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  • David is late.

  • He's just finished at work and has to get to the airport fast.

  • Otherwise his girlfriend will fly away for holiday alone.

  • Public transport is out of question; he wouldn't make it in time.

  • Taxi could be solution.

  • But it's a rush hour and he might not get through to his dispatching company or get a nearby taxi.

  • There's no time.

  • What if David had a free tool to see available taxis nearby?

  • Current system of taxi services is inefficient.

  • Customers rarely get nearest available taxis.

  • Drivers then have to drive a lot of extra miles and customers have to wait longer than necessary.

  • We've developed Liftago Taxi in order to put some sense into taxis, relieve urban transportation and help both sides of the market.

  • Customers get offers from nearby drivers

  • and fair drivers save their cost and better utilize their time.

  • Liftago enables customers to choose their taxis by arrival time, fare, driver rating and more

  • and thus naturally creates a free market.

  • Taxis are the first step.

  • Even today we are already saving fuel for the drivers, sparing our customers some waiting

  • and reduces exhaust emissions in cities.

  • Our vision is a city without traffic jams and without excess of parked cars.

  • Liftago will offer accessible means of urban transportation

  • such as taxi, bike sharing, ride sharing or car sharing.

  • Liftago is a tech platform for urban transportation which will radically decrease the number of cars in cities.

  • Liftago -- Technological platform for urban transportation.

David is late.


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