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  • It's just not safe, and it might not be safe for a while yet.


  • A dire warning this week from Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers as the coronavirus pandemic rages across all regions reported New Cove in 19 infections hit a record 142,279 on Wednesday, the eighth day above the 100,000 mark, according to a Reuters tally.


  • The number of hospitalizations also surged to a record of at least 64,939.


  • There were 1464 deaths on Wednesday, the most since summer.


  • The White House seems to be sitting silently by.


  • There's been no new action or announcements for weeks, even as new cases soar.


  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was outraged at her weekly press briefing on Thursday.


  • The president and the Republicans in Congress have ignored by delay, distortion, denial, death have been caused and what are they doing now continuing to ignore and bite of these numbers without any leadership on the federal level, state governors are stepping up Wisconsin.


  • This'd is serious.


  • The crisis is urgent, Evers issued an executive state ordered this week, urging residents to stay home as much as possible on Lea leaving to get food, medicine or to get tested In Indiana, Governor Eric Holcomb is limiting activity county by county, hoping to avoid a statewide shut down as co vid 19 hospitalizations in his state reaching all time high.

    危機是緊急的,埃弗斯本週發佈了一項行政國家命令,敦促居民儘可能留在家裡,對Lea離開得到食物,藥品或得到測試在印第安納州,州長埃裡克-霍爾科姆正在限制一個縣一個縣的活動,希望避免全州範圍內的關閉,因為co vid 19住院在他的州達到歷史最高水準。

  • Hospital officials there expect the numbers to double over the coming weeks.


  • Because our frontline medical personnel are nurses and assistants and doctors, they're exhausted and overwhelmed and need us all to do the things that we can on the outside.


  • That will slow the number of patients that need hospitalization.


  • Hospitals in Lubbock, Texas, air so overrun two of them are setting up mobile medical tents.


  • Texas is the first state to surpass a million cumulative coronavirus cases and is accounting for over 10% of all cases across the United States.


  • In El Paso, officials are bringing in 10 temporary refrigerated mark trailers.


  • Rising Cove in 19 cases around the country are so troubling, doctors are urging Americans not to have large Thanksgiving gatherings this year.

    全國19個案例中的Rising Cove是如此令人不安,醫生敦促美國人今年不要舉行大型感恩節聚會。

  • The strongest advice is, don't gather with with people outside of your household this Thanksgiving.


It's just not safe, and it might not be safe for a while yet.



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'這不安全'。國家介入,因為COVID-19激增。 ('It's not safe': States step in as COVID-19 surges)

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