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  • Hello I'm Dr. Sanjay Gupta and I'm  going to rate these Halloween masks.

    你好,我是Sanjay Gupta博士,我要給這些萬聖節面具打分。

  • A very cute mask, but unfortunately  not going to do anything to protect  


  • you against the Coronavirus.  I'm not even sure that big, red  

    你對冠狀病毒。 我甚至不確定那個又大又紅的...

  • bulbous nose protects the nose. Obviously  the virus can leave the mouth as well.


  • So, you know, now that I'm looking at the  Batman mask, I realize that that's not even  

    所以,你知道,現在我看著蝙蝠俠的面具,我意識到,這甚至不是... ...

  • really a mask. It doesn't cover the mouth  at all, and I imagine there's little holes  


  • so that one can breathe through the nose. So great look, but unfortunately not going to do anything  


  • to fight the Coronavirus. Just fight crime.


  • Ooh, Bane. I like that mask. That does cover the  nose and the mouth. That does a pretty good job.  

    哦, Bane.我喜歡那個面具.它能遮住鼻子和嘴巴.做得很好.

  • The problem, though with these Halloween masksis that you're probably still getting quite a bit  


  • of virus on the outside. You want it to  be comfortable, which is great if you're  


  • practicing for Halloween, but not  great if you're trying to prevent  


  • the Coronavirus. But that's the  best mask so far that I've seen.


  • Zombie nurse. If it's mostly  makeup, it's obviously  


  • great looking but not going to protect you against  the Coronavirus. You got to cover the nose and the  


  • mouth. And by the way, a lot of people wear  masks and they don't cover the nose and the  


  • mouth. They wear it down here, or they wear it  up here or they wear it like this. None of that  


  • works. So can't quite tell there... I think  I have to give a failing grade unfortunately.

    的作品。所以,不能完全告訴有... ...我想我得給個不及格的分數,很遺憾。

  • Zombie nurse in protective bubble. Now that  works. That works. Hell of a way to live.  


  • I don't know how you do your job, I don't  know how you do anything. But one thing you  


  • will do is not pass on the Coronavirus. So  good for the bubble, but what a tough life.


  • Well, so far that mask hasn't  been doing a good job in terms  


  • of protecting us against the CoronavirusSo I'm going to give it a failing grade.

    保護我們不受冠狀病毒的侵害 所以我給它一個不及格的分數。

  • I wish it was better. Wishcould say something different.


  • I'm Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and have a safe Halloween.

    我是Sanjay Gupta博士,祝你萬聖節平安。

Hello I'm Dr. Sanjay Gupta and I'm  going to rate these Halloween masks.

你好,我是Sanjay Gupta博士,我要給這些萬聖節面具打分。


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Sanjay Gupta博士對萬聖節面具的評價。 (Dr. Sanjay Gupta Rates Halloween Masks)

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