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  • Thanks, Carl.


  • Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Presidential Cabinet, a group of individuals who advised the president.


  • The Presidential Cabinet is made up of 15 executive departments, including the vice president.

    總統內閣由副總統等 1 5個行政部門組成。

  • Each was ahead, known as a Secretary like the Secretary of Transportation or the Secretary of Education.


  • With the exception of the Justice Department, which is known as the attorney general, Cabinet members are chosen by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.


  • The Cabinet members departments are important to the running of the country, and each secretary will advise the president based on their area of expertise.


  • The presidential Cabinet dates back to the first President George Washington, who had a group of four trusted advisors, including Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.


  • These advisers are usually nominated around December and January and the full Cabinet won't be confirmed until a few months into the new administration.

    這些顧問通常在 12 月和 1 月左右被提名,整個內閣要到新政府上任幾個月後才能確定。

  • In recent presidencies, at least one chosen Cabinet member will be withdrawn before being confirmed.


  • Carol, though president-elect Joe Biden has started to fill out portions of his cabinet, it will be interesting to see the final lineup of chosen advisors.


Thanks, Carl.


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