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  • so i kind of redid sam's office while he was away


  • so


  • all right guys hello hello and welcome back to  the channel and actually welcome to sam's office  

    好,你好,歡迎回到頻道,並實際上歡迎來到山姆的辦公室, 這幾個月

  • i've been working on a little project these past  few months so actually sam traveled over to new  

    來 我一直在做一個小項目,所以山姆實際上就搬到了新的

  • brunswick this summer to spend some time with  his parents and i followed shortly after but i  


  • probably had about a month of time before flying  out there where i decided to redecorate the whole  


  • apartment and in today's video i'm just going to  be showing you sam's office so if you enjoy this  


  • video let me know in the comments and maybe i'll  show you what i did to the bedroom and the kitchen  


  • but basically sam really needed an office  he really needed a work space because he  


  • had been working out of her kitchen table and  it wasn't a comfortable work space because he  


  • was basically just sitting on this wooden chair  at an awkward height so yeah he needed a desk  


  • he needed a chair he needed some space that wasn't  cluttered so i took it upon myself to create  


  • this lovely haven what do you guys think  i'm gonna give you a tour tell you what i  


  • did talk about some of the products some of  the artwork and the stories behind them so  


  • i hope you enjoy this random video it's not travel  but you know we haven't been traveling a whole lot  

    我希望您喜歡這個隨機錄像,這不是旅行,但您知道我們 今年 旅行不多,

  • this year we've actually been spending a lot of  time at home so i figured we may as well have a  


  • comfortable space since we are turning into  indoor creatures i hope you enjoy the video


  • all right so this right here is  what we are trying to build the alex


  • so as i mentioned before all of this sam was  working out of her kitchen table after shopping  

    ,正如我之前提到的,在所有山姆 在網上 購物後,她都在廚房里工作之前,

  • around online i settled on this customizable desk  from ikea the drawer units are called alex and i  


  • got them in this deep midnight blue but they  also have them in white beige and black brown


  • i like the idea of drawers to store all the hard  drives usbs cables bits and bobs paperwork and  


  • random things that go into making videos things  feel far more organized now that all these random  


  • items aren't strewn across the whole kitchen so  for the table top i chose guertin which is beach  


  • i was originally looking at the hilver which is  bamboo but when i saw them in person at the store  


  • the curtain was thicker and it looked a lot more  sturdier and longer and wider so i figured why not  


  • have a bigger desk and a bigger workspace in  general my dad helped me put an oil finish to  


  • seal the wood so this will prevent rings from  forming on the wood when you set down a drink  

    密封 木頭所以這將防止環的形成上柴,當你放下

  • like coffee water a glass of wine as sam does we  did three coats but we went for a very light and  

    喜歡 的飲品 咖啡水和山姆酒一樣,我們做了三層外套,但是我們換了很淺很

  • natural color so the chair was also from ikea and  let me just tell you shopping for a chair is very  


  • hard sam is happy with it but he was working  on a hard wooden chair before that it's not an  


  • ergonomic chair but it is an improvement this one  is called the mill burget and it's a swivel chair  

    人體工學椅子,但是這是一種改進,稱為磨房門,它是 白色

  • that also comes in white the reviews were pretty  good but if you've ever sat in an ergonomic chair  

    的可旋轉椅子 ,評價還不錯,但是如果您坐在一個符合人體工學

  • then you're ruined for anything else so sam and  i don't normally do gifts for birthdays holidays  

    原理的 椅子, 那麼您就一無所有別這樣,薩姆,我通常不做生日假期之

  • or anything like that but while i was shopping  online for myself i came across something that  

    類的 禮物 ,但是當我為自己網上購物時,我碰到了一個東西,上面

  • just had his name written all over it i got him  a man candle yes a man candle so this right here  


  • is called the black absinthe and if you know sam  you know that he is obsessed with licorice and  


  • not just any type of licorice it has to be like  that nasty salty dark licorice that you can get in  

    而不僅僅是任何類型的歐亞甘草,它就像是在 芬蘭和其他北歐地方

  • places like finland and other nordic countries and  baltic countries so yeah i got this one which has  

