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  • well hello there all you foodies today we're back at it again showing you what

    你好,今天所有的美食家 我們再次回到它,向您展示什麼

  • to eat in Argentina this time in the town of san martin de los andes in

    這次在阿根廷吃 聖馬丁德洛斯安第斯鎮

  • northern patagonia in today's food video we'll show you that it is possible to

    今日美食視頻中的北巴塔哥尼亞 我們將向您展示有可能

  • take a break from all the steak and pasta by highlighting some fun yet

    從所有牛排中休息一下, 通過突出一些有趣的麵食

  • healthy options like potato soup and shot glasses a barley bowl with shrimp

    健康的選擇,例如土豆湯和 小酒杯蝦仁大麥碗

  • and grilled veggies and a salmon and pumpkin wrap but because old habits die

    還有烤蔬菜和三文魚 南瓜包裹,但因為老習慣死了

  • hard we're also going to take you out for some grilled steak a la pobre on top of it and

    辛苦我們也要帶你出去 在上面烤一些烤牛排,然後

  • some plump ricotta ravioli and a cream and bacon sauce I mean after all we are

    一些豐滿的意大利乳清乾酪餛飩和奶油 和培根醬,我的意思是畢竟我們是

  • in Argentina will then follow this up with afternoon tea and a cozy cabin atop

    然後在阿根廷進行跟進 下午茶和頂部舒適的小屋

  • a mountain where we'll feast on mini sandwiches scones with cream and jam and

    我們將在迷你山上飽餐一頓的山 三明治烤餅加奶油和果醬,

  • all sorts of baked goods and cakes if this sounds appetizing stick around

    各種烘焙食品和蛋糕 如果這聽起來很美味

  • for another edition of what to eat in Argentina well guys it's a Saturday

    再吃一本 阿根廷好傢伙,這是星期六

  • very peaceful quiet day to be out and about not a whole lot of people on the

    非常和平寧靜的一天,要出去 大約沒有很多人

  • streets and Asthma say maybe it's because it's still kind of early in the

    街頭和哮喘說可能是 因為它還處於早期

  • day but it's not it's already past noon so that's no excuse but yeah we're just

    天,但不是已經中午 所以這不是藉口,是的,我們只是

  • walking on our way to a restaurant we spotted yesterday which were quite eager

    在去餐廳的路上我們 昨天發現,他們非常渴望

  • to try out Philly it's open well we've arrived we've arrived the place is

    嘗試費城,它很好 到達我們到達的地方是

  • called Zen tea yeah and a little bit of the menu basically it's like healthy

    叫做禪茶,還有一點 菜單基本上很健康

  • food options that we haven't really had in a while like we've been going really

    我們還沒有真正的食物選擇 就像我們一直在努力

  • heavy on the meats the pastas pizzas the barbeque yes

    濃重的意大利麵食披薩 燒烤是的

  • the parrilla carb and I mean Argentinian food is amazing but we were just craving

    parrilla carb和我的意思是阿根廷人 食物很棒,但我們只是渴望

  • big difference when we stumbled upon this place yes very reliable must come

    當我們偶然發現時有很大的不同 這個地方是非常可靠的必須來

  • back yeah they have really nice salad bowls

    是的,他們的沙拉很好吃 碗

  • it's quinoa and bean sprouts and just different fresh veggies and ingredients

    是奎奴亞藜和豆芽,只是 不同的新鮮蔬菜和成分

  • and tofu and of all the works we didn't actually order salads though I went for

    和豆腐以及所有我們沒有的作品 其實我點了沙拉

  • one of their woks I think it's like with a barley base stir-fry basic green

    我覺得他們的炒鍋之一 大麥底炒青菜

  • veggies and I got shrimp on mine whoo and I'm getting a salmon wrap with

    蔬菜,我在我的蝦上 Whoo和我一起吃三文魚

  • pumpkin avocado and cream cheese all sound it smells pretty amazing yeah

    南瓜鱷梨和奶油芝士全部 聽起來很香呀

  • can't wait to try it so we got a nice little appetizer in the house gonna love

    等不及要嘗試了,所以我們很高興 房子裡的小開胃菜會愛上

  • that it looks like some seasoned breadsticks and then the server came

    看起來有些老練 麵包棒,然後服務器來了

  • over and said this is a carrot dip with curry powder and there's some receipts

    結束說這是胡蘿蔔蘸 咖哩粉和一些收據

  • on tops yeah it's like sesame seeds thick it's kind of like a hummus

    是的,就像芝麻一樣 有點像鷹嘴豆泥

  • oh it's just so smooth well it's really nice it's just light guys we just got a

