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  • You certainly have heard the saying "The early bird catches the worm."

    您肯定聽過這樣的話: 鳥抓到蠕蟲了。”

  • But, is it good or bad to wake up early?


  • Today, there is a legion of people willing to wake up at 5 in the morning (the 5 a.m.

    今天,有很多人願意 早上五點起床(凌晨五點

  • club), just to organize themselves better and have more time to do things they normally

    俱樂部),只是為了更好地組織自己 並有更多時間去做平常不會做的事情

  • wouldn't, like meditate, read, exercise, and other hobbies.


  • If you are part of the team that likes to get up later, you're used to hearing that

    如果您是團隊的一員,喜歡 以後起床,你習慣聽到

  • waking up earlier makes people more productive, and that it makes you feel happier and healthier.

    早起可以使人們更有生產力, 並且讓您感到更快樂,更健康。

  • But you will be surprised to learn that British research shows that waking up early has many

    但是您會驚訝地發現,英國人 研究表明,早起的人很多

  • benefits.


  • Did you know that?


  • Waking up earlier is an important change that brings many benefits to your health and well-being.

    早起是一個重要的變化, 為您的健康和福祉帶來許多好處。

  • It may be hard in the beginning, but the benefits are worth it.

    一開始可能很難,但是好處 值得。

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  • Back to the research of University of Roehamptom, UK, waking up early is linked to more health

    回到Roehamptom大學的研究, 英國,早起與健康息息相關

  • and life quality.


  • According to the study, done with more than one thousand volunteers, people who wake up

    根據這項研究, 一千名志願者,早起的人

  • early are thinner, happier, and healthier than those who sleep in.


  • Are you interested?


  • Do you want to know the benefits of beating your laziness and getting up earlier every

    你想知道毆打的好處嗎 你的懶惰,每早起床

  • day?


  • A reason to be grateful There is no better feeling than waking up

    感恩的理由 沒有比醒來更好的感覺了

  • early to see the sunrise and saying thanks to a new day.

    早看日出說聲謝謝 到新的一天。

  • You can start your day by praying, thanking God for the miracle of life.

    您可以通過祈禱,感謝來開始新的一天 上帝為生命的奇蹟。

  • Some people opt for meditation since it is easier when our mind is quieter.

    有些人選擇冥想,因為它是 當我們的思想安靜時,事情就變得容易了。

  • Improves your eating Do you want to improve your immunity?

    改善飲食 您想提高免疫力嗎?

  • Waking up earlier will give you more time to prepare a good breakfast.

    早起會給你更多時間 準備好早餐。

  • Eating the right things, and calmly, in the morning, will give you the energy needed for

    從容地吃正確的東西 早上,會給你所需的能量

  • your daily chores.


  • Time to practice exercises Of course, there are many other times when

    時間練習 當然,還有很多其他時候

  • you can exercise, not only at sunrise.


  • It can be good to unload all your tension after a day of work, exercising at night.

    減輕所有緊張感可能會很好 經過一天的工作,在晚上鍛煉身體。

  • But the truth is that, at night, your chances of having other obligations, or even of finding

    但事實是,在晚上,您有機會 承擔其他義務,甚至發現

  • excuses to not exercise are bigger than in the morning.

    不運動的藉口大於 早上

  • More productivity Recent studies show that the habit of waking

    更高的生產力 最近的研究表明,醒來的習慣

  • early is related to better performance at exams and academic tasks, besides an increase

    早期與更好的性能有關 考試和學術任務,除了增加

  • in productivity.


  • According to scientists, people who have the habit of waking up earlier have more calmness

    根據科學家的說法, 早起的習慣比較鎮定

  • and concentration to make decisions.


  • Besides, it is great for those who want to reduce their stress and anxiety since they

    此外,它對於那些想要 減輕他們的壓力和焦慮,因為他們

  • have more time to think and plan everything you need to do throughout the day.

    有更多時間思考和計劃一切 您需要全天做。

  • Balances your internal clock To wake up early, you will need to sleep earlier

    平衡內部時鐘 要早起,您需要早睡

  • too.


  • The amount of sleep varies from people to people, but we know something: it benefits

    睡眠量因人而異 人,但我們知道一點:它有益

  • our circadian rhythm, our internal clock!


  • Balancing this clock is good for our sleep, and gives you more energy to do your tasks.

    平衡時鐘對我們的睡眠有好處, 並賦予您更多精力去完成任務。

  • As we have seen in a recent video, 10 to 30% of adults have trouble sleeping, at least

    正如我們在最近的視頻中看到的,10%到30% 的成年人睡眠不足,至少

  • once a month.


  • Watch this video to learn how to create a sleep schedule, so you can wake up early and

    觀看此視頻,了解如何創建 安排睡眠時間,這樣您就可以早起

  • feel more invigorated, happy, and motivated.


You certainly have heard the saying "The early bird catches the worm."

您肯定聽過這樣的話: 鳥抓到蠕蟲了。”


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5 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early

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