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  • Google drives free cloud storage service allows you to upload files from your computer and access them from anywhere toe.

    Google drives免費雲存儲服務允許你從你的電腦上傳文件,並從任何地方訪問它們,以。

  • Upload a file, click the new button, then select file upload.


  • A dialog box will appear.


  • You can locate and select the file on your computer, then click open and that's it.


  • The file will be uploaded to your Google drive.


  • If you're looking for a faster method, you can also click and drag files and folders right into your browser window to upload.


  • This could help you save time if you want to put a lot of files under Google, Drive at once.


  • Google Drive also allows you to preview and edit many different types of files, even if you don't have the software for that file on your computer.

    Google Drive還允許你預覽和編輯許多不同類型的文件,即使你的電腦上沒有該文件的軟件。

  • For example, let's take a look at this spreadsheet I uploaded that was originally created in Microsoft Excel.


  • You could just double click the file to open it, and a preview of the file will appear Now.


  • If you want to edit the file select open in Google sheets at the top of the screen.

    如果你想編輯文件,請選擇螢幕上方的Google sheets中打開。

  • Do keep in mind that with some files you might see some issues, especially with formatting.


  • Still, all my data is here, and it's easy to edit it.


  • And even though I opened it using Google sheets, any changes will be saved in the original file format.

    而且即使我用Google sheets打開,任何修改都會以原始文件格式保存。

  • Although Google Drive makes it easy toe edit files in their original format, you also have the option to convert files to a Google format.

    雖然Google Drive可以輕鬆編輯原始格式的文件,但你也可以選擇將文件轉換為Google格式。

  • After you open the file, you could go to file to find the option.


  • In this example, we can convert it to the Google Sheets format so we'll select save as Google sheets.

    在這個例子中,我們可以將其轉換為Google Sheets格式,所以我們會選擇保存為Google sheets。

  • Now, if we go back to our Google drive, we can see that there are now two versions of this spreadsheet, the original spreadsheet that was created in Excel and the new Google Sheets file.

    現在,如果我們回到我們的谷歌驅動器,我們可以看到,現在有兩個版本的這個電子表格,在Excel中創建的原始電子表格和新的Google Sheets文件。

  • Note that the icons also vary depending upon what type of file it ISS.


  • If you have a lot of files you want to convert to a Google format, you can change the settings to make converting files automatic when you upload them.


  • To do this, locate and select the gear icon near the upper right corner, select settings, then check the box for convert uploaded files to Google Docks editor format.

    要做到這一點,找到並選擇右上角附近的齒輪圖標,選擇設置,然後勾選將上傳的文件轉換為Google Docks編輯器格式。

  • When you're finished.


  • Click done.


  • All right.


  • Those are the basics, and they should be enough to help you get started with uploading files and folders to Google Drive G C F global creating opportunities for a better life.

    這些都是基礎知識,它們應該足以幫助您開始將文件和文件夾上傳到Google Drive G C F全球創造更好的生活機會。

Google drives free cloud storage service allows you to upload files from your computer and access them from anywhere toe.

Google drives免費雲存儲服務允許你從你的電腦上傳文件,並從任何地方訪問它們,以。


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Google Drive。上傳文件 (Google Drive: Uploading Files)

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