    哦,非常順利,真的 很好,只是個小伙子們

  • shot of soup again complimentary not amazing it's a potato ginger onion soup

    湯湯再次免費贈送 太神奇了,這是土豆姜洋蔥湯

  • Cheers cheers to that and it's warm it is warm that's one

    喝彩 它是溫暖的,那是溫暖的

  • thing that surprised me when I grab a little shot glass it's like mmm

    當我抓住一個讓我驚訝的東西 小玻璃杯就像mmm

  • I thought it was gonna be like a spa choked clean soup yeah what they you I

    我以為會像溫泉 clean乾淨湯,是的,你我呢

  • love potato soup I haven't had it in years

    愛土豆湯,我還沒吃 年份

  • but it's just so nice so I'm kind of like a chill day like today and again

    但這太好了,我有點 像今天一樣寒冷的日子

  • Jeon sesame seeds over top I'm very very nice I can't wait for the main steer

    全全芝麻很頂我非常非常 很好,我等不及要轉向了

  • I've because this was all a surprise this thing of beauty look at the colors

    我因為這真是一個驚喜 這個美麗的東西看看顏色

  • the presentation I am in love with this meal so this would be like a barley

    我愛上了這個演示文稿 吃飯,所以這就像一個大麥

  • that's kind of like the base and I got shrimp sauteed shrimp

    有點像基地,我得到了 蝦炒蝦

  • it's got like a soy-based sauce a little bit salty mmm I have veggies zucchini

    有點像醬油 有點咸,我有蔬菜西葫蘆

  • eggplant carrots I'm soul good wonderful we got really

    茄子胡蘿蔔 我真是太好了,我們真的

  • like to find a nice place yeah we just wondered as we were heading up to the to

    想找到一個不錯的地方,是的,我們只是 想知道我們正在走向

  • the leaked yesterday so I really saw the menu where they better try this place

    昨天洩漏了,所以我真的看到了 他們最好嘗試這個地方的菜單

  • plump juicy I'm so pumped for this wrap it scent has salmon mm-hmm you call that

    豐滿多汁的我好想換這個包裝 它聞起來有鮭魚,嗯,嗯,

  • salmon there's a bit of Reem cheese there's pumpkin there's a little bit of

    三文魚有一點Reem奶酪 有南瓜有一點

  • Sookie mixed in there too oh it's wonderful they had so many

    Sookie也混在那裡 哦,太好了,他們有很多

  • nice-looking wraps on the menu it was hard to thing there's just so much

    菜單上的包裝很漂亮 很難的事情有這麼多

  • there yeah so tender flavorful still nice having it with the pumpkin mash

    那裡還是那麼柔嫩可口 很高興和南瓜泥一起吃

  • yeah delicious and you also got a bit of a sign there they give you some potatoes

    是的,美味,你也有一點 他們在那裡給你一些土豆的標誌

  • with the rosemary done they look good top of that hmm I love how they've done

    用迷迭香做起來看起來不錯 最重要的是,我喜歡他們的做法

  • the wrap to it it's like it's just been grilled lightly on the outside it's like

