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  • Every Christmas Eve, certain traditions say that Santa has just one night to deliver presents to millions of children around the globe.


  • Now, this might seem unreasonable from a scientific perspective.


  • But we wondered: exactly how unreasonable is it?


  • Overall, it's difficult to determine how many people around the world celebrate a Santa-centric Christmas on December 25th.

    總的來說,很難確定世界上有多少人會在 12 月 25 日慶祝一個以聖誕老人為中心的聖誕節。

  • But if we consider certain religious and cultural traditions, we get a rough estimate of about 600 million people.


  • Now, let's say each household has, on average, two and a half kids.

    現在我們假設每個家庭平均有 2.5 個孩子。

  • So Santa only needs to visit 240 million homes.

    所以,聖誕老人只需要拜訪 2.4 億戶人家。

  • Even better? He has more time to get the job done than you might think.


  • Legend has it that he drops by when the kids are asleep.


  • So that gives him eight hours, right?


  • Well, hold up.


  • We mustn't forget about time zones.


  • There are 24 broad time zones worldwide, each one hour apart.

    全球有 24 個時區,各相隔一小時。

  • So factor in the different Christmas Eve start times across the planet, and Kringle's got a luxurious 31 hours to make his deliveries.

    所以因為地球上平安夜開始時間的不同,聖誕老人會有充足的 31 個小時的去分送禮物。

  • Unfortunately, this is where his luck runs out.

    不幸的是,這就是他的運氣用盡的時候了 。

  • Because just to reach every house, he'll have to fly 1,200 times faster than the world's fastest jet fighter.

    因為光是要到達每戶人家,他就必須飛得比世界上最快的噴氣式戰鬥機快 1200 倍。

  • That's a lot to ask of nine reindeer, which can only gallop up to 80 kilometers per hour on average, way too slow.

    對九隻馴鹿來說要求太高了,而一隻馴鹿平均時速只有每小時 80 公里,這樣太慢了。

  • But to be fair, that's the best they can do on the ground.


  • Since we don't know exactly how fast a reindeer can fly, let's assume they can manage those incredible speeds.


  • Even then, the load they have to lug is much too heavy for them.


  • If every kid receives a single mid-sized Lego set, the bag alone would weigh a whopping 600,000 tons, or about 20 Statue of Liberties.

    如果每個孩子都收到一套中型樂高的話,光是袋子的重量就高達 60 萬噸或約 20 個自由女神像的重量。

  • Meanwhile, the average reindeer can pull up to twice their weight, or about 225 kilograms.

    同時,普通馴鹿可以拉得起比自己還重兩倍的東西,也就是 225 公斤左右。

  • So those deer aren't going anywhere.


  • And even if they could, well, it wouldn't be pretty.


  • For starters, the team would create a massive sonic boom as they hurdle through the air at 3,000 times faster than the speed of sound, deafening any bystanders on the ground below.

    首先,當牠們以比音速快 3000 倍的速度在空中奔跑跳躍,會製造出巨大的音爆,讓地面上所有的旁觀者都震耳欲聾。

  • Merry Christmas folks!


  • But it gets worse.


  • Once Rudolph and Co take off, they vaporize before they reach their first house.


  • Just like how a rocket heats up when it re-enters the atmosphere at tremendous speeds, the reindeer would heat to blistering temperatures that would turn them into venison jerky.


  • And Santa wouldn't fare much better because he's sitting on what amounts to the worst roller-coaster ride on Earth.


  • When a typical coaster accelerates, you get pushed back against your seat.


  • But in Santa's case, to accelerate to those extreme speeds makes for a much stronger push.


  • A force tens of thousands of times stronger than gravity would pin into the sleigh, smashing his bones and internal organs to jelly.


  • But it's not all doom and gloom.


  • Let's assume Santa and friends miraculously survive this ordeal.


  • He slips his conveniently boneless body through chimney after chimney, drops off the gifts, and now gets to munch on his well-deserved treats.


  • A lot of treats.


  • If every household offers him three sugar cookies and one 8-ounce glass of whole milk, that's 720 million cookies and enough milk to fill 23 Olympic swimming pools total.

    如果每戶人家都給他三塊甜餅乾和一杯八盎司的全脂牛奶,那將是 7.2 億塊餅乾和足夠裝滿 23 個奧林匹克游泳池的牛奶量。

  • Now, that adds up to 396 billion calories,

    現在,這加起來會有 3960 億卡路里。

  • plenty to see him through his hibernation until Christmas comes round again.


Every Christmas Eve, certain traditions say that Santa has just one night to deliver presents to millions of children around the globe.


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如果聖誕老人真的在一個晚上送出了禮物呢? (What If Santa Really Delivered Presents In One Night?)

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