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  • -Did y'all think Georgia was gonna turn?

  • -No.

  • -No. -I didn't either.

  • Honestly, I was shocked.

  • Did you guys think that they were actually gonna win?

  • -I did not think they were gonna win.

  • -Yeah, I didn't either.

  • -I had my doubts. -Yeah.

  • -Donald Trump, like, brought a lot of, like, white supremacists

  • and a lot of just Caucasians

  • who probably never voted before to, like, vote for him.

  • -Did anybody cry when she won? -No.

  • -I did. -You cried.

  • Why?

  • -Because I discourage myself sometimes.

  • Like, oh, "I can't do this because I'm Black in America."

  • And to see her do it, she made it seem,

  • for me, like, anything is possible

  • for Black females and Black people in general.

  • -Do you think that us having a Black woman in office

  • is gonna change things for Black women?

  • Be honest.

  • -I feel like with her being in office,

  • it wouldn't be so unheard of for a Black woman

  • to be in a position of power.

  • So that could kind of level out the playing field just a bit.

  • -It do kind of do but it's, like, they only put her, for me,

  • personally, just to be like, "Okay, shut up.

  • There's a Black woman up there."

  • It's not -- I don't feel like

  • they're gonna change anything for us.

  • -But you guys don't feel like having Obama in office

  • kind of going things moving,

  • though, in a more positive direction?

  • -No, not really. -Not really.

  • -Really?

  • -Initially, it was like steps going forward,

  • but I feel like now where we are,

  • we took like 20 steps back.

  • -How do y'all feel if would have turned out

  • if Kamala was running for President and Joe

  • was running for Vice President?

  • -I wouldn't say that she would've won due to the fact

  • that there is so many men

  • who are very, very much against women.

  • And it would've never went her way.

  • Never.

  • -Do you guys think that looks play a part

  • in women doing politics?

  • -It most definitely does.

  • -What has made her, like, more attractive?

  • -Her lighter complexion.

  • -Her straight hair, yes, her very straight hair.

  • -Her husband.

  • -Do you think her husband being Caucasian made a difference?

  • -Yeah, probably.

  • -How do you feel about the likelihood of her

  • being able to win independently maybe if she ran in 2024?

  • -I would tell everybody I voted for her

  • if she runs for President.

  • -Let's give Kamala a round of applause, you guys.

  • Y'all are witnessing history.

  • Go buy a newspaper, y'all.

-Did y'all think Georgia was gonna turn?


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A2 初級 美國腔

佐治亞州學生對喬-拜登和卡馬拉-哈里斯2020年美國總統大選獲勝的反應。 (Georgia students react to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020 United States presidential election win)

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