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  • how everyone and welcome to Samsung Galaxy impact.


  • Today we're taking another giant step forward.


  • It fits right in my palm, on snugly in my pocket.


  • On the cover display shows me all the information.


  • I might need it a glance when I'm ready to use it.


  • All I have to do is flip it open on.


  • I get a full size 6.7 inch screen with hardly any basil.

    我得到的是6.7英寸的全尺寸螢幕,幾乎沒有姥 。

  • The Galaxy Z flip comes in three gorgeous colors.

    Galaxy Z翻蓋有三種絢麗的顏色。

  • Mary, purple mirror, black and in select countries, a mirror gold.


  • Get notifications of a text alarm or a call.


  • All the essentials are right there on the cover display.


  • You can even take a selfie without opening up the phone.


  • It's so durable you can fold and unfold your phone over 200,000 times with the world's first hole punch camera.


  • In a foldable display, you get the same sprawling, expensive screen you've come to expect from galaxy smartphones.


  • We built a free stop hinge so it can stay open at different angles, just like your laptop.


  • We call it flex mode.


  • If you're watching YouTube and you want to leave a comment, you can watch on the top half of your screen on comments on the bottom.


  • You can even prop your phone up by itself on video chat or take a selfie handsfree profit here on the podium.


  • We're going to take a selfie, so open the camera app on ready her cheese.


  • It could be yours from February 14th and it's available starting at $1380.


  • Uh huh.


  • That's kind of a mixed response at 64 megapixels as twenties revolutionary camera system takes smartphone photography to the next level when you need to get closer or want the subject to be the only thing in the frame you need zoo With galaxy s 20 space zoom, you could get up to 30 times closer, thanks to as 20 super High resolution, you can capture videos in stunning eight K.


  • In fact, we built an entire A K ecosystem.

    事實上,我們構建了一個完整的A K生態系統。

  • You can shoot a K footage from the camera in your pocket, upload it to YouTube over five g network and use tap you to cast it to your ATC led TV, record a video, then scroll through the footage to find the perfect moment.

    你可以從口袋裡的相機拍攝K鏡頭,通過五G網絡上傳到YouTube,並使用點擊你把它投到你的ATC led電視,錄製視頻,然後滾動通過鏡頭找到完美的時刻。

  • And with a single click, you'll get a 33 megapixel still photo with amazing resolution.


  • And thanks to the galaxy s twenties, incredible storage capacity to a terabyte and a half.

    而由於galaxy's twenties,不可思議的存儲容量達到了一TB半。

  • Using a micro SD card, you'll have plenty of room for all your favorite photos and videos.

    使用micro SD卡,你將有足夠的空間來存儲所有你喜歡的照片和視頻。

  • With S 20 you can share files with upto five friends at the same time without even having to pay your devices.

    有了S 20,你可以與最多五個朋友同時分享文件,甚至不需要支付你的設備。

  • A que video to promote to sharing is available on all three models of the galaxy s 20 Siri's and for the people won't even mawr of serious professional photographers who need the best of the best.

    一闕視頻推廣到分享是可以在所有三個型號的galaxy s 20 Siri的和為人甚至不會毛的嚴重專業攝影師誰需要最好的最好的。

  • We're proud to introduce the galaxy s 20 ultra.

    我們很自豪地介紹Galaxy S 20 ultra。

  • You want high resolution?


  • It has an unbelievable 108 megapixel AI camera so you can capture scenes with a level of detail you've never experienced.


  • The folded lens allows for up to 10 x hybrid optic zoom.


  • Now multiply that with the 10 X digital zoom and you can magnify shot upto 100 times.


  • We're streaming today's event with s 20 devices.


  • Give it up for the camera crew.


  • Okay, but the galaxy s 20 Google do will be natively integrated right into your contacts and phone and messages.

    好吧,但galaxy s 20谷歌做將原生集成到您的聯繫人和電話和消息。

  • We've worked with Google to integrate their software with our hardware, bringing new duo features to galaxy smartphones, starting with the S 20 and the Galaxy Z flip displays on all three s 20 models have 120 Hertz Refresh rate for incredibly smooth gameplay.

    我們與谷歌合作,將他們的軟件與我們的硬件整合在一起,為galaxy智能手機帶來了新的duo功能,首先是S 20和Galaxy Z翻轉顯示器上的所有三款s 20型號具有120赫茲刷新率,可實現令人難以置信的流暢遊戲。

  • Yes, 20 also comes with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, and it's powered by next generation memory technology.


  • Samsung L P D D R.

    三星L P D D R.

  • Five Xbox game studio is bringing forth a street to smartphones for the very first time across galaxy devices.


  • This is just the beginning of our gaming partnership with Xbox trained Jamie.


  • We are working closely together to create a premium cloud based game streaming experience.


  • From March 6, you could get a galaxy S 20 of your own and all three models will be available in blazing Fast five G were also police announced that effective today, we are reducing prices on the galaxy s 10 and soon as 10 users would get some other great features through software updates.

    從3月6日,你可以得到一個自己的galaxy S 20和所有三個模型將在熾熱快五G也警方宣佈,從今天開始,我們正在降低價格的galaxy s 10和很快10用戶將獲得一些其他偉大的功能,通過軟件更新。

  • And today we are reimagining how you listen to your favorite music on the go introducing galaxy butts plus, but plus don't just have one speaker.

    而今天,我們正在重新想象你如何在旅途中聆聽你最喜歡的音樂,推出galaxy butts plus,但plus不只是有一個揚聲器。

  • They have to optimized for a high note, one for base, with speakers almost 40% larger than before.


  • They don't just give you more sound.


  • They give you better sound, thanks to our partnership with Spotify.


  • With one simple long press on the side of your butt, you get recommended song space on your music history instead of the standard to mix.


  • These butts have three.


  • So even if you're calling from a crowded street, your butts plus will pick up your voice and with advanced connectivity.


  • Bloods Plus let you switch quickly between devices with a simple tap on the media panel on your phone.

    Bloods Plus讓你在設備之間快速切換,只需在手機上的媒體面板上簡單點擊即可。

  • You can do it all without leading to unfair and repair your devices buds, plus also work seamlessly with IOS.


  • Just download the galaxy wearable app from the APP store to customize your music experience.


  • With wireless charging and wireless power share.


  • You don't need any cords or connectors.


  • Once your bud plus Aer fully charged, they'll ask the whopping 11 hours, and with the charging case, you can get another 11 hours for a total of 22.


  • You can get a pair of your own on February 14 $449.


  • Finally, we want Android to work for everyone, No matter their abilities, Live caption automatically adds captions to content that, even if the content didn't come with captions original, if you're one of the 450 million people worldwide who are deaf or hard of hearing, we think this capability is a game changer.

    最後,我們希望安卓系統能夠為每個人服務,無論他們的能力如何,Live caption都會自動為內容添加字幕,即使內容沒有帶字幕原件,如果你是全球4.5億聾人或重聽人中的一員,我們認為這個功能是改變遊戲規則的。

  • By the way, Live caption works entirely on device through a combination of three machine learning models.

    對了,Live caption完全是通過三種機器學習模型的組合在設備上工作。

  • We think it's a great application of machine learning techniques to create helpful experiences for everyone.


  • And in the decade ahead, we will continue to read the growth off the industry and to change the way you experience the world.


  • Thank you, thank you.


how everyone and welcome to Samsung Galaxy impact.



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