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  • I first read Tolkien when I was cast as Bilbo, I've never read it before

  • You have changed, Bilbo Baggins.

  • You are not the same Hobbit as the one who left the Shire.

  • I like his innocence, I guess, and I like playing the change from

  • innocence to experience I suppose, I like that.

  • I said he has a figurative journey as well as the

  • literal one he goes on and that you get to play different aspects.

  • Every actor wants to play different - just things -

  • you know beats within a moment, beats within a scene, you don't just

  • want to be playing the same thing all the time

  • and you certainly get that aspect to Bilbo,

  • definitely by the second film.

  • There's a person with more iron in his backbone

  • I guess and he's just seen more so his

  • whole worldview has shifted.

  • I

  • found something in the Goblin tunnels.

  • Found what?

  • What did you find?

  • My courage.

  • I think like with any real-life heroics

  • you know, no hero considers himself a hero, you speak to people in

  • the fire service or the military where ever,

  • they don't think what they're doing is heroic at all.

  • And Bilbo doesn't see it. Its kind of heroism that

  • creeps up on him. Out of necessity and

  • because he's gotta save his friends lives or he is gotta save his own life and so it's just

  • fight or flight. If he had to sit down and think about

  • "Would I really face a dragon?" no way he'd do it. "Would I kill 20-foot spiders?", no way.

  • He wouldn't want to go through the barrel

  • escape either, no one would.

  • You might drown at any second so it's just all out of

  • spur-of-the-moment decisions for him and that's the best way that you

  • I think as an audience member you see change gradually and you see it

  • in the moment as opposed to something the filmmakers have cheated

  • and they come back and now he's a hero everyone we just telling you he's a hero

  • well why? Let's see why he is a hero.

  • It was great to film, I didn't film it with Ben.

  • It took a long time to film, over many months actually

  • I last was doing bits on in the summer

  • in July and I first worked on how many decades ago and is great,

  • great scene, I love it and Ben brings a fantastic aspect to that voice.

  • He did the whole physical performance in a

  • performance capture suit, but given that he's not two hundred feet tall

  • and is not the shape of a dragon is only so much you can kind of do with that but

  • yeah he brings a fantastic vocal quality to it, which he has a great

  • range, especially that lower registry he has is really good.

  • Very right for Smaug.

I first read Tolkien when I was cast as Bilbo, I've never read it before


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霍比特人》|馬丁-弗里曼-比爾博訪談 (2013) (The Hobbit | Martin Freeman - Bilbo Interview (2013))

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