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  • So today we want to bring a few of the things we've been working on across Google that we hope will bring a little joy.


  • Entertainment and connection into people's lives will share how we're putting the G in five G on our two new pixel phones built on Android.


  • They're not just faster but more helpful and affordable so that more people can experience this next chapter of mobile technology.


  • I am really excited to introduce Google TV.


  • The new chromecast with Google TV builds on everything that people love about chromecast, and it's the perfect complement to Google TV.

    新的chromecast與Google TV建立在人們對chromecast的喜愛之上,它是Google TV的完美補充。

  • The biggest news here is the addition of a remote to help you navigate with either your finger or your voice with the assistant button is so easy you just press it and you ask it what you want, and it just magically shows up even when you say something like Play the great British Baking show on Netflix, the new chromecast remote has a floating stance that invites you to pick it up, and it comes in three distinct colors that live naturally in their surroundings snow, sky and sunrise.


  • We also have dedicated buttons for today's most popular streaming services like Netflix and YouTube to give even quicker access to the content that you love.


  • There is so much wonderful content out there, and we want to help you find it easily.


  • Think of Google TV as your personal entertainment content curator, and the new CHROMECAST with Google TV is available today for just 49 99 in the U.

    將Google TV視為你的個人娛樂內容策劃者,而全新的CHROMECAST與Google TV今天在美國僅售49 99。

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  • And it's coming to more countries by the end of this year.


  • The original Google Home provided users with great sound and, for the first time, hands free help from the Google assistant.

    最初的Google Home為用戶提供了出色的音效,並首次實現了Google助手的免提幫助。

  • Well, we learned a lot since that journey, and one thing that was very clear is that people love music.


  • Today we're introducing a new product of our family meet next audio.

  • Our goal was to create the very best smart speaker for Listen to music for only $99.


  • What's really great with us audio as well as nest many is that they all work together seamlessly, one that could easily connect with other next speakers and displays.


  • And it could be the center of your whole home audio system.


  • We spoke to sound engineers, musicians and audio specialists on our own team.


  • They told us that there are three key things that you have to get right and awesome.


  • Smart speaker, more base, more Valium and maintaining that natural, clear sound.


  • Next audio delivers 50% more base, 75% more Valium.


  • Then the original Google Home.

    那麼最初的Google Home。

  • We introduce a 19 millimeter Twitter for consistent high frequency coverage, in clear vocals and out of the 75 millimeter midwife for that really brings that base.


  • As a result, that's audio delivers fuller, clearer and more natural sound.


  • And this really starts to take the music listening experience to the next level, and it's available for $99.


  • And this year we launched the pixel foray, and it's selling even faster than the three a.

    而今年我們推出的pixel foray,它的銷售速度甚至超過了三個a。

  • And today we're introducing the five G version pixel for a five G with pixel.


  • For a five G, you get the best of four A.


  • As a five g experience.


  • It has a larger edge toe edge, ola display and a more powerful battery.


  • The pixel, a Siri's has always been about making the best of our technology as affordable as possible, and with five g gaining momentum, we wanted to make this new technology available at an affordable price.


  • The pixel for a five G starts at only $499.


  • We know that some people also want more with their phone.


  • So we're introducing the new Pixel five, which brings together the best of Google's five G experiences with water resistance, eight gigabytes of RAM and wireless and reverse wireless charging so you can use it with your pixel stand or to charge your pixel buds on the go.

    所以我們要介紹的是新的Pixel 5,它集合了谷歌五G的最佳體驗,具有防水功能,八GB內存和無線和反向無線充電功能,是以你可以與你的像素支架一起使用,或者在旅途中為你的像素芽充電。

  • What really makes the pixel phones incredible is the software five G makes many of the great experiences we deliver faster, but people want more than just keep.


  • Speed is still a big part off it.


  • For example, you can download a movie in just seconds now, and we're also optimizing video streaming quality in both photos on YouTube for five g speaks.


  • But then, with by five features like smart downloads on five G, your YouTube music playlists are proactively downloaded.


  • So even when you don't have connective ity, your entertainment continue seamlessly.


  • Five.


  • G and Google Door can make connecting with friends and family more engaging and entertaining.

    G和Google Door可以使與朋友和家人的聯繫更有吸引力和娛樂性。

  • Not only can you connect with anyone on any phone you can now share your screen and watch produced together, especially now being apart from friends and family.


  • It's great to be able to share fun moments while on a video call like men's haircut tutorials.


  • Hoping this video tutorials can help me cut my husband's hair better.


