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  • this is Lift off the Nine and Creek that welcome toe watch mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Elon Musk creations and inventions and then starts falling and then just falls like a skydiver, and it's just controlling itself on.


  • Then it turns and lance Solar roofs that look better than normal roof generate electricity.


  • Last longer Receiving cash is cash.

    持續時間更長 接收現金是現金。

  • Those air just a large number of Ben Franklin's.


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  • For this list, we'll be looking at inventions and innovations from Elon Musk and his companies.


  • We've ranked them based on their impact potential and stage of development, which Elon Musk creation wowed you the most.


  • Let us know in the comments Number 10 Neural Link.


  • Founded by Musk in July 2016, this neuro technology company would likely rank higher if it weren't still in its infancy.


  • So this is a health and happy pig with a implant that is two months old, two months old and working well based on what we've seen so far, though neural link has the potential to change the world with its implantable brain machine interfaces.


  • The company is currently developing a sewing machine like device that will implant electrodes threads into the brain.


  • Right now, we're inside a computer program.


  • Is it really so hard to believe?


  • According to Musk, the neural link chip will enable people to stream music to their brains, enhance abilities and aid those with brain disease.


  • Some neuroscientists have expressed doubt about its capabilities.


  • A lot of ways it's kind of like Ah Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires, but must believes that this Fitbit in your skull, as he calls it, could be the answer to treating paralysis, depression, blindness, deafness, seizures and much more.

    很多方式它有點像啊Fitbit在你的頭骨與微小的電線,但必須相信這個Fitbit在你的頭骨,正如他所說,可能是治療癱瘓、抑鬱症、 失明、 失聰、 癲癇發作和更多的答案。

  • I'm going to learn judge it.


  • Number nine Hyperloop Like neural link.


  • The Hyperloop remains in its early stages, but this project could revolutionize transportation as we know it.


  • First publicly mentioned in 2012, this system would allow pods to travel through low pressure tubes at rapid rates this year to New York.


  • A Hyperloop.


  • I think you probably wanna go underground the entire way because it's a high density area.


  • Normally, it would take about six hours to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco.


  • Even a plane would take over an hour.


  • If Hyperloop lives up to the buzz, though, it would only be a 35 minute ride for passengers.


  • Hyperloop is just one of the many interesting ideas coming out of Musk's, ironically named boring company.


  • Not only was a car elevator prototype successfully tested, but they also made and sold 20,000 flamethrowers, which was renamed Not a flamethrower to appease customs.

    不僅汽車電梯樣機試驗成功,他們還製造並銷售了2萬臺火焰噴射器,為了安撫海關,改名為Not a flamethrower。

  • The kids love this one.


  • Number eight Space six Starship Again.


  • We don't want to jump the gun on a creation still in testing, but this one has got us excited in the works.


  • Since 2012 Space Sixes, Starship spacecraft and Super heavy Booster may fulfill Musk's longtime goal of landing on Mars.


  • Described as the world's most powerful launch vehicle, Starship is powered by six Rapture rocket engines.

    被稱為世界上最強大的運載火箭,"星際飛船 "由六臺 "狂喜 "火箭發動機驅動。

  • Starship aims to transport humans and cargo to the Red Planet.


  • Although we're getting ahead of ourselves and then starts falling and then just falls like a skydiver and it's just controlling itself on, then it turns and lands before the Space six Starship System boldly goes to Mars missions to the moon or being planned in 2023 Japanese billionaire Yusaku Masala hopes to become Space X's first private passenger to take a trip around the moon.

    雖然我們越來越超前,然後開始下降,然後就像一個跳傘運動員一樣下降,它只是控制自己的上,然後它轉身和降落之前,太空六星飛船系統大膽地去火星任務月球或正在計劃在2023年日本億萬富翁Yusaku Masala希望成為Space X的第一個私人乘客繞月旅行。

  • We think will be very exciting to have a base on the moon, even if it's just a science space.


  • As for Mars, Musk wants to pull off a uncrowded mission by 2024 Number seven StarLink, Another Space X project.

    至於火星,馬斯克希望在2024年之前完成一次無人任務 第七號StarLink,又一個Space X項目。

  • StarLink has its pros and cons.


  • This satellite Internet constellation aspires to deliver almost universal service by late 2021 or 2022.


  • As incredible as that sounds, there are some problems.


  • Given the thousands of small satellites involved, StarLink could create long term space debris resulting in collisions, while Space X did attempt to rectify this by lowering the satellite orbits.

