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  • beverage control, LAPD Homicide Who got snatched?

    飲料控制,洛杉磯警局凶殺案 誰被搶走了?

  • Seen either The Dalai is a sister e Don't know.


  • You tell May I've never seen Herceptin The papers and the schoolgirl Twist I've never seen way Don't trust under its stuff ca piece Never seen a one Don't fucking lie to me She's 15 fucking years old Come clean or I'll slap contributing beef on union Spend the next five years serving Raising Jack to bull dykes and tragedy A couple of times two or three months ago Just okay.


  • Drinks off the sisters though She liked boys, I'm sure a month not the dahlia never are tripped Paradigm for Say, Let the poets pipe of love In their childish way I know every type of love Better far than if you want a thrill Okay, I've been Excuse me, ladies, I'm sorry.


  • I just wanted to see this girl Have you know everything but true heaven Tainer Let's go see Oh, appetizing young love for sale If you wanna try my winds come Yeah, for sale Okay.

    我只是想看看這個女孩 你什麼都知道,但真正的天堂泰納讓我們去看看 哦,開胃的年輕愛情出售 如果你想嘗試我的風來 是的,出售 好。

  • She wasn't the first dolly I wanna be I'd seen but she was the best.


beverage control, LAPD Homicide Who got snatched?

飲料控制,洛杉磯警局凶殺案 誰被搶走了?

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