  • And my son gets the confidence for his mom to let him cut his hair.


  • Pixel five g and stadia combined to create an instantaneous gaming experience.

    Pixel 5 g和stadia的結合,創造了瞬間的遊戲體驗。

  • Today's biggest games ready wherever you are, play in all your favorite places at home are on the go.


  • No more waiting for game downloads or updates.


  • Pick up your pixel and playing that to get all the benefits of five G at an affordable price, there needs to be a compromised on some of our core features like camera.


  • But that's not true.


  • Pixel five and Pixel four a five G share the same front and rear camera system, and it's our best one yet.

    Pixel five和Pixel four a five G共享相同的前後攝像頭系統,這是我們目前最好的一個。

  • Starting with the hardware, we've put a new ultra wide lens, the back and HDR Plus has received a serious upgrade, mixing Google novel techniques with traditional HDR techniques like exposure bracketing to help you take even clearer, sharper photos.

    從硬件入手,我們放了一個新的超廣角鏡頭,背部和HDR Plus得到了嚴重的升級,將谷歌新奇的技術和傳統的HDR技術如曝光包圍混合在一起,幫助你拍出更清晰、更銳利的照片。

  • The new ultra wide lens on the back lets you capture more of the scene in both your photos and videos.


  • Whether you're capturing a breathtaking landscape or family get together, the ultra wide lens ensures you get it All users love taking photos with beautiful background blurs, but this is challenging to do in super low light conditions.


  • So we've added night sight to our portrait mode for those evening strolls our backyard smores.


  • This combination allows the subject in the foreground to stand out.


  • Even in low light.


  • We improve portrait mode with a new feature we call portrait light.


  • We know you can't always get good lighting.


  • That's why, with portrait light, you can illuminate your portrait even when you're backlit against a beautiful sunset or have a harsh shadow on your face from the bright sun above you.


  • Because we use a I to solve this problem, you could even apply this lighting effect in the newly redesigned Google Photos editor toe portrait you took five years ago.

    因為我們用一個I來解決這個問題,你甚至可以在五年前新設計的Google Photos編輯器腳趾人像中應用這種光照效果。

  • One other thing we heard from our users is how much they want to be able to capture beautiful videos.


  • To that end, we've added three new stabilization modes locked, active and cinematic Pan.


  • We also noticed that a lot of top YouTube videos for videography our tutorials on exactly this.


  • So we studied the best tips from YouTube as well as from Hollywood directors to create cinematic pan cinematic.


  • Pan lets you make the everyday look like a movie.


  • It creates sweeping, dramatic Hollywood effects through stabilizing and slowing down the motion by two X, And we're also launching extreme battery saver that lets you decide what essential laps you want to keep on while everything else gets paused.


  • It helps you increase your battery life for up to 48 ours when you need it the most.


  • With these phones, you get three years of Android OS and security updates on the Titan M ship helps to keep your operating system passwords on transactions safe.

    有了這些手機,你會得到三年的Android作業系統和安全更新的Titan M船有助於保持你的作業系統密碼的交易安全。

  • They've been tested against riel world threats to keep everything from your texts to your pictures secure on your phone.


  • But all of these features, my favorite feature is Hold for Me.


  • Luckily, a new feature, Hold for me, build on the smarts of duplex and called screen to help save you time.

    幸運的是,一個新的功能,Hold for me,建立在雙工和叫屏的智能基礎上,幫助你節省時間。

  • Google assistant will wait on hold for you and alert you when someone comes on the line and is ready to speak to you.


  • So we know when people buy phones, they really want their phone toe last a long time, and they want to make sure that their phone stays up to date and has the latest and greatest and newest features.


  • So with pixel, we have feature drops that do exactly that, and they're always bringing the latest and newest technology back to your existing pixel as soon as they're ready.


  • For example, Extreme battery saver and hold for me are going to be coming toe older generation pixels very soon on.


  • We think this is great from both a user kind of value perspective, as well as from a sustainability perspective, being able to hold onto and use your phone for longer.


  • And for those of you who will be purchasing one of our new five G phones, you'll be getting even more three months of stadia, pro YouTube premium ah, 100 gigabytes of storage with Google one and play pass and play points all on us.


  • We're really looking forward to you experiencing these new five G phones and how helpful they could be for yourself.


  • They bring together the best of Google software new five G experiences that go beyond speed on the latest and computational photography to help you capture your special memories and they start at on.


  • Lee $499.


So today we want to bring a few of the things we've been working on across Google that we hope will bring a little joy.



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