    可以找到的那種討厭的鹹黑歐亞甘草。 國家和波羅的海國家,是的,我買了一個

  • a nice fennel and orange it smells it smells okay  i know he loves the smell it's really not my scent  


  • but this is a gift for him so yeah if  you're looking for a man candle for your man  


  • um these are from natura soy and they have some  really cool scents let me just read you the names  


  • because i thought some of these sounded super  interesting so they have cedarwood and tobacco  

    因為我認為其中一些聽起來超級有趣,所以它們有雪松 木

  • spiced rum vanilla bourbon wood smoke and gin  cigar leaf and brandy so yeah they're pretty  

    和煙草 香料的朗姆酒香草波旁威士忌和杜松子酒雪茄煙,白蘭地所以是的,它們非常

  • cool so i wanted to create a gallery wall to kind  of show off some of the pieces that we've acquired  

    酷,所以我想創建一個畫廊牆,以炫耀 我們在旅行過程中

  • over the course of our travels i purposely went  with some blues and blacks to kind of tie things  

    獲得的一些作品, 我故意與一些藍和黑 一起

  • together with the desk so let's look at the  artwork i chose i just dropped the camera on the  

    去將東西 與桌子上,讓我們看一下我選擇的藝術品我只是將相機放在

  • floor focus please tell me you can still focus  oh man oh man shoot are you really dead camera


  • i think it survived i think it survived that  fall there we go okay today is the day we finally  


  • finish off this project that i started months ago  it was summer time it was months ago we are going  

    完成這個項目 的一天 ,我幾個月前就開始了這個項目,那是幾個月前的夏天。幾個月前,我們要

  • to do the gallery wall on top of sam's desk that  is his little office voila he has been using it  


  • so i didn't film the surprise i didn't film the  unveil when he saw his office for the first time  


  • but it wasn't even finished so we're gonna make  it look all pretty and then show it to him again  


  • so yeah i've gathered all the artwork i want  to use it's a mixture of sketches prints  

    所以我已經聚集了我要使用的所有藝術品都是草圖打印 照片 的混合物,

  • photos so yeah we're gonna do that right  now all that he has above his desk is a  


  • painting that one of my sisters did at  one of those wine and paint evenings  


  • like where you go with friends sip some wine  and you all paint anyway also as a little tip  

    就像您和朋友一起去喝酒的時候,無論如何,您都可以繪畫,這 對任何人 都是一個小竅門

  • for anyone who's redecorating in their home  michaels has online coupons like discounts so  


  • you can just print the coupon at home or have it  on your on your smartphone and yeah like sometimes  


  • they have 40 off today it was 30 off unfortunately  this one was already discounted so i couldn't get  


  • an extra discount i always make sure to show up  at that store with a coupon the way to do it um


  • this is so hard when it's just one


  • person

    人的 時候,這是如此的困難,

  • okay it is not perfect by any stretch of the  imagination not everything lines up but you know  


  • what i dare say it looks pretty good and i don't  think sam's really gonna notice if a picture frame  


  • is like half a centimeter off so there you have it  so this piece right here we picked up on vancouver  

    是否相距半厘米,所以你有它,所以這件作品是我們 在2019年 在溫哥華 島上 撿到的

  • island in 2019 when we did a two-week road trip um  just visiting sam's home island this is a killer  

    做了兩週的公路旅行只是參觀山姆的家島,這是 理查德·肖蒂(Richard Shorty)製作

  • whale design done by richard shorty who isself-taught artist originally from yukon who later  

    的虎 鯨設計,他是一位自學成才的育空藝術家,後來

  • moved down to vancouver so this piece reminds  me of all the totem poles and potlatch art that  

    移居溫哥華,所以這件作品讓我想起了 我們在umista看到

  • we saw at the umista cultural center in alert bay  so i thought it would make a really nice souvenir  

    的所有圖騰柱和 坑洼的藝術品警報灣的文化中心,所以我認為這將是一個非常不錯的紀念品,

  • so we actually purchased it at the airport in  victoria so yeah that's the story behind that  


  • piece then this other one right here is a maritime  landscape and it was a wedding gift from sam's  

