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  • good morning and welcome.


  • We're so pleased that you could join us today.


  • We've got some really exciting product announcements to share with you.


  • Let's get started with Apple Watch.

    讓我們從Apple Watch開始。

  • Watch Us.


  • Seven adds several important health features that take advantage of the powerful technology and apple Watch and watch.


  • OS seven now uses your motion and heart rate to measure a lower range of the 02 max values.

    OS seven現在使用你的運動和心率來測量02最大值的較低範圍。

  • And coming later this year, you can receive a notification if your VO two max drops to those lower levels.


  • There's a new blue aluminum case, this updated classic gold stainless steel finish, a new gray black stainless steel called graphite and, for the first time, a stunning new Apple watch product.


  • Red.


  • The new health sensor in Syria's six shines red and infrared light onto your wrist and measures the amount of light reflected back.


  • Advanced algorithms used this data to calculate the color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present.


  • The new blood oxygen APP lets you take a measurement in just 15 seconds, and Syria's six also captures periodic background readings and stores them in your health fat.


  • So if you wear your apple watch to bed.

    所以如果你戴著apple watch睡覺。

  • It can record background measurements while you sleep.


  • We will explore how changes in blood, oxygen and heart rate could be early signals of the onset of these respiratory conditions.


  • It's all made possible by Apple Silicon.


  • The S six is up to 20% faster than the previous generation and watch OS seven.


  • We also gave developers new tools to build even more specialized watch faces.


  • So if you're into surfing, there's a watch face for that with APS like Dawn Patrol to check surf conditions or if you're into photography, there's a watch face for that with APS like Lou Me to help you track the sun's position.

    所以,如果你喜歡衝浪,就有一款手錶臉,用APS如Dawn Patrol來查看衝浪情況;如果你喜歡攝影,就有一款手錶臉,用APS如Lou Me來幫你追蹤太陽的位置。

  • Or if your health care provider there's a watch face for that with APS like Notable to see your upcoming appointments, the solo loop is remarkably simple.


  • No class, no buckle, no overlapping parts.


  • Just one continuous piece made from custom liquid silicone.


  • The solo loop is stretchable, so you can easily slip it on and off your wrist.


  • It looks great and is durable, and it's swim proof so it can go anywhere.


  • It's available in a range of sizes, so you confined your most comfortable fit, and it comes in seven fantastic colors.


  • This new band style is so comfortable we did another version called the Braided Solo Loop.


  • It's made from 100% recycled yarn as meticulously braided with ultra thin silicone threads, and it will be available in five colors.


  • We're excited to introduce family set up with family set up.


  • You can use your iPhone to pair watches for your Children or older members in your household who don't have their own phones, and they will have their own phone number and account.


  • You can specify which contacts your kids can communicate with when using messages and more, and you can set up automatic location notifications.


  • So whether it's grandma's house, school or basketball practice, you will get the reassurance your child is exactly where you expect them to be.


  • To help them stay active kids can now track movements and use all the other great features of activity and work out in a way that works best for them, whether they're learning at home or in the classroom.


  • The new school time mode helps kids stay focused with do not disturb restricted interaction and this distinctive look, which teachers or parents can recognize at a glance.


  • Family set up requires a cellular model of Apple Watch Series four and later and will be available at launch with thes carrier partners in these regions around the world, with more coming later this year.

    家庭設置需要一個蜂窩型號的Apple Watch Series four和更高版本,並將在推出時與全球這些地區的運營商合作伙伴一起提供,今年晚些時候將有更多的合作伙伴。

  • The second thing we're doing to make Apple watch available to even more people is to create a new model that combines elements of Syria's six design with the most essential features of Apple Watch, all at a more affordable price.

    為了讓更多的人能夠使用Apple watch,我們正在做的第二件事就是打造一款新的機型,它將敘利亞的六大設計元素與Apple Watch最基本的功能結合在一起,而且價格更加實惠。

  • We call it Half a Watch SC Apple Watch S C as the features customers love.

    我們稱它為Half a Watch SC Apple Watch S C,因為它的功能深受顧客喜愛。

  • We think Apple Watch SC will be the perfect watch for many new customers.

    我們認為Apple Watch SC將是許多新客戶的完美手錶。

  • Apple Watch SC starts at just to 79 Apple Watch series six with a breakthrough New blood oxygen sensor starts at just 3 99 and Siri's three continues at its great entry price of just 1 99.