    它的包裝就像剛剛 輕輕地烤在外面就像

  • got a toastiness to it mm-hmm our dishes had fish and seafood but as

    敬酒了mm-hmm 我們的菜有魚和海鮮,但是

  • an FYI this restaurant has vegetarian vegan and gluten-free options that was

    僅供參考,這家餐廳有素食主義者 純素和無麩質選擇

  • such a good lunch so nice to be eating like healthy meals

    這麼好的午餐 很高興能像健康飲食一樣吃飯

  • that we definitely want to go back there and the staff were so friendly and so

    我們肯定要回到那裡 和工作人員是如此友好,所以

  • chatty and excellent service so the total was nine hundred and ten pesos

    健談和優質的服務,所以 總共是910比索

  • which would be 21 US dollars for those two mains and then while the two

    那將是21美元 兩個電源,然後兩個

  • complimentary items we got as well so yeah we definitely recommend it if

    我們也提供免費物品 是的,我們絕對推薦

  • you're here in town and you've been having too much pizza too much steak

    你在城裡,你去過 披薩太多,牛排太多

  • they're called Zen tea and yeah we're ready to explore

    他們被稱為 禪茶,是的,我們準備探索

  • the town now we are now walking towards the water towards the lake and when we

    現在我們正在走向的小鎮 往湖邊的水,當我們

  • were here yesterday we noticed that they have a lot of food trucks so maybe

    昨天在這裡,我們注意到他們 有很多餐車,所以也許

  • that's where we can get our little dessert for dessert oh there's plenty of

    那是我們可以得到我們的東西的地方 甜點,甜點,哦,有很多

  • room


  • ice cream time three flavors yes this portion they had the largest portion

    冰淇淋時間三種口味是的 他們有最大的部分

  • they had so this is what the forest berries know the strawberry with

    他們有,所以這就是森林 漿果知道草莓與

  • children baby with chocolate and that was my selection mmm oh it's got such a

    兒童嬰兒巧克力和那個 是我的選擇-哦,它有這麼一個

  • nice natural strawberry taste yeah with real chunks of fruit in there it's

    不錯的天然草莓味 裡面有很多真正的水果

  • amazing guys this is Bailey's baby presenting

    驚人 伙計,這是貝利的嬰兒禮物

  • Ireland here it tastes like they really taste like like literal Bailey's yeah

    愛爾蘭在這裡嘗起來就像他們真的 像真正的貝利的味道一樣

  • I've been used and then also de leche extreme oh that's gonna have a hopefully

    我已經習慣了,然後也le leche 極端哦,那將有希望

  • a strong taste oh yeah it's got a nice cool yeah

    濃烈的味道哦,是的,很好 很好耶

  • what is extreme and yeah this is like artisanal homemade handmade delicious

    是什麼極端,是的,就像 手工自製手工美味

  • wonderful ice cream gotta try we're raped by the lake oh boy is it ever

    很棒的冰淇淋要嘗試我們 被湖邊強奸了,天哪!

  • windy so in colleges up the audios a little off

    有風的所以在大學裡把音頻 一點關

  • now for something a little more hearty and filling pasta and steak

    現在換些更爽朗的東西 並填充意大利面和牛排

  • - classic staples of the Argentine diet of our argentinian food tour the food has arrived it looks amazing

    -我們阿根廷美食之旅中阿根廷飲食的經典主食 食物到了,看起來很棒

  • the means aren't here I went for ravioli mmm

    手段不在這裡,我去了餛飩 嗯

  • stuffed with ricotta in a cream sauce with ham chicken walnuts it's really

    塞滿奶油乳清乾酪 加上火腿雞肉核桃真的

  • good thing is I've been sneaking bites while Sam is filming so that's Audrey's

    好東西是我一直在偷東西 當山姆在拍攝的時候,那是奧黛麗的

  • dirty secret I already know I'm always eating behind the scenes yeah and salut

    我已經知道我永遠都是骯髒的秘密 在幕後吃東西是和敬禮

  • we've got them all back from Norton this one is called a veto which means chosen

    我們把他們從諾頓全部帶回來 一個被稱為否決權

  • yeah take a look guys and I love the presentation they made a little rose out

    是的,看看傢伙,我喜歡 介紹他們做了一點玫瑰

  • of carrots you know what I've already decided I want to get dessert here -

    胡蘿蔔你知道我已經 決定我要在這裡吃甜點-

  • this place is so good whoa yeah well like these are big dishes I know but we

    這個地方太好了 就像這些我知道的大菜,但我們

  • have a big hike tomorrow so so Sam thought though yes I got the beef a

    明天要加息,所以山姆 以為雖然我是拿牛肉

  • chorizo a la pobre yeah which means with an egg and you're caramelizing it comes

    chorizo​​ a la pobre yeah這意味著 一個雞蛋,你就焦糖了

  • with a salsa criolla salsa mm-hmm so I put a little bit of that right on top

    用莎莎醬criolla莎莎mm-hmm,所以我 把一點點放在最上面

  • was the egg technically a la pobre means pour like the fourth style but it's not

