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  • My good friend CGP Grey has made a great video about the practical and philosophical concerns

    我的好友CGP Grey做了一部很棒的影片 說明各種有關瞬間移動的實務上和倫理上

  • with teleportation, in particular the concern that when a transporter dismantles the atoms

    的問題 特別是當傳送裝置把 被傳送的人身上的原子分解

  • in your body and reassembles an identical arrangement of atoms somewhere else, perhaps


  • the disassembled you actually dies and the reassembled you is actually a new being that

    也許原本被分解的你其實死了 而新的你其實只是一個覺得自己

  • just thinks it's you.

    是你的人類 而如果他們沒有在一開始把原本的你分解掉

  • And if they simply hadn't dismantled the original you, then there'd now be twoyou's”

    現在宇宙裡就會有兩個"你" 那麼哪一個才是真的你?

  • in the universe, and which is really you?

    你? 還是被傳送的你?

  • You, or the teleported you?

    Grey的影片很清楚的說明了這些問題 如果你想要了解更多背景知識 你應該

  • Grey's video covers these questions really well so if you want more background you should

    去看那部影片 但我有一個補充想要說明

  • go watch that, but I do have one additional piece of information I'd like to point out,


  • something the original creators of Star Trek were definitely unaware of because it was


  • discovered in the 90s.

    而這件事 就是量子遙傳 量子遙傳是唯一一種我們現在有辦法達成

  • And that, is quantum teleportation.

    的傳送科技 我不在這裡深入探討細節

  • Quantum teleportation is the only kind of real teleportation technology we currently

    重點是對一群有著特定狀態的粒子 你可以把

  • have access to, and while I won't go into the details here the point is you can take

    完全一樣的量子態傳送給任意遠的另一群粒子 你可能會覺得這是個

  • some particles in a particular arrangement, and transfer their exact quantum condition

    "悲哀的瞬間移動" 因為那些粒子並沒有移動 但這不就正是

  • onto other particles arbitrarily far away.


  • You might think of it assad teleportationbecause the particles don't move, just their

    傳送足夠的資訊和能量到另一個地點 來創造跟那些組成"你"的粒子

  • statebut isn't that essentially what a Star-Trek teleporter does, albeit on a larger


  • scale?

    量子遙傳還有另一個重要的性質: 要創造一個完全一樣的量子態

  • Sending enough information and energy over to the new location to create the exact arrangement,

    你一定要摧毀原本的 事實上 你必須摧毀

  • or state, of particles that corresponds toyou”?

    原本的排列方式來獲取所有用來建構 新的 傳送後的 狀態所需的

  • And quantum teleportation has one pivotal property: it is impossible to create an identical

    所有資訊 事實上 相關的量子力學理論被稱為

  • copy of a quantum state without destroying the originalin fact, you HAVE to destroy


  • the original arrangement in order to extract all the necessary information from it to construct

    我們現在還不知道到底大腦是怎麼產生意識的 但如果

  • the new, teleported, state.


  • In fact, the relevant theorem in quantum mechanics is called theno cloningtheorem.

    (也對於複製)"你"來說非常關鍵 那麼當要傳送有關粒子的排列方式

  • Now, we don't yet know exactly how brains work to create consciousness, but if the quantum

    的資訊到遠處時 傳送裝置就一定得要遵守量子遙傳的規則

  • states of some electrons somewhere in the brain are critical to perfectly determining

    而無論剩下甚麼東西在原本的位置 它都絕對*不是*你

  • (and thus copying) “you”, then a teleporter would necessarily have to obey the rules of

  • quantum teleportation when sending the information about the arrangement of particles that are

  • youto the new location, and whatever was left behind would definitively *not* be

  • you.

My good friend CGP Grey has made a great video about the practical and philosophical concerns

我的好友CGP Grey做了一部很棒的影片 說明各種有關瞬間移動的實務上和倫理上


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Transporters and Quantum Teleportation

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