    那塊作品 的故事, 然後這裡的另一幅是海洋風景,這是來自山姆的

  • aunt and uncle it's titled three houses and it's  a scene from bayshore new brunswick and sam's  


  • parents now live in new brunswick so we go there  every year sometimes once a year sometimes twice  


  • a year so it's kind of like sam's second home so  i thought it'd be nice to have a little piece of  

    所以有點像山姆的第二個家,所以我想可以 在海邊有一 小塊

  • new brunswick there a little piece of the seaside  oh and the painting is by lynn wigginton so i also  

    新的不倫瑞克畫,這是一件好事。哦,那幅畫是林恩·維金頓(Linn Wiginginton)創作的,所以我也

  • developed one of our wedding photos to put up on  the wall i got it done in black and white that is  

    開發了一張婚禮照片 貼 在牆上,我在bla完成了ck和white是

  • from when we got married in a greenhouse it was  a very small ceremony super relaxed i i wasn't  


  • nervous i was surprised that i wasn't nervous that  day so yeah i've put that up right there i think  


  • it's a really cute picture and yeah just happy  memories for sam to look back on to think what  


  • a lucky man am i there's your wife so this wheel  print right here i bought through the prints for  


  • wildlife fundraiser that's when a whole bunch of  photographers came together this year and they  


  • donated prints to raise funds for african parks  which is a non-profit conservation organization  


  • and i was scrolling through all the photos  available when i came across this one and it  


  • just spoke to me it's it's so beautiful i believe  it was actually taken in tonga um but it just  


  • made me think of the whales in british columbia  even though i didn't get to see whales in person  


  • we weren't quite lucky enough but that's kind of  what it reminds me of and i think it's just such a  


  • beautiful moment that was captured like it looks  like the whale is dancing and then you have the  


  • deepness of that water in the midnight blue  and it just looks like the perfect moment  


  • frozen in time with like the fin over its body so  yeah that's kind of the story behind that photo  


  • and the artist is named steve woods if you want  to look him up on instagram okay and then right  

    和這位藝術家叫Steve Woods,如果您想在instagram上查找他,然後

  • behind me here we have two cat prints these  we got in south africa in 2015 when we went on  

    在我身後,我們有兩隻貓印,這是我們2015年在南非 完成一次師範學院旅行後 在南非進行的

  • safari after finishing teachers college that was  a pretty cool trip because we basically woke up  

    野生動物園活動 時 獲得的非常酷的旅程,因為我們基本上是 在聖誕節早晨

  • on christmas morning and we found these incredible  flights it was an error fair actually it was like  

    醒來的 ,我們發現這些令人難以置信的航班是一次錯誤的公平,實際上這是

  • 300 to fly from new york city to johannesburg  so we booked it on the spot and the airline um  

    從紐約飛往約翰內斯堡的 大約 300 架次, 所以我們當場預訂了該航班,而um航空公司則

  • honored the mistake fair so yeah once we graduated  we ended up flying down to south africa and we did  

    榮幸地承認了這個錯誤所以是的,一旦我們畢業了,我們最終飛到了南非,我們 在克魯格國家公園

  • this really cool safari in kruger national park  and our guide his name was lloyd he was a sketch  

    做了 一個非常酷的野生動物園,我們的導遊的名字叫勞埃德(Lloyd),他是素描

  • artist and he had this whole portfolio with prints  of his different sketches so we ended up getting  


  • four and we've put up two of those sam said he  wanted the caps because he's a cat person so yeah  


  • that's the story behind those two sketches soalso put up one of our youtube awards we actually  

    ,那是這兩個草圖的故事,所以我還提出了我們實際上 獲得的 一項YouTube獎項

  • have two now one for english channel and one for  our spanish channel i couldn't find the second one  


  • it's probably stored away in a box somewhere but  that is the one for our spanish channel so if you  


  • actually look at it closely um we decided to put  our our family's names on it because the spanish  


  • channel has really been a team effort with both my  parents really helping us make the spanish videos  


  • so yeah their names are on it and the dog's name  is also on it because he's kind of the star of  


  • the show in some videos and i forgot to tell you  guys about one more piece here on the gallery wall  