    雞蛋在技術上是la pobre的意思 像第四種風格一樣倒,但不是

  • very poor because it's like a loaded with all these have a certain burden but

    非常可憐,因為就像 所有這些都有一定的負擔,但是

  • exactly so the name doesn't make a lot of sense it's very very tasty on I asked

    確切的說,這個名字並沒有太多 從某種意義上說,這非常好吃

  • for the meats available so yeah nice and easy

    可用的肉,所以不錯, 簡單

  • oh that's how we like it I like it I'm just gonna get a manageable piece here a

    哦,這就是我們喜歡的方式我喜歡的方式 只是會在這裡得到一個可管理的部分

  • bit too big don't want to choke on it guys swim swim

    有點太大不想cho死它 伙計們游泳

  • how's that that's so cheesy just how I asked one solo just and the egg just

    那怎麼這麼俗氣 問一個獨奏和雞蛋

  • adds you know a little bit of extra flavor also has caramelized onions can't

    增加您知道一點額外 風味也有焦糖洋蔥不能

  • forget that they're hidden underneath the egg so there you go delicious food I

    忘記他們被藏在下面 雞蛋,所以你去那里美味的食物,我

  • don't get a dessert already nothing I'll get a dessert this is pure gluttony

    不吃甜點我什麼都不會 得到一個甜點,這是純粹的暴食

  • right here that's all I can say this going on

    在這裡,我只能這麼說 繼續

  • homemade cheesecake with forest fruits nice tiny coffee it's just basically an

    森林水果自製芝士蛋糕 不錯的小咖啡,基本上只是

  • expresso try that first let's hope you can get some shut-eye

    Expresso首先嘗試 希望你能閉上眼睛

  • tonight that's nice opposed very potent mmm

    今晚反對很好 嗯

  • let's try the Cape it's a very nice looking cake it has blackberries and

    讓我們嘗試一下海角這是一個非常好的 看蛋糕,它有黑莓和

  • raspberries on toasted it's a cheesecake that looks good oh I surreal do we see

    覆盆子烤的是芝士蛋糕 看起來不錯哦,我超現實,我們看到了嗎

  • cheesecake nonsense oh it's nice and thick yeah she's a kid I have to agree

    芝士蛋糕廢話哦,很好, 是的,她是我必須同意的孩子

  • that's how I like my cheesecake as well so I want it and it's really good you're

    這也是我喜歡芝士蛋糕的方式 所以我想要它,真的很好

  • gonna love it oh what a wonderful meal what a million

    會愛上它 哦,多麼美妙的一餐,多麼百萬

  • my gosh it was good I mean I knew from that like from the beginning from the

    我的天哪,很好,我是說我知道 從一開始就喜歡

  • get-go the appetizers on my wall this is a little bit beyond normal to have like

    走開我牆上的開胃菜,這是 有點超出正常水平

  • it's a nice hummus dip and I remember the bean that garlicky beating dip the

    這是一個很棒的鷹嘴豆泥蘸醬,我記得 蒜味跳動蘸的豆子

  • kool-aid the bread I'm like oh he's a good start and then the main just got

    酷愛的麵包,我喜歡哦,他是一個 良好的開端,然後主要

  • better it was really good so the place is called tio Farkle yeah and Sam

    更好,這真的很好,所以這個地方 被稱為tio Farkle是的,Sam是

  • thought it was tio tacos not at all it's really that's really nice wonderful

    以為根本不是墨西哥玉米卷炸玉米餅 真的,真的很好

  • steaks and pasta and we had red wine it was so funny because our waiter day

    牛排和麵食,我們喝了紅酒 很有趣,因為我們的服務生

  • hello Dave thanks for watching our video Dave Dave was such a good waiter I mean

