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  • In this American English pronunciation video,

  • we're going to study

  • the pronunciation of the phrase 'see you'.

  • This is part of a sentence study series

  • where we look at a short common phrase

  • and discuss it's pronunciation.

  • The stressed syllable in this phrase is

  • 'see', the verb.

  • So the rhythmic structure is DA-da. DA-da.

  • See you. See you.

  • See begins with the S,

  • so the teeth are together, Ssss,

  • and the tongue tip is pressing the back

  • of the bottom front teeth.

  • For the EE,

  • the tongue tip stays where it is,

  • but the front part of the tongue will reach

  • towards the roof of the mouth, about here.

  • See EE.

  • The corners of the lips

  • might pull a little wide.

  • Since it's stressed, it should have

  • the shape of a stressed syllable:

  • a little curve up in the voice,

  • and then the pitch falls, see.

  • See. See. See. See you.

  • We glide right into the next word

  • with the glide consonant Y.

  • So you have to lift the tongue just enough

  • so it's touching the roof of the mouth.

  • See Yy, yy.

  • Push it a bit forward

  • on the roof of the mouth and hold air in your

  • throat so you get this kind of sound mixed in.

  • Yy, yy.

  • See you, see you.

  • You can probably tell

  • I'm reducing the vowel in 'you' to the schwa.

  • Yuh, yuh. It's very short,

  • since it's an unstressed word.

  • See you, see you.

  • That itself is a common phrase,

  • but often you'll hear it with an add-on,

  • like 'see you later', or 'see you tomorrow'.

  • And now let's look at the phrase

  • up close and in slow motion.

  • This video is part of a series.

  • Click here to see other videos just like it.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using

  • Rachel's' English.

In this American English pronunciation video,


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如何給 "SEE YOU "發音 - 美國英語 (How to Pronounce SEE YOU - American English)

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