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  • The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is perhaps the most complex political issue of our time.

  • Many have resorted to simply blaming one side or the other.

  • But if we take the time to understand the history and correct our misconceptions a potential

  • path forward for the Palestinians begins to emerge.

  • So let's start by trying to get the story straight - and clear up 10 of the biggest

  • misconceptions out there Misconception #1 - Israel illegally stole

  • land from the Palestinians - In 1947, the UN voted to give land to both the Jews and

  • the Palestinians. The Jews accepted their partition and legally formed the state of

  • Israel. The Palestinians rejected their partition and attacked. Even after losing the war, the

  • Arabs still had most of the land from the UN ruling. Which leads us to...

  • Misconception #2 - The surrounding Arab nations actually want to create a Palestinian State

  • - So after the war the West Bank and Gaza were controlled by Jordan and Egypt...for

  • 19 years! During that span, those governments never established a Palestinian state. Instead--

  • they kept the land for their own use. Misconception #3 The Arab nations want to

  • solve the refugee crisis - Palestinians have settled in Arab nations throughout the Middle

  • East. These nations could solve the crisis immediately by granting refugees equal rights,

  • but instead they refuse to let them vote, own land, or even study in public schools.

  • Ironically, The only country to grant them full citizenship rights is Israel which absorbed

  • 156,000 Arabs after the 1948 war and even today Arabs hold seats in the Israeli government

  • and Supreme Court.

  • "Misconception #4 UN efforts are helping to solve the refugee crisis - The UN did step

  • in to provide assistance to the Palestinian refugees. But instead of using their existing

  • agency that helps resettle refugee populations around the world the UN created UNWRA which

  • labels every Palestinian as a refugee until a Palestinian state is formed within the borders

  • of Israel. This makes it more difficult for Palestinians to thrive in their host countries

  • and locks them into perpetual refugee status passing it on to their children, grand-children

  • and great-grandchildren swelling the refugee population from 500,000 in 1949 to nearly

  • 5 million today. As conditions worsened-- the international aid started to pour in--

  • which incidentally is

  • Misconception #5 - The solution is more money - Really? Western nations have given the Palestinians

  • a ton of aid. Even taking inflation into account, they've been given 25x more money per person

  • than Europe was given to rebuild after WWII. Where's the stable economy? Where's the improved

  • infrastructure? That money sure could have helped, but it was given to some leaders who

  • had a different agenda... Which brings us headlong into...

  • Misconception #6 - Forming a State is the primary goal of top Palestinian leaders - All

  • of this international aid did go to help ease one man's suffering - Yasser Arafat. After

  • his death accountants hired by Arafat's own family discovered secret investments worth

  • more than 1 billion dollars. That income stream would be threatened if a new state was formed--

  • which gives leaders like Arafat-- or Mahmoud Abbas for that matter-- a billion plus reasons

  • to never actually sign a peace treaty. Which leads us to

  • Misconception #7 - Israel has a true peace partner - in the year 2000 desparate for a

  • resolution, the Israelis elected Prime Minister EHud Barak with a mandate to make peace with

  • the Palestinians. Barak offered Yasser Arafat 94% of the land he demanded, except Jerusalem.

  • Arafat flatly refused. President Clinton blamed the failure of the best chance at peace in

  • 60 years squarely on Yasser Arafat. Which brings up perhaps the most common misconception

  • of all... #8 - Israel just needs to give up land for

  • peace - The last time Israel tried this was in 2005. They forced thousands of Jewish settlers

  • out of Gaza and in exchange the Palestinian leaders promised peace. But when the Israelis

  • moved out, the Palestinians voted Hamas in. Yep- they elected a terrorist organization

  • who -- since taking power-- has fired more than 10,000 rockets into Israel. Surprised?

  • Then you've probably bought into-- Misconception #9 - Most Palestinians want

  • a lasting peace with Israel. Some Palestinians do, but they are a minority. For 60 years

  • Palestinian educational leaders have fed their children a steady diet of hate. Idolizing

  • suicide bombers and celebrating death, right in the classroom. And finally...

  • Misconception #10 - Giving the Palestinians a state now is the only solution to their

  • suffering. This has been the only approach tried for the last 60 years. But these are

  • people we're talking about, and waiting until they have a state to give them equal rights

  • has only made things worse. Currently, Israel is the only nation to grant full rights to

  • the Palestinians within their borders, but by granting them equal rights in every nation

  • where they live, we could immediately increase the quality of life for every Palestinian.

  • Let's be honest. These Misconceptions have concealed potential solutions. When we take

  • time to clear up confusion and face reality, we begin to uncover the truth and that's

  • when real progress towards justice can begin.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is perhaps the most complex political issue of our time.


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《以色列-巴勒斯坦衝突:阻礙和平的10個神話》(Calev Myers) (The Israeli Palestinian Conflict: 10 Myths Preventing Peace (Calev Myers))

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