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  • a draft report into claims that the home secretary, Pretty Patel, had bullets.


  • Staff concluded this summer that she had broken rules on ministerial behavior.


  • The Cabinet office began an inquiry into her conduct after the most senior official at the home office, Sir Philip Ratnam, resigned in February.


  • He alleged that staff felt she created fear in the department.


  • On Did.


  • He is suing the Home Office for unfair dismissal.


  • Tonight, Labor is demanding that the report be made public.


  • A decision on Pretty Patel's future will be made public tomorrow, Our political editor, Laura Kononsberg, reports She's the most powerful woman in the Cabinet, longstanding Brexiteers backer of Boris Johnson, in charge of the police immigration, one of the most important jobs in the government.

    關於Pretty Patel未來的決定將在明天公佈,我們的政治編輯Laura Kononsberg報道她是內閣中最有權力的女人,長期的Brexiteers支持者Boris Johnson,負責警察移民,這是政府中最重要的工作之一。

  • But since February, there's been a shadow hanging over Pretty Patel because of this dramatic claims made by the man who waas her most senior official.

    但自2月以來,Pretty Patel一直籠罩著陰影,因為這個戲劇性的說法是由她的最高級官員提出的。

  • I have received allegations that her conduct has included shouting and swearing, belittling people, making unreasonable and repeated demands, behavior that created fear.


  • I needed some bravery to call out.


  • He quit, but she wanted to stay, so the government launched an investigation into what really happened and now months on.


  • Perhaps it's starting to become clear, one source told me.


  • The draft report concluded way back in the summer, says Pretty.


  • Patel had not met the requirements of the ministerial code to treat civil servants with consideration and respect on.


  • They said the investigation had found some evidence of bullying, even if it was not intentional.


  • Another source said the report was unambiguous, that Pretty Patel had broken the code, the rules that are meant to govern home minister's behave.


  • Yet for her part here in the home office, Pretty Patel has always firmly denied doing anything wrong.


  • Are your workplace bully?


  • Home Secretary reports looked at her behavior in three different departments on one government source told me.


  • It doesn't always give a flattering picture of what pretty Patel encountered on the man who until recently was by the prime minister's side, confirmed the findings of Bean in Boris Johnson's in trade for a while, but implied that if pretty Patel was found to have broken the rules, she might not have to quit.

    它並不總是給漂亮的帕特爾在男人身上遇到的諂媚的畫面,直到最近才在首相身邊,證實了Boris Johnson在交易中的Bean的發現一段時間,但暗示如果漂亮的帕特爾被發現違反規則,她可能不必退出。

  • The prime minister wanted his advice of the prime minister needs to reflect to make a decision that Aziz understanding is still in still in trade.


  • The expectation here tonight is that there might be some kind of reprimand from his Patel, but it's certainly not likely that she'll be sacked.


  • And Tory MPs are already rallying before the prime minister's decision is even public.


  • I've worked with Pretty Patel for a number of years, Andi.

    我和Pretty Patel合作了很多年,Andi。

  • I've always found a strong, robust but never in anyway anywhere near bullying or even threatening any of her staff.


  • And most of the staff got on with incredibly well.


  • Yet convention matters.


  • There isn't a single example of a minister who's broken the rules, who stayed on.


  • What message does it send if the Mercer says, Well, actually otherwise said there'll be no building.


  • What actually meant was a little bit of building is okay, and it's not a breach of the ministerial code that requires a resignation.


  • That's not the sort of message I think the prime minister, who is also the minister for the civil service, wants to send to those thousands of civil servants.


  • Pretty Patel had to leave government in dramatic circumstances before almost exactly three years ago, departing a soon as she arrived home from a foreign trip after the marriage.


  • She's held unauthorized meetings with Israeli politicians.


  • There may well not be an exit for her this time, but it's still a political drama.


  • And so if you let's be really clear about two things tonight, number one Pretty Patel has always and repeatedly denied that she did anything wrong.

    所以,如果你讓我們真正清楚今晚的兩件事,第一件事是,Pretty Patel一直並一再否認她做錯了什麼。

  • But number two there is no precedent for a minister who has been found to have broken the code.


  • The ministerial charter, if you like, that's meant to govern higher.


  • Ministers behave staying on their job if they have actually been found to have transgressed in any way.


  • But after many, many months of all of this, it's clear that this is reaching a crescendo.


  • But it also seems tonight that the prime minister is very determined to try to stand by her.


  • There's been a not very subtle attempt by Tory MPs all over social media tonight, posting so much about how they think she's the right person for the job praising her to the skies.


  • But we will know mawr tomorrow when we actually see the statements that emerged after many, many months of this being a problem for the government, he will try to draw under a line under it.


  • But I expected the prime minister still tries to hang on to her.


  • That may well be questions about how we can do so.


  • Laura.


  • Thank you.


a draft report into claims that the home secretary, Pretty Patel, had bullets.


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