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  • It's great to see how people use the Mac to do such amazing things.

    很高興看到人們如何使用 Mac 做如此神奇的事情。

  • Apple is moving closer to giving diehard fans something they've wanted for years to see greater similarity in the technology behind Mac computers and the iPhone, so the same APs can work seamlessly on either device.


  • The Tech giant took that first step Tuesday when it announced a new line of Max with chips designed in house, ditching a 15 year relationship with this old chip supplier, Intel.


  • Thes new chips designed by Apple, called the M one, will allow APP developers to create families of APS that work on both computers and phones.

    蘋果公司設計的新芯片,被稱為M one,將允許APP開發者創建在電腦和手機上工作的APS系列。

  • The new brains willpower three revamped Max that will hit store shelves next week, along with a new operating system built for the M one and a big promise from Apple executives.


  • And that same incredible efficiency also delivers extraordinary battery life with up to 15 hours of wireless Web browsing and up to an amazing 18 hours of video playback that's six hours longer than before.


  • And when your video conferencing, which can rapidly drain the battery, you can go up to twice as long on a single charge, Apple hopes all that will give a boost to Mac sales, the computers already having a pretty strong year with $9 billion in sales in the last quarter alone as more people conduct work and school from home.


  • But the MCA's always been overshadowed by the global blockbuster success of the iPhone.


  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Thean one chip is by far the most powerful chip that we have ever created.

    蘋果CEO蒂姆-庫克(Tim Cook)的一款芯片是迄今為止我們所創造的最強大的芯片。

  • It makes these max dramatically faster, provides all new capabilities with extraordinary battery life and enables the Mac to run MAWR software than ever.


  • Apple's global market share for computers was on Lee 8% in the third quarter, according to research firm Gartner, compared to double digits each for Windows based PCs made by Lenovo, Dell and HP.


  • The stock gave up all of its gains after Tuesday's announcement.


It's great to see how people use the Mac to do such amazing things.

很高興看到人們如何使用 Mac 做如此神奇的事情。


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蘋果打破與英特爾的新筆記本電腦 (Apple breaks with Intel for new laptops)

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