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  • Britain has summoned China's ambassador in London to its Foreign Ministry to register its deep concern at Beijing's action over Hong Kong.


  • British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says China is breaching it's legally binding treaty over Hong Kong on breaking promises over the territory's autonomy.


  • Mr.


  • Robb hit out at Beijing as pro democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong quit the legislature.


  • The 15 opposition members resigned in protest against the dismissal of four of their colleagues or China says the resignations are a blatant challenge to its authority.


  • So this is what the chairman of the Democratic Party woochi, Why I had to say the step is out of power is a very, very constitutional power that Hong Kong people can enjoy toe check and balance government X Today.


  • Today's often we lost, um, check and balance of power and all the power for the regional powers in Hong Kong is all rested in the chief executive head.


  • And we all know that Chief accepted in Hong Kong because off the constitutional arrangement is basically are puppets coming from the central governor.


  • So he's left today and days after it is the end off one country, two systems well, the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to their resignations and also warned the US and the UK not to intervene.


  • No country will ignore or sit idly by off the thief case that public servants, including lawmakers, violate their oath and betrayed the country.


  • The Western politicians wanting accusations on China fully revealed their double standard.


  • We urge the relevant individuals to abide by the international law and basic norms governing international relations and stop in any way interfering in China's internal affairs, including Hong Kong affairs.


  • Any of the attempt to pressure China or undermine China's sovereignty, security and development interests will not succeed.


  • While in the last hour, Foreign Office Minister Nigel Adams accused China off breaching the treaty in the U.


  • K Parliament.


  • It is my unfortunate duty to report to this house our judgment that this decision breaches the legally binding Sino British Joint Declaration.


  • It breaches both China's commitment that Hong Kong will enjoy a high degree of autonomy on the right to freedom of speech guaranteed under paragraph three of the Declaration or Eddie.

    這做法既違反了㆗國對香港享有高度自治的承諾,也違反了《宣言》第㆔段所保證的言 論自由權,更違反了㆗國對香港的承諾。

  • Two is a former legislator who quit the Legislative Council just over a month ago.


  • I asked him for his reaction to the expulsions by Carrie Lam.


  • I think it it is shocked me, uh, that Beijing disqualified my four colleagues from the Democratic camp because just two months ago, when they decided to postpone the Legislative Council election and extend the current term for one year, they allowed thes four Democratic camp legislators to stay eso that is, uh, an air blocked change off mine from Beijing.


  • And this also shocked me because thes four legislators actually from the moderate camp sorry from the model wing off the Democratic camp, they do not support either self determination or independence of Hong Kong.


  • So they did nothing in violation off the national security law and other laws.


  • So I think it's because, uh, Beijing decided to disqualified the moderate wing that the whole camp feels that there is no future for them to stay in the institution.


  • That's why they collectively resigned today.


  • And after this resignation, how, though, is the Legislative Council going to actually be able to represent the people of Hong Kong?


  • Given that thes 15 opposition members have now quit is not going to understand the Hong Kong people anymore?


  • Actually, Ah ah, we are having a semi Democratic System Council.


  • But what Beijing's decision did to us is, uh, it took away even this 50% off democracy on.


  • But I don't think Hong Kong people will have any hope off a legislator legislature controlled totally by pro Beijing politicians with Beijing's behind them.


  • We've had news from the U K foreign secretary who basically has, uh, spoken out against the disqualification off these opposition MPs.

    我們從英國外交大臣那裡得到了消息 他基本上已經,呃,公開反對取消這些反對派議員的資格。

  • How important is it to you to have this support from the U.


  • K government?


  • Well, you know, our reality is we can no longer protests on the street.


  • And right now we think we can no longer run in elections to represent Hong Kong people.


  • So the things left is international concern.


  • But unfortunately, um, it is in violation off the national security law to ask, uh, directly for sanctions foreign sanctions against China.


  • That's ex Hong Kong legislator Eddie Chu speaking to me.


Britain has summoned China's ambassador in London to its Foreign Ministry to register its deep concern at Beijing's action over Hong Kong.



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