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  • to talk about Lower didn't have to do anything.


  • It was like he didn't play.


  • And then when you told me you guys were gonna ask me this and I had 45 seconds to talk about to, I had to try to figure out something to say, because he ain't do nothing.

    然後當你告訴我你們要問我這個問題時 我有45秒的時間來談這個問題,我不得不想出一些話來,因為他什麼都不會做。

  • E o.

    E o.

  • What you didn't do, though, was you set up the conversation perfectly when you said the phrase We got to see what he can do.

    但你沒有做到的是,當你說 "我們得看看他的能力 "這句話時,你完美地設置了對話。

  • I hope everyone saw Adam Schefter is very interesting report coming out of Miami yesterday because I will remind you of those who don't know that the Dolphins have Houston's first round pick this coming season.

    我希望大家看到Adam Schefter是昨天從邁阿密傳來的非常有趣的報告,因為我會提醒那些不知道的人,海豚隊有休斯頓的首輪選秀權,這個賽季。

  • The Texans have one win, which suggests they could wind up being in the market at the top of the draft for some of these really big quarterbacks will be coming out.


  • Maybe Trevor Lawrence, maybe Justin Fields.


  • And so Schefty reported that one of the reasons part of the thinking of getting to on the field, as they did was that they need to evaluate whether or not they have their quarterback of the future before they could make up their mind.


  • What they want to do in the draft.


  • And what do you think of that strategy?


  • Yeah, You don't evaluate your quarterback when you have a playoff football team.

    是啊,你不評估你的四分衛 當你有一個季後賽球隊。

  • I mean, that's what the Dolphins are is a playoff caliber football team.


  • So you should not be in the thought process of evaluating.


  • Ah, young player.


  • I'll sit here and say this greedy.


  • If if you told me Ryan Fitzpatrick was still the Dolphin starting quarterback today, I would pick them to win the A F C East.

    如果你告訴我Ryan Fitzpatrick今天還是海豚隊的首發四分衛 我會選擇他們贏得A F C東部的冠軍

  • I've been that impressed with them with last month, especially on the defensive side.


  • They're that good of a team.


  • And so I don't I just can't connect the dots on that thought process for the Miami Dolphins organization.

    所以我不... ...我只是不能把邁阿密海豚隊組織的思維過程聯繫起來。

  • You're good enough to go win that division.


  • The division is weak in in 50% of it.


  • You're good enough to go into division.


  • Don't bench a guy who's playing really good football that can go take you to the playoffs to evaluate to a tongue of I low at the quarterback spot checks.


  • Well, first off, I would say this.


  • What if Justin Herbert was your quarterback?


  • How would you feel now I think I might pick him to be the one seed.

    你現在會有什麼感覺? 我想我可能會選他做一號種子。

  • Yeah, that's what I'm saying, right?


  • Okay, so to me, here's what I know, Okay?


  • And it's fascinating.


  • Unbelievable.


  • By Adam Schefter The best by far.

    作者:Adam Schefter 迄今為止最好的。

  • Okay, because when I looked at it this way, I just know there's one quarterback on their roster that's not going to take me dio to a playoff.


  • And that's Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    那是Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  • I'm sorry.


  • 16 years, A pretty big resume.


  • I don't care that he's had a couple of hot games to me to, uh, you drafted him fifth overall.


  • Why?


  • Because you know Ryan Fitzpatrick can't get it done.

    因為你知道Ryan Fitzpatrick是做不到的。

  • So I'm not gonna question Brian Floors at all.


  • And Ryan Clark, you know, talks about this defense.


  • I agree with him.


  • Ryan Floor is doing a great job, so let's trust that he's trying to evaluate this kid e not necessarily trying to evaluate.

    Ryan Floor做得很好,所以我們要相信他是想評估這個孩子e不一定要評估。

  • He's trying to win right now with to it.


  • Are we concerned because he's he's so short and he's got maybe a possible hip injury, and there's durability questions about him.

    我們是否擔心,因為他... ...他太矮了,而且他可能有臀部的傷勢,還有關於他的耐久性問題。

  • Then why the hell did we draft him?


  • That was why I said it was the biggest gamble in the history of the NFL draft, and I still see it, but I'm still pulling for the kid at the same time.


  • Well, so our C I mean, it could be an example if if this is really the primary part of the thinking of an organization, putting the organization ahead of the team.


  • And that's an interesting thing to do at a point, as Dan just said, where the team looks pretty good and the division looks gettable, Yeah, but I feel like I feel like they've been.


  • I feel like they've been doing that since Bryan Flores became the coach.


  • You know, we we looked at them stockpiling picks, giving away good players.

    你知道,我們... ...我們看著他們囤積選秀權,送走好球員。

  • And then Ryan Fitzpatrick and Bryan Flores find ways to win games.


  • And then now, this season, this Josh poor, Your defense is amazing.


  • This defense can win playoff games today when Byron Jones is healthy.


  • When David Howard is right, they can win games today, and so if you can win games with this defense right now, but your quarterback can't win you a playoff game.


  • But your quarterback can't play you into a playoff game, which it doesn't they don't know if to a tongue of a lower can, then you don't make this choice.


  • This is not a winner's choice to make a draft pick, and now will be questioning that draft pick if the reports are true and now will be questioning that draft pick so much that you just have to throw him out there so you could see him in live action just to know that he can do it.


  • Listen, two wrongs don't make it right.


  • Three left like they just don't two wrongs don't make it right.


  • So trying to correct a Mrs Draft or a a bad draft pick by allowing by by allowing your team to fail is not the way to fix it.


  • If you think you're wrong, go ahead and be wrong and use that pick going forward.


  • But don't hurt the men on this team right now.


  • The coaches on the coaching staff that has done such a great job by trying to feel out of quarterback when you have a team that's ready to win everywhere else right now, especially since you don't have any control over what Houston does, you really can't control where you wind up drafting in this, But I feel someone should say this.


  • I mean, there were people talking about, too, like he was going to be the best player in the league.


  • This isn't for me, a talent thing about to.


  • I think two is going to be a great pro.


  • It talked.


  • This is for me about the now.


  • Like, right now you have a team that could go win your division and to, uh, like there was some moments yesterday.


  • He takes a deep shot downfield, the Kasicky one on one ball gets have broken up.


  • He gets the ball driven to the sideline.


  • The touchdown like there's moment shirt.


  • But there's nothing that made me sad.


  • Sit there and go.


  • Oh, you know, like I did with Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow when I watched them play this yard, you know, go ahead, R.


  • C.


  • Yeah, but the other thing, too, though the other thing, too, though Dan is, I think we all had convinced ourselves that even though Fitzpatrick was playing the way he did that to a had done so much a practice, they'd seen so much from him that he earned this opportunity to play that it wasn't about filling out that it wasn't about anything else but to or talk about.


  • Lord is ready to go, and we are going to let him rip with these reports and with the way that I watched them play football yesterday, that's not what they're doing.


  • And so to me, I don't think you do that to a team that is working hard that is competing hard.


  • That is, put you in a position where you have an opportunity to win the A F C East.

    也就是說,讓你處於一個有機會贏得A F C東部的位置。

  • You don't set that team back trying to see what you could do two years or three years down the line.


  • Super quick final thought thing that I was told was that he is a much higher ceiling than Ryan Fitzpatrick.


  • So, guys, as the years going on, we're going to see him get better and better, and that's what you wanna do.


  • You wanna peak During that time in December, Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


to talk about Lower didn't have to do anything.



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