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  • the Paris Climate Accord a civil rights bill.


  • Tax REFORM Joe Biden has a long White House wish list, which can now turn into a to do list.

    稅制改革 喬-拜登有一份長長的白宮願望清單,現在可以變成一份待辦事項清單。

  • These are some of the actions the president elect wants to look into from Day 1 January 20th.


  • Biden says his number one focus is getting the coronavirus under control.


  • He'll push for masks to be worn nationwide, stay with the World Health Organization and move towards making testing, treatment and vaccines free for all Americans for economic recovery plans to force government agencies to buy American made goods and services.


  • He's also promised to undo many of Trump's tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, though the changes do require congressional approval.


  • Biden has also vowed to increase tax enforcement and the bolster workers unionization rights.


  • This is the time to heal in America.


  • Within his 1st 100 days, Biden's pledged to work on getting the Equality Act passed a well, a bill adding vast new protections based on sexual and gender identity.


  • And while he pursues new gun control legislation, Biden's promised to ban the importation of assault weapons.


  • No when it comes to immigration, Biden's planning a new Billa's well, which includes a pathway to citizenship for around 11 million immigrants and also increases protections for the so called dreamers the immigrants brought to the U.


  • S.


  • Illegally as Children.


  • I mean, he also plans to rescind Trump's multiple travel bans, which relate mainly to majority Muslim or African nations.


  • Biden says he wants to rebuild the United States credibility abroad after four years of Trump's America first approach.


  • Notably, he plans to re enter the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord.


the Paris Climate Accord a civil rights bill.


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