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  • speaking slightly Airbnb is initial public offering.


  • Filing on Monday showed profit in the third quarter as it gears up for one of the most highly anticipated stock market debuts and years published ahead of the Home Rental Startups market debut in December.


  • Its I P O filing showed a dramatic recovery after the global health crisis dragged down its core business for the first half of this year.

    在今年上半年全球健康危機拖累其核心業務後,其I P O申報材料顯示出戲劇性的復甦。

  • The slump forced it to lay off a quarter of its workforce, suspend marketing activities for the year and seek $2 billion in emergency funding from investors.


  • But the company has since bounced back by focusing on listing popular get away homes for people seeking an escape from the big cities.


  • Airbnb is listing would cap a blockbuster year for I pose as companies seize on a stock market rally fueled by fiscal stimulus to blunt the fallout from the health crisis.

    Airbnb的上市將為I pose的大片年畫上句號,因為公司抓住了由財政刺激措施推動的股市反彈,以鈍化健康危機的後果。

  • But Airbnb s road to going public is not without its challenges, including a hefty tax bill and a fall in revenue in the third quarter.

    但Airbnb s的上市之路並非沒有挑戰,包括鉅額的稅單和第三季度收入的下降。

  • The company has not turned in annual profits since its launch in 2008 and warned that will likely be the case this year, a swell as it expects a decline in bookings and rise and cancelations in the fourth quarter.


speaking slightly Airbnb is initial public offering.



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Airbnb IPO文件顯示第三季度盈利 (Airbnb IPO filing shows profitable third quarter)

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