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  • hydrogen is one possible answer for our dependence  on the fossil fuels that power our cars and buses  


  • even though vehicles that use hydrogen to spin  their wheels have been on the market for years  


  • the technology is still struggling to gain  traction that could change in the near  


  • future as the european union and other countries  have committed to expanding their use of green  


  • hydrogen yes i specifically said green hydrogen  because there are a couple ways of producing it  

    氫氣 是的,我特別提到了綠色氫氣,因為有幾種生產方式。

  • and not all of them move us toward the goal of  cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions today the  


  • most common hydrogen is known as gray hydrogen and  it's created from fossil fuels like in a process  


  • called steam methane reforming by combining ultra  hot steam with the methane in natural gas and a  


  • catalyst the water vapor and methane react and  produce hydrogen gas carbon monoxide and some  


  • carbon dioxide a second step called the water gas  shift reaction uses the carbon monoxide steam and  


  • another catalyst to extract more hydrogen gas  giving off co2 as a waste product worldwide  


  • about 95 percent of our hydrogen is gray i think  the problem here is pretty obvious sure you can  

    我們95%的氫氣都是灰色的 我想問題很明顯,你肯定可以

  • use hydrogen in a fuel cell powered car and only  give off water as a local waste product but if the  


  • hydrogen was made through steam methane reforming  you're just shifting your carbon emissions from  


  • your tailpipe to a plant somewhere there is a way  to make the process more eco-friendly by capturing  


  • the co2 and storing it or using it for other  industrial applications and hydrogen made this  


  • way is called blue hydrogen still what we're after  is the good stuff the gilt free stuff the green  

    這就是所謂的藍氫 我們要的是好東西 無金的東西 綠色的東西

  • stuff hydrogen is the most abundant element in  the universe it's found in this thing called water  

    氫是宇宙中最豐富的元素 它存在於一種叫水的東西中。

  • which you may have heard of hydrogen can be pulled  out of said water using electricity in a process  


  • called electrolysis using electricity from wind  or solar power could vastly cut down on how much  


  • carbon dioxide the whole process creates hydrogen  made this way is you guessed it green hydrogen of  

    二氧化碳 整個過程中產生的氫氣就是這樣製造出來的綠色氫氣。

  • course there's a catch green hydrogen is much more  expensive to produce than gray or blue hydrogen  


  • while a kilogram of green gas goes for about  six dollars today the gray stuff is priced at  


  • just a buck 60 per kilogram still the european  union imagines natural gas as an important tool  


  • for getting to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  by improving electrolyzing machines and reducing  


  • the cost of renewable energy green hydrogen could  compete with its gray counterpart as soon as 2030  


  • then it could be applied in transportation  particularly for large vehicles like buses  


  • trucks and ships where the drawbacks of current  batteries make them less than ideal but hydrogen  


  • has potential far beyond trucks or boats and  the eu has drawn up a road map of the ways green  


  • hydrogen could help them hit emissions targets  it could be used to decarbonize the gas grid and  


  • deliver heat and power around europe adding it to  the grid doesn't require huge upgrades and energy  


  • producers could convert to use pure hydrogen  essentially hydrogen could be a way to produce  


  • energy in one place and then transport it for use  or storage somewhere else solving a big problem  


  • of renewables finally hydrogen could be used in  industrial processes to generate heat or replace  


  • coal based blast furnaces in steel production  right now steel production is responsible for as  

    煤基高爐在鋼鐵生產中的應用 目前,鋼鐵生產中的煤基高爐佔鋼鐵生產總量的比例為40%。

  • much as nine percent of global carbon emissions it  all sounds very tempting tempting enough that the  


  • eu proposed investing billions of dollars in green  hydrogen separately the uk is ramping up their own  


  • use of hydrogen with buses and trains powered  by the technology just entering service in a few  


  • trial cities with reimagined transportation andconverted grid using hydrogen from clean sources  


  • europe could be a model for the world to follow if  we're hoping to make fossil fuels a thing of the  


  • past if you want to know more about the promise  of hydrogen fuel check out josh's video here so do  


  • you think green hydrogen is the answer or is there  another green tech you think will revolutionize  


  • the world let us know in the comments be sure to  subscribe and i'll see you next time on seeker


hydrogen is one possible answer for our dependence  on the fossil fuels that power our cars and buses  


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