    鑑於涉及數千顆小衛星,"星際鏈接 "可能會產生長期的空間碎片導致碰撞,而Space X確實試圖通過降低衛星軌道來糾正這一點。

  • The 340 miles StarLink has also been tied toe light pollution, limiting our view of the stars to reduce brightness.


  • A sunshades structure was announced in April 2020.


  • Space X is currently launching satellites in batches, which will hopefully allow enough time to work out the kinks.

    Space X目前正在分批發射衛星,希望能有足夠的時間來解決這些問題。

  • If all goes well, StarLink may provide Internet access around the globe.


  • And one day on Mars.


  • Number six ex dot com x dot com Might not be ringing any bells, but you're definitely familiar with what it became.

    六號前點網×點網 可能沒有什麼印象,但你肯定熟悉它變成了什麼。

  • I think x dot com could absolutely be a multibillion dollar bonanza.


  • Back in November 1999 when people were still using dial up Internet, Musk founded one of the first online banks.


  • No more than five months later, x dot com merged with a Silicon Valley based software company, Infinity.


  • Through this merger, a little company known as PayPal was born.


  • So this is an A T M.

    所以這是一個A T M。

  • What we're gonna do is transformed the traditional banking industry.


  • Later sold to eBay for $1.5 billion PayPal remains one of the most popular online payment systems.


  • Even before he was a household name, Musk was helping to shape the tech world in innovative ways.


  • I say the real payoff is the sense of satisfaction.


  • Having created the company that I sold, Musk bought the domain name x dot com back in 2017.


  • But if you try visiting the site today, well, let's just say that X marks the spot.


  • Number five Space X Dragon capsules.


  • The Space X Dragon pulled off a historic feat in 2012, becoming the first private spacecraft to rendezvous with the International Space Station.

    2012年,"太空X龍 "號完成了一項歷史性的壯舉,成為第一個與國際空間站會合的私人航天器。

  • Ignition.


  • Liftoff.


  • A Falcon nine and crew Dragon go NASA Go Space bag.


  • This reusable cargo craft was succeeded by the Space X Dragon to which had two variants essentially a new and improved version of Dragon One cargo dragon can transport over £7000 For those of us who have been living with switches from the sixties for all these years to see a modern interfaces, something that's pretty exciting.

    這種可重複使用的貨運飛船是由Space X龍到其中有兩個變體本質上龍一個貨運龍的新的和改進的版本可以運輸超過7000英鎊對於我們這些人一直生活在開關從六十年代這些年來看到一個現代的接口,這是相當令人興奮的東西。

  • Crew Dragon, meanwhile, is capable of taking seven individuals into space and can remain docked for 210 days.

    同時,"蒼龍 "號能夠將7個人帶入太空,並能保持210天的對接。

  • The first crewed flight occurred in May of 2020 transporting two NASA astronauts to the I S s and returning them safe and sound.

    第一次載人飛行發生在2020年5月,將兩名美國宇航局的太空人運送到I S s,並將他們平安送回。

  • In August, Falcon nine has landed.

    8月,"獵鷹九號 "已經著陸。

  • This'll is the first Falcon nine to carry humans to orbit.


  • Previously, NASA was reliant on Russia's Soyuz to transport crew to the I S s.

    此前,美國宇航局是依靠俄羅斯的 "聯盟號 "將乘員運送到I S s。

  • So the Dragon capsules herald a bright new era in American space flight number four Solar city.

    所以,"龍 "字艙預示著美國太空飛行四號太陽城的光明新時代。

  • While Solar City was founded by brothers Peter and Linden Drive in 2006, they got the idea from their cousin Elon Musk solar roofs that look better than normal roof generate electricity last longer.

    而Solar City是由Peter和Linden Drive兄弟在2006年創立的,他們的想法來自於他們的表哥Elon Musk太陽能屋頂,看起來比普通屋頂更好,發電時間更長。

  • With musk serving as chairman, Solar City started producing solar panels and solar shingles.

    在馬斯克擔任董事長後,Solar City開始生產太陽能電池板和太陽能屋面。

  • By 2015, it was being reported that Solar City had produced the world's most efficient rooftop solar panels.

    到2015年,有報道稱,Solar City已經生產出了世界上最高效的屋頂太陽能板。

  • From the vantage point of the street, it looks completely opaque.


  • But as the angle changes, it goes from transparent to opaque.


  • The following year, Solar City became a subsidiary of Tesla, which claims that Tesla's solar has the lowest price in the U.

    第二年,Solar City成為特斯拉的子公司,特斯拉聲稱特斯拉的太陽能在美國價格最低。

  • S.


