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Hank: I think they can see us a little bit.
John: I don't think they can see us.
H: They're thirsty for Augustus Waters, John.
J: Is that what it said?
H: Yeah.
J: Haha, that's a funny pun, 'cause he's Waters. It's an import- it's an important metaphor
in the book.
J: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday ... It's actually Monday, we're on our way to The Fault
In Our Stars move premiere. It's very exciting. The collaboration between the two of us and
the community that's emerged from it means more to me than anything else in my professional
life, and before we go do this crazy thing, I just wanna say thank you.
Hank: You're welcome. Also thank you.
J: That's what I was waiting for, the mutual thank-you!
(Crowd screaming)
J: Hold on, I have to video-blog really quickly. Instead of a red carpet, we have a TFIOS blue carpet,
how awesome is that?
J (voiceover): So Hank, we signed for some people who'd lined up to go to see the premiere,
and then said hi to a lot more people who had Okay cloud posters by which time my brain
was slightly fried.
J: Okay Hank, I have successfully signed a bunch of uh... posters and everything not
skin. That's my rule, anything that's not skin and I am back on the magic TFIOS blue
So Hank currently across from me are like a large wall of photographers, uh that's,
hence all the flashes, but I need to tell you that The Fault in Our Stars movie is coming
out on Friday. This Friday. Like the day after the day after tomorrow. Unless you go to The
Night Before Our Stars, in which case it's coming out the day after tomorrow.
If you want to see it on Thursday, at least in some cities that is still possible, you
can go to thefaultinourstarsmovie.com and get tickets, link in the doobly doo.
I am sweating through my Burberry shirt, which is only increasing my already sizable anxiety.
J: Aww, you look so cute!
J (voiceover): Then Nat Wolff showed up for our Today Show live chat.
J: There are people from The Today Show talking to me inside of my ear.
J (voiceover): And then came the live chat with our astonishingly beautiful and talented
Hazel, Shailene Woodley.
By the time that was over, things were starting to get quite crowed. I met Indy 500 winner
Ryan Hunter-Reay.
Then things got even more crowed and I kind of lost my ability to even.
J: I don't know, I don't know what to say, I don't have, I don't have a... I don't have
J (voiceover): Took a selfie with Mike Birbiglia, and then stood on the carpet with my brilliant
and lovely wife just a few feet away from Shailene and Laura Dern.
And then, I got to meet Spelling Bee co-champion Ansun Sujoe, unquestionably the highlight
of my evening!
Okay Hank, I just did all of those press interviews and now I am going to into the movie, look!
Look look look look look! That's the movie!
Well Hank, they didn't let me film inside the theatre, so greetings from Tuesday, where
my view of Manhattan is not half bad. Hank, the premiere was just absolutely amazing
- laughing and crying with 1200 people, and I'm so glad that you were sitting there, two
seats away from me.
So Hank, before I say anything else, I just wanna establish that I'm not getting paid
for the movie, like I got paid for the rights a long time ago, but I don't get a percentage
of ticket sales or anything, and I don't have to talk about it. And if I didn't like it,
believe me, you'd know.
But in fact, I love the movie; I think it's amazingly faithful to the book, and powerful,
and funny, and moving.
Hank, the people who made this movie cared about the story, and they care about each
other, and you can really see that.
Last night we all got to be together one last time, which was sad in a way but it was also
very exciting, because it means that soon, in fact very soon, EVERYONE will get to see
the movie.
Thanks to all of Nerdfighteria for being part of this process with me - read the book first!
And Hank, I will see you on Friday - when The Fault In Our Stars movie will be out in
theatres everywhere!
Nat: 'How you doing, Hank? Well, so I kind of, y'know it was a great premiere that we
had, but, y'know, okay, Hank.'


電影-生命中的美好缺憾 首映會 (The Fault in Our Stars Movie Premiere)

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