    你好戴夫感謝您觀看我們的視頻 戴夫戴夫我是一個很好的服務生

  • awesome he was so friendly and he attentive but he also he served us at

    太棒了,他是如此友好,他 細心,但他也為我們服務

  • the end we had a complimentary cheese cake and coffee great meal great day oh

    最後,我們有一個免費的奶酪 蛋糕和咖啡很棒的一餐很棒的一天哦

  • my gosh I think it's time for bed yes we're going to say goodbye and mind

    天哪,我該睡覺了 是的,我們要告別和介意

  • our way back home


  • last but not least an english-style afternoon tea in a cozy mountaintop

    最後但並非最不重要的是英式風格 在舒適的山頂上享用下午茶

  • cottage with beautiful views of lake lacar studying the menu looking

    享有湖景的小屋 拉卡爾學習菜單看

  • studiously out of ammonia for doing afternoon tea with a three-tier Tower of

    刻薄地用氨來做 三層塔的下午茶

  • sandwiches scones cakes one teapot each it's gonna be good

    三明治烤餅蛋糕一個茶壺 會很好的

  • tea has arrived guys we each get individual pots I get Isabella has a

    茶已經到了,我們每個人都得到了 我得到伊莎貝拉的單個花盆有一個

  • cardamon it has cinnamon and it also has a nice three of my favorite things there

    小荳蔻,它有肉桂,也有 我最喜歡的三件事

  • was a red pepper pour it in like this yeah so you put it in there and then you

    像是把紅辣椒倒進去 是的,所以你把它放在那裡,然後你

  • just let it sit for two to three minutes steep steep for three minutes

    坐兩到三分鐘 陡峭陡峭的三分鐘

  • color is already changing yeah and for mine I got the one that's called Frances

    顏色已經在改變,對 我得到了一個叫做弗朗西斯的

  • it means French it's a type of green tea and it smelled very fruity floral which

    這意味著法國這是一種綠茶 聞起來很花果味

  • I like and well while the tea is being made is being steeped we've got this oh

    我很喜歡喝茶 做得很爛,我們有這個哦

  • my goodness oh my gosh is so much sweet so it's Avery's on the bottom sea breeze

    天哪,我的天哪太甜了 所以這是艾利(Avery)在海風中

  • on the bottom then big good big kids and then on top cakes

    在底部,然後是大好大孩子, 然後放在蛋糕上

  • two huge slices I will have Jim and also mention of what you can't finish they

    我要吉姆和兩個大片 提到你無法完成的事情

  • pack it up in a little box for you to people is awesome I have a feeling it is

    裝在一個小盒子裡給你 人們很棒我有一種感覺

  • no force at all though so of course we're starting at the bottom of our

    當然沒有力 我們從我們的底部開始

  • tower with sandwiches I already grabbed this little guy nice and plump with ham

    我已經抓過的三明治塔 這個小伙子好,火腿豐滿

  • cheese tomatoes lettuce looks so good I'm very good currently

    奶酪西紅柿生菜 看起來很好我目前很好

  • feasting on a scone it's so good nice and lemony put some cream on there

    用烤餅盛宴真是太好了 檸檬在上面放些奶油

  • strawberry jam you know what it up so the cream came from here did you know

    草莓醬,你知道嗎 奶油是從這裡來的嗎

  • over there everything's been delicious so far Sam

    在那邊 到目前為止一切都很好吃山姆

  • will now be trying all things so we were each gonna select three different things

    現在將嘗試所有事情,所以我們 每個人都會選擇三個不同的東西

  • from the pastry section I'm like I thought theme of dulce de leche so I'm

    從糕點部分,我就像我 以為dulce de leche的主題,所以我

  • like that's what I'm going for it was my favorite thing to have in Argentina and

    就像那就是我要去的是我的 在阿根廷最喜歡的東西和

  • yeah it's amazing so this is the classic am I saying that I don't think I've seen

    是的,這太神奇了,這是經典 我是不是說我沒有看過

  • so much dulce de leche filling right here it appears to be a chocolate one

    這麼多的杜爾塞·德萊希(Dulce de Leche) 在這裡,它似乎是一種巧克力

  • yeah I don't think I've ever had a chocolate one yeah she ready coconut all

    是的,我不認為我曾經有過 巧克力一個,她準備好了椰子

  • around I think this one might be coconut and dulce de leche

    我認為這可能是椰子 和杜爾塞·德萊什

  • it is coconut cake village in the middle delicious mm-hmm filling tons of dulce