    Apple Watch SC起售價僅到79 Apple Watch系列六與突破 新款血氧傳感器起售價僅3 99,Siri的三款繼續以其僅1 99的偉大入門價格。

  • You can order both today, and availability starts this Friday.


  • By 2030 Apple will be 100% carbon neutral.


  • Beginning last year, our aluminum watch cases air made with 100% recycled aluminum, and for Syria's six, we're now using 100% recycled rare earth elements and tungsten in the Tactic engine.


  • This year, we're removing the USB power adapter from Apple Watch producing Apple Fitness, plus a new service for Apple Watch designed to inspire you to get fit and stay fit with fitness.

    今年,我們將從Apple Watch中移除USB電源適配器,生產Apple Fitness,再加上Apple Watch的新服務,旨在激發你的健身熱情,並通過健身來保持身體健康。

  • Plus, you simply choose the workout you want to do from the catalog of videos on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

    此外,你只需從iPhone、iPad或Apple TV上的視頻目錄中選擇你想做的鍛鍊。

  • And when you start the video, it automatically starts the correct workout in your apple watch workout app, and it sends those metrics in real time right to the screen.

    而當你啟動視頻時,它會自動在你的apple watch鍛鍊應用中啟動正確的鍛鍊,並將這些指標實時發送到螢幕上。

  • You're viewing the workout so you have all of your data on your wrist and on the screen in front of you and your metrics come to life to keep you motivated.


  • Fitness Plus is launching with the most popular workout types, so there is something for everyone.

    Fitness Plus推出的是最流行的鍛鍊類型,所以每個人都有適合自己的鍛鍊方式。

  • Yoga, cycling, dance, treadmill, walk and treadmill, run strength, core hit, growing and even mindful cool downs.


  • You could do the workouts with any brand of equipment, and many of the workouts require just to set of dumbbells or no equipment at all.


  • And if you're also an Apple music subscriber, it's easy to save the playlist from fitness plus and then listen to them later in Apple music, whether you're working out or not.

    而如果你也是蘋果音樂的用戶,那麼無論你是否在健身,都可以很方便地將播放列表從 fitness plus 中保存下來,之後在蘋果音樂中收聽它們。

  • And if you're brand new to fitness or it's been a while since you've worked out, there's an absolute beginner program built right in.


  • The price is 9 99 per month, or just 79 99 for a whole year, and your family will also be able to enjoy fitness plus for no additional charge.

    價格為每月9 99,全年只需79 99,您的家人也可以免費享受健身加。

  • Fitness Plus will be available in these countries at launch service will be available before the end of the year.

    Fitness Plus將在這些國家推出服務,將在年底前推出。

  • And for those purchasing a new Apple watch, you get fitness plus free for three months.

    而對於購買新Apple watch的用戶,可以免費獲得健身加三個月。

  • Toe help make 2021 your fittest and healthiest year ever.


  • Apple one gives you and your family all the services you love.

    Apple one給你和你的家人提供所有你喜歡的服務。

  • In one simple plan, starting with the individual plan, which offers the best of entertainment, including Apple Music, Apple TV plus Apple Arcade, plus 50 gigabytes of iCloud.

    在一個簡單的計劃中,從個人計劃開始,它提供了最好的娛樂,包括Apple Music、Apple TV加上Apple Arcade,再加上50GB的iCloud。

  • The family plan lets you share all these services with up to five members of your family, plus 200 gigabytes of iCloud and in countries where available, there's Premier, which adds Apple News plus Apple Fitness plus and a massive two terabytes of iCloud.

    家庭計劃可以讓你與最多五名家庭成員共享所有這些服務,再加上200千兆字節的iCloud,而在有條件的國家,還有Premier,它增加了Apple News加上Apple Fitness plus和大量的2TB的iCloud。

  • It's everything for the entire family.


  • For one incredible price.


  • Apple one will be available this fall, and it includes 30 days free, so you can try any of the services you don't already have.


  • Let's turn our attention to iPad.


  • Today.


  • We're updating the rest of our full size IPAD lineup, starting with our most popular iPad, the new iPad eighth generation.

    我們正在更新其餘的全尺寸 IPAD 產品陣容,從我們最受歡迎的 iPad--全新 iPad 第八代開始。

  • It's more capable than ever, and it starts with the A 12 bionic.

    它的能力比以往任何時候都要強,這要從A 12仿生學說說起。

  • This chip is a powerhouse.


  • It has a 40% faster CPU and delivers a massive two times jump in graphics.


  • This extra performance is great for everything from working with high resolution content to immersive gaming experiences.


