就做了,謝謝你 我親愛的朋友非常感謝您

  • please tell one more time how people can follow you

    請再說一次人們如何 跟著你

  • uh-huh so my dear friends you can follow me Amritsar walking tours I'm a local

    嗯,所以我親愛的朋友們你可以關注 我是阿姆利則徒步旅行我是當地人

  • belong to Amritsar only I studied here born here and working here so if you

    屬於阿姆利則,只有我在這裡學習 在這裡出生並在這里工作,如果你

  • want any information about the Amritsar about the food of our sightseeing your

    想要有關阿姆利則的任何信息 關於我們觀光的食物

  • hospital get in touch with this guy like just top-notch guide the best the best

    醫院與這個傢伙保持聯繫 一流的指導,最好的,最好的

  • of the best thank you thank you thank you so much and if you enjoyed this

    最好的謝謝謝謝謝謝 你這麼多,如果你喜歡這個

  • video give it a thumbs up like we said before subscribe to his channel

    像我們說的那樣給視頻點贊 訂閱他的頻道之前

  • subscribe to our channel Samuel and Audrey and the cool guy behind the

    訂閱我們的頻道塞繆爾(Samuel)和 奧黛麗(Audrey)和背後的帥哥

  • counter David's Been Here yeah and we'll see you guys soon with more travel and food

    對不起,大衛的來過這裡,我們會見到你 伙計們很快就會有更多的旅行和食物

  • adventures from India coming yeah


hey guys Sam here with a final video of my trip to Amritsar in Punjab India

嘿,山姆,這裡有一個最後的視頻 我在印度旁遮普邦的阿姆利則之旅


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Amritsari PUNJABI THALI + Visiting DURGIANA MANDIR (Silver Temple) in Amritsar, India

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