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  • got bit you ever had walked my any shoes.


  • Hey, everyone, I'm Rebecca and welcome to watch Mojo.


  • Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 nineties rock songs you forgot were awesome.


  • What is so passe?


  • Anywhere you get, I'll follow you for this list.


  • We're looking at some nineties rock classics that, while awesome, are often for gotten by music lovers.


  • Can you think of any other forgot nineties rock songs?


  • Let us know in the comments below.


  • All right, let's get to it.


  • Number 10 Black Balloon Goo Goo Dolls, Babies Black Balloon makes when people think of the Goo Goo Dolls.


  • Their minds inevitably drift Toe Iris, the band's record breaking power ballad from 1999.

    他們的思緒不可避免地飄向了1999年樂隊破紀錄的力量民謠《Toe Iris》。

  • However, that was far from their Onley nineties era hit, as proven by the brilliance that is black Balloon.


  • The song, which tells the story of a desperate man's attempts to get his lover off heroin, peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts but never quite matched the hype of Iris.


  • And that's not exactly a surprise.


  • As Black Balloon is modest in its approach, telling a very different kind of story become became the O number nine uninvited Alanis Morissette.

    由於《黑氣球》在手法上是謙虛的,講的是一個很不一樣的故事,成為了O號九號不請自來的Alanis Morissette。

  • Nine.

  • Anyone released in 1998 Uninvited sold more than seven million copies, peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 40 and earned Morissette three Grammy nominations.

    任何人在1998年發行的《Uninvited》銷量超過700萬張,在Billboard Top 40中排名第一,併為莫里塞特贏得了三項格萊美提名。

  • She won two of them, as well as picking up a Golden Globe nomination for best original song.


  • You're probably wondering how anyone could forget how awesome this Altar Rock classic is, and to answer that, we have three words.

    你可能想知道,怎麼會有人忘記這首Altar Rock的經典之作有多棒,要回答這個問題,我們有三個詞。

  • Jagged Little Pill.


  • The Canadian Singers Breakthrough album produced a slew of iconic tracks, and more often than not, they're the ones that make it onto the Web's best songs of the nineties lists.


  • But we've never forgotten this subtle and mysterious tune and continue to play it whenever we can.


  • I don't think you world number eight popular, not a Surf.


  • Three Important Rules for Breaking Up Don't put off breaking up when you Know you Want Popular was extremely popular when it first hit the airwaves back in 1996.


  • The track not only served as the obligatory party anthem for teenagers everywhere, but also helped to drive Nada Surf's debut album to number 63 on the Billboard charts I'm here, my friends.

    這首歌曲不僅成為各地青少年的必備派對歌曲,而且還幫助推動Nada Surf的首張專輯在Billboard排行榜上獲得了第63名I'm here, my friends。

  • While the band went on to release eight additional albums, none of their songs was able to capture the hearts of music lovers quite like popular.


  • Peaking Early has been the curse of many bands throughout the years, and not a surf appears to have suffered a similar fate.

    Peaking Early一直是很多樂隊的詛咒,這些年來,似乎沒有一個衝浪遭遇類似的命運。

  • As such, we doubt many of you had this track in mind when our video began Number seven.


  • My own Worst Enemy Lit Way.


  • Forget about Way, featuring a driving guitar riff that would blow people's hair back in any decade.

    Forget about Way,特色是在任何一個年代都能讓人吹毛求疵的駕駛型吉他riff。

  • My own worst enemy is as awesome today as it was when it was released in 1999.


  • How people forget about this track is a bit of a mystery, as it's pretty much got it all relatable lyrics, a memorable hook and a pop punk sound that wild dated has never lost its flavor.


  • Nevertheless, it's a throwback that often seems to be overlooked.


  • My Own Worst Enemy remains one of the band's most successful tracks, and for good reason, Number six take a picture filter way Playing Away Down, the second single released off of their sophomore album title of record, Take a picture dominated the airwaves soon after its release in the fall of 1999.

    My Own Worst Enemy仍然是樂隊最成功的曲目之一,而且有充分的理由,六號拍照濾鏡方式Playing Away Down,是他們第二張唱片專輯標題下發布的第二首單曲,在1999年秋天發佈後不久,Take a picture就主導了廣播。

  • The dreamy lyrics were inspired by lead singer Richard Patrick's own experiences of not being able to remember his drunken escapades and asking his girlfriend at the time to quote, Take my picture because I won't remember which Take my ex, we're gonna go ahead and attribute the fact that people forget all about this song to filters, lack of a follow up hit in the ensuing years.

    夢幻般的歌詞靈感來自於主唱理查德-帕特里克自己的經歷,他不記得自己醉酒後的逸事,並要求當時的女友引用:Take my picture because I won't remember which Take my ex,我們要繼續把人們把這首歌忘得一乾二淨的事實歸結為濾鏡,在隨後的幾年裡缺乏後續的主打歌。

  • With that being said, take a Picture is still a blast toe listen to, thanks to its ubiquitous sound and catchy chorus.


  • Yeah, number five Inside Out Eve six would swallow my pride.


  • I would drop on the rides, but the lack thereof would leave me empty inside.


  • Winning Grammys and Breaking Records is all well and good, but what's most important is having good lyrics and a catchy melody.