  • The neural engine for machine learning, which comes to our most popular iPad for the very first time.


  • It's capable of processing up to five trillion operations per second, and it powers some magical experiences on iPad, like allowing you to instantly transform the color of your photos or even analyze your tennis game and provide real time stats like ball speed and body positioning.


  • And taking the apple pencil experience to a whole new level is iPad OS 14 hand written text is just as powerful as type text.

    而將apple pencil的體驗提升到了一個全新的高度,那就是iPad OS 14手寫文字和輸入文字一樣強大。

  • IPad OS even understands what you write, letting you take quick actions with just a tap.

    IPad OS甚至能理解你所寫的內容,讓你只需輕點一下就能快速操作。

  • As you sketch shape.


  • Recognition helps you draw perfect circles, stars and more.


  • Smart selection understands the difference between handwriting and drawings, making it easy to select Onley what you want and paste your hand written notes as type text into another app we have scribbled, which lets you handwrite into any text field even straight into numbers, or to add a final thought to that document you've been working on.


  • And it all runs beautifully on the new iPad eighth generation, with its 10.2 inch retina display, huge performance boost from the A 12 bionic keyboard and pencil support, great cameras and so much more.

    而這一切在全新的第八代iPad上都能完美運行,10.2英寸的視網膜顯示屏、A 12仿生鍵盤帶來的巨大性能提升、支持鉛筆、出色的攝像頭等等。

  • And it starts at just 3 29 and it's just 2 99 For education customers.


  • Customers can order iPad eighth generation today, and it will be available starting this Friday.


  • So that brings us to iPad Air.

    所以這就有了iPad Air。

  • IPad Air was designed to deliver pro features at a very affordable prize, and the new iPad air designed comes in five gorgeous colors, including a new rose, gold, green and sky blue finish.

    IPad Air的設計是為了以非常實惠的獎品提供專業的功能,新設計的iPad air有五種華麗的顏色,包括新的玫瑰色、金色、綠色和天藍色表面。

  • The new iPad air features a larger 10.9 inch liquid retina display with a resolution of 23 60 by 16 40.

    新款iPad air採用了更大的10.9英寸液體視網膜顯示屏,分辨率為23 60×16 40。

  • That's over 3.8 million pixels for extra crisp text and photos.


  • And it has advanced display technologies like full lamination, wide color, true tone and an anti reflective coating that combined deliver an amazing visual experience.


  • So we designed a next generation touch ID and integrated it right into the top button thing is the smallest authentication sensor we have ever designed, and it delivers the same performance, ease of use and security.


  • You know interest from Touch ID.

    你知道利息從Touch ID。

  • Our latest A Siri's Processor, a 14 bionic and now with a 14, will be the first in the industry to use the breakthrough five nanometer process technology.

    我們最新的A Siri的處理器,14的仿生和現在的14,將是業界第一個使用突破性的五納米工藝技術。

  • It delivers big performance updates for the CPU and GPU, makes iPad air much more powerful for machine learning, and also features the latest ISP for higher quality videos and photos and even faster Secure enclave for touch ID.

    它為 CPU 和 GPU 提供了重大的性能更新,使 iPad air 在機器學習方面更加強大,還採用了最新的 ISP,以獲得更高質量的視頻和照片,以及更快的觸摸 ID 安全飛地。

  • Another great feature we're bringing toe iPad air is USB C.

    另一個偉大的功能,我們帶來的iPad空氣是USB C。

  • It provides a fast connection to a host of external devices.


  • The new air also includes great cameras front and back, and to elevate the audio experience, we've redesigned the speaker system, providing stereo, audio and landscape mode featuring a 10.9 inch liquid retina display.


  • Next generation Touch I.


  • D.


  • Ah huge boost in performance with a 14 bionic USB C advanced cameras WiFi six and lt that 60% faster.

    啊巨大的提升性能與14仿生USB C先進的相機WiFi六和它,60%的速度。

  • It'll start at 5 99.


  • It will be available beginning next month.


  • We will also be releasing Major OS updates tomorrow, beginning with IOS 14, with redesigned widgets right on the home screen.

    我們也將在明天發佈主要的作業系統更新,從IOS 14開始,重新設計的小部件就在主螢幕上。

  • A new way to organize your APS with the APP library and a new and even faster way to experience APS the moment you need them.


  • IPad OS 14 watch OS seven and T.

    IPad OS 14手錶OS七和T。

  • V.


  • O.


  • S.


  • 14.


good morning and welcome.


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