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  • I think that

  • this is an interesting time I think that people are interested

  • once more in formulating a different society I think people

  • are kind of bored of being exploited they're bored of a cultural

  • narrative that supports elitism and it exploits the people

  • the planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass we are exploiting poor people all over the world

  • and the genuine legitimate problems of the people are not being addressed

  • I suppose what's happened is this is what I believe in mate, is that certain

  • cultural narratives are promoted

  • that are beneficial only to elites

  • these cultural narratives are not true. I think of

  • contempory by powers and politics is a meaningless spectacle

  • designed to distract you from where power truthfully

  • dwells. Politics just needs to be the administration of certain spiritual

  • principles

  • for me the spiritual principles that are important is that we are all one

  • we're all together and every individual's rights need to be

  • respected

  • I think that we need to see politics is the implementation of

  • spiritual principles of oneness

  • togetherness tolerance of one another and making sure the people are taken care

  • of this is what I think I think we need a spiritual revolution more than a

  • political one I believe profoundly in the power of humanity

  • I believe that we are connect I think there's an inevitability

  • to a successful revolution I think this is a change in

  • consciousness they we are experiencing

  • I feel that we will survive There is gonna be radical changes

  • I think we need to be looking at the world as... pretty worried about

  • the new world order thing.. But I think we need to look at the world

  • as one inclusive entity we need to look at how many people there are on the planet we meet to look at the

  • resources that are available on what's the most sensible

  • thing to do with that I think theres gonna be massive change for the power structures

  • that they currently exist

  • you cannot define yourself in reference to other external co-ordinates

  • you must define yourself

  • internally

  • with your relationship with a higher entity

  • think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing

  • some high-frequency this is the visible realisation and you know that because you can't see

  • atoms can you

  • and you certainly can't see the forces that hold the atoms together. There in the micro-quantum world Richard

  • lie the answers to everything you can't understand it with our logical rational minds but we feel it intuitively

  • get yourself in line with that stuff and you beam like the sun

  • I suppose the ultimate truth is oneness that this is a temporary illusion

  • that we all temporarily occupy these flesh puppets

  • we believe so much in our own identities we believe in our individualism

  • and I talk of as a egotistical man look at my hair look at these bracelets

  • look at these ridiculous boots

  • I'm a person that believes in the nature of my own individualism and my own identity

  • on a deeper level I recognise that all these things are transient and what's important and what's defining

  • are the things that we all share

  • love unity togetherness as long as we have cultural narratives that eschew these ideas

  • that suppress these ideas in favour of

  • negative human traits: greed selfishness lust as long as these ideas are promoted

  • we will really exist in opposition to one another

  • and we will be exploitable by corporations that prey on these negative

  • facets of humanity

  • theres gonna be a revolution

  • it's totally going to happen I don't got any

  • flicker of doubt this is the end, this is time to wake up

  • like it says in the Lord's Prayer on earth as it is in heaven

  • there are frequencies at which we are the realisation it could be coming in tune with a different narrative

  • a different story

  • if we lived as god would have us live then the world would change automatically it would just happen automatically

  • someone said it might be ... but the cave could have been in darkness ten thousand years

  • but as soon as the light is put on as soon as the match is struck the light is there

  • so the light is coming

I think that


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羅素-布蘭德--靈性革命的時候到了。 (Russell Brand - Time for a Spiritual Revolution)

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