    中 的明星 在一些視頻中展示時,我忘了在畫廊的牆上告訴大家另外一件作品,

  • it's this one this is sam's name written in korean  and we got it on one of our many trips to korea  


  • apparently this was in 2015 and we've been there  a few times since we taught there and it's always  


  • a really fun time so yeah okay now let's talk  about plants i wanted to bring a little bit of  

    一個非常有趣的時間,所以是好,現在讓我們談談植物我希望把 自然 的一點點

  • nature into this apartment um so my mom got me my  first plant this is a snake plant i now have three  

    進入這個公寓嗯,所以我的媽媽讓我我的第一家工廠,這是一條蛇的植物我現在有 這 三種

  • of these kind of scattered around the apartment  and apparently they're really good air purifiers  


  • so that's one of the reasons i wanted this lovely  little plant so we have a bit of green i just have  


  • to remember to water it but it's still alive thus  far it's been good and it's been a few weeks now  


  • and then i chose a rug that was already in the  home i thought it kind of matched the color of  


  • the desk a bit because it's got these deep blues  and like dark teals so i thought it tied it all  

    像桌子 的顏色, 因為它有深藍色和深綠色,所以我想把它綁

  • together it's not super modern um but i think it  kind of fits it kind of works with the space so  


  • yeah i think i've now shown you the whole office  so we're gonna get sam's reaction let me warn  


  • you he's already seen his office because it's just  taken me forever to put together so let's recreate  


  • his reaction of when he first got back from new  brunswick and saw this place for the first time


  • hello there samuel hey guys hello you've  grown a beard i've grown a beard and  


  • i've also grown a work desk too thanks  audrey that was such a cool idea i mean  


  • we do spend a lot of time now at home in  canada in between trips we're not nomadic  


  • anymore we used to spend more time on the road  than we did any in any one place and even before  


  • um the pandemic we were starting to slow down our  travels a little bit and it's just so nice to have  

    的UM流行病,我們開始放慢行程,讓 辦公桌合適的辦公桌

  • a work desk a proper work desk i almost feel like  uh i i'm doing a real job you know a little bit of  

    真是太好了, 我幾乎感覺就像我在做一份真正的工作時,您知道 這里和那裡 的一些

  • work in here and there now it's more official that  you're not working out of the kitchen yeah i mean  


  • we were just literally if you look over there it's  messy i'm not showing you you're not showing that  


  • well anyways yeah we basically just had this  computer which i've had for less than a year put  


  • it on the uh on on the kitchen table and the thing  that i found the most frustrating about being at  

    它放在廚房的桌子上,我發現了在 廚房的桌子上

  • the kitchen table was number one it wasn't the  right height so it was just like kind of like  

    感到沮喪的 是第一,不是正確的高度,所以就像

  • cramping my shoulders having to to raise my hands  like that and the second thing too is that the the  

    抽筋我的肩膀 一樣 必須舉起我的手,第二件事就是

  • the kitchen um chairs are not meant for sitting on  for hours on end whereas having like a something  


  • like this it's just perfect i get like the what  do you call it the lumbar support the neck support  


  • just so nice and i've actually found that sincehave a like more of an official space to work at  

    很好的 支撐 ,而我實際上發現,因為我喜歡更多的官方工作空間 使我 工作

  • that i've been more productive i spend less time  uh you know surfing the internet as they say or  


  • wasting time on social media and youtube too so  that's it for the grand reveal of a grand tour  


  • of sam's home office we hope you guys enjoyed  it maybe we'll have a few more episodes for you  

    對sam 巡迴演唱會 的 隆重

  • on the bedroom makeover the chicken the chicken  the kitchen makeover there's no chicken in there  


  • um so yeah if you enjoyed the video don't  forget to give it a like we invite you to  

    在臥室改頭換面 再給 你幾集。

  • subscribe to the channel and we'll see you soon  with more adventures at home and on the road bye  

    雞肉,廚房改頭換面那裡沒有雞肉, 嗯,是的,如果您喜歡視頻,別忘了給它喜歡我們邀請您

  • so

    訂閱到頻道,我們很快就會看到你在家裡和在路上再見 所以 更多的冒險

so i kind of redid sam's office while he was