  • Thankfully, for Eve six, their 1998 Ault rock song Inside Out had both in spades like Come on, how can you not absolutely love a line like want to put my tender heart in a blender watch?

    值得慶幸的是,對於Eve six來說,他們1998年的Ault搖滾歌曲《Inside Out》這兩點都有,比如Come on,你怎麼能不絕對喜歡想把我的溫柔的心放在攪拌機手錶裡這樣的臺詞呢?

  • It's been around to a beautiful oblivion.


  • The heartfelt delivery of Max Collins.


  • Eclectic lyrics combined with the tracks driving rhythm made inside out one of the nineties most addictive songs.


  • Number four What It's Like Everlast for Your Change.

    第四號 你的改變是什麼樣子的恆久。

  • Six years after dropping one of the most iconic party tracks of all time with Jump Around House of Pain, co founder Everlast decided to branch out on his own as a solo artist.

    在以《Jump Around House of Pain》發佈了有史以來最經典的派對曲目之一後的六年,聯合創始人Everlast決定以個人藝術家的身份獨立發展。

  • He took his sound in an entirely new direction, and the result was songs like What It's Like a fusion of rock, blues and hip hop.

    他將自己的聲音帶入了一個全新的方向,結果就是像《What It's Like》這樣融合了搖滾、藍調和嘻哈的歌曲。

  • The song introduces listeners to three different characters, all of whom are suffering in one way or another.


  • This melancholy track surprised the music world by being one of the most successful crossover songs of the year.


  • Number three.


  • Sex and Candy Marcy Playground Hanging Around Downtown by myself.


  • The second single off their eponymous 1997 debut album, Sex and Candy, proved to be the band's Onley major hit, but what a hit It waas the atmospheric track about well, we don't really know what it's about.

    1997年首張專輯《Sex and Candy》中的第二首單曲,被證明是樂隊的主打歌,但這是怎樣的主打歌呢,這首大氣磅礴的歌曲是關於... ...嗯,我們真的不知道它是什麼。

  • Propelled the band to the top of the modern rock tracks chart a spot they held for a then record 15 weeks.


  • I smell sex and you can thank.


  • The song features a slow backbeat and some seriously cryptic lyrics, but that just makes the case for sex and Candies effortless coolness even stronger.


  • You may still hear it on the radio from time to time, a testament to its staying power.


  • Yeah, Mama Smooth number two on Lee.


  • Happy when it rains Garbage.

    下雨的時候很開心 垃圾。

  • I'm only happy when it rains.


  • If you lived through the nineties, then you will definitely remember this iconic Ault rock track Onley Happy when it Rains, was a hit with fans and critics alike, with one going so far as to quip, quote.

    如果你經歷過九十年代,那麼你一定會記得這首標誌性的Ault搖滾樂曲Onley Happy when it Rains,深受歌迷和樂評人的喜愛,有人甚至引用,。

  • If you're not playing this, you don't have a pulse.


  • The highlight of the track is unquestionably Shirley Manson's vocal performance, which seemingly affirms the grunge music scene of the era.

    這首歌曲的亮點無疑是Shirley Manson的演唱,這似乎是對那個時代的Grunge音樂圈的肯定。

  • But once you dig a little deeper, you'll find a song that is mocking grunge, Ault, rock and even garbage themselves.


  • The song was a sign of things to come for a band that would ultimately be nominated for seven Grammys.


  • This list is basically a who's who of my most played songs, especially number one, So let's take a look at some honorable mentions, and then we'll see the top nineties rock song you forgot was awesome.


  • Pardon me.


  • Incubus.


  • Yes, sure.


  • Supernova.


  • Liz Fair Midlife Crisis Faith.


  • No more black buckets change.


  • Want more Mojo Sound Mojo brings you music from new and emerging artists in all genres from across the globe, from interviews, toe live shows and deep dives into music culture Sound Mojo has you covered.


  • Be sure to check out Sound Mojo to find your new favorite artists.

    一定要到Sound Mojo去尋找你最喜歡的新藝術家。

  • E Yeah, so Number one Jumper, Third Eye Blind.


  • I wish you would step back from that leads, my friend.


  • Coming in at Number one is a song whose brilliance should never be for gotten Jumper has a message that's as relevant today as it was in 1998.


  • It's dark, uplifting, sentimental and catchy all at the same time.


  • A song that's equally at home, being played loudly in the car or on an acoustic guitar around a campfire.


  • Good, good size, you guys.


  • Tha song remains one of Third Eye Blind's most successful, having peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Tha這首歌仍然是Third Eye Blind最成功的歌曲之一,曾在Billboard Hot 100中排名第五。

  • It's the earnest lyrics and smile inducing melody that make jumper in nineties classic, not awards or commercial recognition.


  • So I listened to the album that jumper was on from Third Eye Blind.


  • Ah lot, but I really feel like that song got a resurgence thanks to Jim Carey and the movie.

    啊,很多,但我真的覺得像這首歌得到了復甦 感謝吉姆-凱里和電影。

  • Yes, man, prove me wrong.


  • Tell us in the comments which nineties rock song you forgot was awesome.


  • Or come tell me on Twitter or Instagram at Rebecca Britain or on my YouTube channel, CIA.

    或者在Twitter或Instagram上的Rebecca Britain或我的YouTube頻道CIA上來告訴我。

got bit you ever had walked my any shoes.



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