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  • Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei

    你好,歡迎來到《我們說的英語》。跟著我 Feifei...

  • and me, Roy.

    ...還有我,Roy 一起。

  • We may sound a little differentthat's because we are not able to record in our normal studios during the coronavirus outbreak.


  • In this programme, we have an expression that is used to describe publically criticising someone.


  • Roy, why are you hiding under the desk?


  • Well, I'm a bit scared at the moment. Neil said you were throwing shade at me, so I don't want to get hit.

    嗯,我現在有點害怕。 Neil 說你對我「扔出一片陰影」所以我不想被打到。

  • I guess it was you who smashed the window throwing all that shade around.


  • Roy! I'm not throwing anything physically.

    羅伊! 我不會用實際丟任何東西。

  • I was throwing shade at youthat means I was publically criticising you.

    我在對你 throwing shade —這意味著我在公開批評你。

  • I was telling everyone how terrible your favourite T-shirt is.

    我告訴大家你最喜歡的 T 卹有多可怕。

  • You always wear it, but the film on it is so uncool.


  • Who likes 'Gibbons by the Sea'?


  • I doit's a brilliant film. You should stop throwing shade. I love this T-shirt; it's a classic.

    我就喜歡啊,這是一部精彩的電影。 你應該停止公開批評我。 我喜歡這件 T 恤; 這是經典影片。

  • It's not a classicit's old.


  • Also, I did smash that window as I literally threw a bag of your other terrible T-shirts out of the window.

    另外,我確實把那扇窗戶砸碎了,因為我真的把一袋你其他糟糕的 T 恤扔出了窗外。

  • We'll talk about it more after these examples


  • AJ got really angry when she caught her friend throwing shade at her.

    當 AJ 發現她的朋友批評她時,她非常生氣。

  • Hey! Don't throw shade at my job! It may not pay well, but I enjoy it!

    嘿! 別批評我的工作! 可能薪水不高,但我很享受!

  • Joan never throws shade.

    Joan 從來不批評人。

  • She's so chilled out.


  • This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English and we're talking about the expression 'throw shade', which describes the act of publically criticising someone.

    這是 BBC 學習英語中的《我們說的英語》,我們談論的是「公開批評」這個表達,它描述了公開批評某人的行為。

  • I can't believe you threw my bag of T-shirts out the window.

    我不敢相信你把我那袋 T 恤丟出了窗外。

  • I know you don't like my T-shirts, but you should stop throwing shade at me.

    我知道你不喜歡我的 T 恤,但你不應該再給我帶來陰影。

  • OK, I will. I'm sorry, Roy. Actually, do you want to know a secret? I love your T-shirts.

    好的,我會。 對不起,Roy。 其實你想知道一個秘密嗎? 我喜歡你的 T恤。

  • I wanted to buy one, but I couldn't find one.


  • Well, I have a spare in the bag. You can have my other 'Gibbons by the Sea' T-shirt and then we can have matching T-shirts in the office. We'll look so cool.

    嗯,我包包裡還有一個多的。 你可以拿走我的另一件《海邊的長臂猿》T 恤,然後我們可以在辦公室就是穿一樣的 T 恤。 我們會看起來很酷。

  • Yes, we will! Bye, Roy.


  • Bye, Feifei.


Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei

你好,歡迎來到《我們說的英語》。跟著我 Feifei...

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