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  • What if you could get diamonds from the sky?


  • Green tech companies?


  • Sky Mining says they're doing just that by using excess carbon dioxide to make a fully certified diamond.


  • According to inventor Dale Vince, it seems like a perfect 21st century industry to May 1 that take something.


  • We have too much off condo oxide in the atmosphere and turns into something that we like to have diamonds on.


  • We can avoid the pollution and the impact of digging the ground for those.


  • Their technology does not even add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.


  • By using wind and solar energy to capture rainwater, they managed to produce the hydrogen needed to make methane.


  • This creates what they call the world's first truly carbon negative fuel.


  • So what does that really mean?


  • Essentially, it's a profitable way to remove CO two emissions from the atmosphere on Recycle the Carbon inside that co two to make sustainable diamonds.

    從本質上講,這是一個有利可圖的方式,以去除大氣中的CO兩排放Recycle the Carbon inside that co two to make sustainable diamonds。

  • We aren't creating planetary scale changes to the environment.


  • We're just using machines to extract CO two from the atmosphere if you like.


  • It's the flip side of industry today, which used machines to put carbon into the atmosphere on what does the industry today look like as carbon emissions increase on dwarf the planets, the environmental impact of the traditional mind diamond industry has come under pressure.


  • There are growing calls for the miners to use mawr renewable energy.


  • The amount of carbon in a stone in a carat of diamond is actually relatively small, But the amount of carbon admitted to dig that same character out of the ground is relatively huge, actually, on DSO, although we set out down this path to see if it was possible to make good out of something bad, excess carbon into diamonds and use it as a way of absorbing carbon, that kind of stuff.


  • What we found is it's got a bigger role to play in the avoided emission of carbon by making stones a different way.


What if you could get diamonds from the sky?


由 AI 自動生成

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B2 中高級 中文 鑽石 大氣 二氧化碳 排放 石頭 機器

天空採礦。將碳轉化為鑽石 (Skymining: Transforming carbon into diamonds)

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