    這是中間的椰子蛋糕村 美味的mm-hmm填充噸杜爾塞

  • de leche yep coconut bread decadent and a nice crumbly chocolate the rich

    de leche yep椰子麵包decade廢和 美味的脆皮巧克力

  • chocolate taste not my all-time favorite no van-gogh not just the pasta

    巧克力味道不是我一直以來的最愛 沒有梵高不只是麵食

  • what's the part of this room look at that magic we were a little round for us

    這個房間的一部分是什麼 那個魔術,我們對我們來說有點圓

  • there we go yeah are you going strong or you three hit a wall it was real

    我們去那裡是的,你要堅強還是 你們三個碰壁是真的

  • I all three of those awful heart products they were just too good and

    我這三個可怕的心 產品太好了,

  • yeah I've had two sandwiches plus that and a lot of tea so I can hang stuff but

    是的,我吃了兩個三明治,還有 還有很多茶所以我可以掛東西

  • there's always room for cheesecake oh wait this is a very thick slab I

    總是有芝士蛋糕的空間 哦,等等,這是一塊很厚的平板

  • picked it up with my hand to transport it up suppose it's like like a brick

    用我的手撿起來運輸 假設它就像一塊磚頭

  • it's very dense um this is how Sam behaves and

    非常密集 嗯,這就是山姆的舉止,

  • restaurant yeah and so there's berries let's try it you ramble ramble just look

    是的餐廳,所以有漿果 讓我們試試看吧

  • like cherries the dropped one on the way didn't quite make the journey so good at

    就像櫻桃在路上掉落的 並沒有使旅程如此擅長

  • tarp this is the real deal this is dick the Cheesecake how we like it full

    篷布這是真正的交易 迪克芝士蛋糕我們如何喜歡它

  • but I do have room for this so we still have spoils to take home sandwich down

    但是我有足夠的空間,所以我們仍然 有破壞者將三明治帶回家

  • here is it a big are you gonna finish your kick I'm tapping out I'm gonna

    這是一個很大的你要完成嗎 你踢我踢出我要

  • finish it in the cabin wonderful midian the splash afternoon tea and we are

    在機艙裡完成它美妙的米甸 飛濺的下午茶,我們

  • taking more sweet back to our place yeah I don't think we have no place like a

    帶著更多甜蜜回到我們的地方 我認為我們沒有像

  • third close to a half it was a lot of anyways we've got dinner here as well as

    第三接近一半這是很多 反正我們在這裡吃晚餐

  • tomorrow's breakfast yeah and the total was around 1300 pesos which is 30 US

    明天的早餐是的,總的 是大約1300比索這是30美國

  • dollars 15 per person yeah which I'd see it's pretty good for a beautiful setting

    每人15美元,是的,我會看到 這對於一個美麗的環境來說是非常好的

  • yes lovely views of the lake 3-tier afternoon tea and food leftover in case

    是的,可欣賞三層湖的美景 下午茶和剩餘食物以防萬一

  • we're hungry later on so yeah if you're gonna have it bring your appetite for

    以後我們餓了,是的,如果你是 它將帶給您胃口

  • sure maybe skip breakfast and that concludes our food tour around san

    當然可以不吃早餐了 結束我們的美食之旅

  • martin de los andes we hope this video gave you a few ideas of what you can eat

    馬丁·德·洛斯·安第斯,我們希望這段視頻 給了你一些可以吃的東西的想法

  • in argentina, and argentinian food tour, and we'd love to know which of the dishes featured you'd be leaning

    在阿根廷和阿根廷美食之旅中,我們很想知道哪個 您會喜歡的特色菜

  • more towards let us know in the comments below also if you enjoyed this video

    更多關於讓我們知道在評論 如果您喜歡這部影片,也可以在下方

  • don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell because we'll be back

    別忘了訂閱並點擊 通知鈴聲,因為我們會回來的

  • soon with more Patagonia videos and more food adventures

    很快就會有更多的Patagonia視頻和更多 美食冒險

well hello there all you foodies today we're back at it again showing you what

你好,今天所有的美食家 我們再次回到它,向您展示什麼


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