  • It's also among the country's top providers of solar power systems.


  • Even designing on entire solar roof renewable energy is a key component in reducing climate change and in conjunction with Tesla's Solar City may play a significant role in our future.


  • Number three Tesla Energy Storage.


  • Speaking of Tesla's, the company has made enormous strides in home and commercial energy storage.


  • With the Power Wall and Power Pack, they can store energy from both solar and the grid.

    有了 "動力牆 "和 "動力包",他們可以同時儲存太陽能和電網的能量。

  • You could take a four bedroom house, and you can have you empower the your fridge, the sockets and lights for a day.


  • In one of the company's most ambitious endeavors, Tesla used power packs to build a 100 megawatt battery in 2017, the world's largest lithium ion battery at the time.


  • The horns dale power reserves save the South Australian government.


  • Million's conventional generators can't match the way the battery make small adjustments to power supply to keep the grid at the right frequency.


  • When Musk was asked on Twitter about helping South Australia with electrical issues, he promised the battery would be ready in 100 days or it be free.


  • Tesla delivered in 63 days.


  • Tesla is already out doing themselves with the mega pack, which will make Moss landing California home to the largest battery storage facility in the world.


  • Number two Space X Falcon rockets Space six has repeatedly revolutionized space transport since it was founded in 2002, in no small part thanks to their Falcon rockets.

    二號Space X獵鷹火箭 Space six自2002年成立以來,屢屢掀起太空運輸的革命,這在很大程度上要歸功於他們的獵鷹火箭。

  • Fred Stage left off Indication Way Space X Falcon one launch vehicle.


  • Falcon has cleared the tower.


  • When the Falcon One launched into Earth's orbit, it became the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to do so.

    當 "獵鷹一號 "發射進入地球軌道時,它成為第一個私人研製的液體燃料火箭。

  • Of course, Falcon one was practically a prototype compared to the Falcon nine, which Space six promotes as the first orbital class Reusable rocket.

    當然,與太空六號宣傳的第一枚軌道級可重複使用火箭 "獵鷹九號 "相比,"獵鷹一號 "實際上是一個原型。

  • Okay, Although this two stage rocket is only partially reusable, Space six is able to fly back the most expensive parts and save countless dollars in the process.


  • Falcon nine is powered by Merlin engines, which were made with recovering and re use in mind.


  • And in case you were wondering, yes, the name was inspired by the Millennium Falcon.


  • She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.


  • Kids before we unveil our topic, here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Zip to the first significant enterprise Musk co founded.


  • Ah, year ago, Musk sold his software company ZIP To, which enabled newspapers to publish online for $400 million cash Blast Our musk coated this game at age 12 and sold it for $500.

    啊,一年前,馬斯克賣掉了他的軟件公司ZIP To,該公司使報紙能夠在網上出版,現金4億美元爆炸我們的麝香在12歲的時候塗了這款遊戲,並以500美元的價格賣掉了它。

  • Musk Foundation provides solar power energy systems in disaster areas.


  • Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk Foundation, is planning to give new laptops toe all 7th and 8th graders in the Flint Community Schools District during restructuring next year.


  • Want more mojo context TV produces original high quality videos on business, entrepreneurship and politics.

    想要更多mojo context TV製作關於商業、創業和政治的高質量原創視頻。

  • But from a different point of view, the battle is being fought between Netflix and YouTube.


  • The Federal Reserve should remove all of the current board members who served during the fake accounts.


  • Scamp.


  • If you want exclusive interviews with industry leaders in depth media analysis and documentaries with a fresh take on the state of business, check out context TV number one Tesla Electric Cars.


  • Welcome to the cyber truck unveiled.


  • Tesla may not have invented the electric car, but they did give these vehicles a second wind from their sleek designs to their quality performance.


  • There's a lot about Tesla's electric cars that stand out.


  • It's no wonder why the Tesla Model three became the best selling electric car ever in March 2020 with over 500,000 units sold.

    這也就不難理解為什麼特斯拉Model three在2020年3月以超過50萬輛的銷量成為史上最暢銷的電動汽車了。

  • Tesla batteries can reportedly last more than two million miles an electric cars, which might be their greatest advantage.


  • The software is also constantly being upgraded, with innovations like Tesla's autopilot, which is on its way to making full self driving a reality.


  • These vehicles are making a huge impact by reducing fossil fuels as well.


  • The electric car has officially arrived, thanks in part to Mr Musk.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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this is Lift off the Nine and Creek that welcome toe watch mojo.


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