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  • Thistle is one opportunity to turn our country around and you're not gonna blow up.


  • It's time for Donald Trump, the pack, his bags and go home.


  • President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, crisscrossed key states on Saturday to make closing arguments in the last weekend before Tuesday's final day to vote as the incumbent.


  • Trump's message to voters in Pennsylvania was that he, not Biden, is the best person to lead a recovery from the Cove in 19 Pandemic.


  • That's his only plan to make you a prisoner in your home, a prisoner in your own country and under the Biden locked down, the recovery will be totally killed.


  • The economy will crash.


  • Country can't afford it.


  • Trump, who has refused to admit the virus is still out of control, has spent the closing days of his re election campaign criticizing public officials and medical professionals who are trying to combat the coronavirus that Onley gave Biden a new opening to attack Trump's handling of the crisis at a rally in Michigan.


  • I could tell you this we wouldn't have nine million confirmed cases of covert in this nation over 230,000 deaths.

    我可以告訴你... ...我們就不會有900萬個確認的祕密案件... ...在這個國家... ...超過23萬死亡。

  • We wouldn't be seeing a new record of cases we're seeing right now 90,000 cases today.


  • Yesterday, 90,000 new cases, we wouldn't be faced by the way 500,000 in just the past week.


  • This guy tells us going away well, thanks to make it go away if he goes away.


  • The final push by both campaigns comes amid an unprecedented turnout in early voting.


  • A record 90 million Americans have already voted, according to Saturday's data, which means there are only a few undecided voters to sway Biden's leading in the national polls but faces a closer contest in the most competitive states that will decide the election.


  • With only days to go, Biden pulled out his star witness to try and seal the deal, appearing on stage with former President Barack Obama.


  • And we will elect a man who loves this country and who cares about you and who will fight for every single one of us and we'll look out not just for folks who support him, but even the folks who don't my friend, the next president of the United States of America, Joe Barton.

    我們會選出一個熱愛這個國家,關心你們的人 他會為我們每一個人而戰 我們不僅會照顧支持他的人,也會照顧不支持他的人 我的朋友,下一任美利堅合眾國總統,喬・巴頓

  • Trump isn't leaving anything up to chance as well.


Thistle is one opportunity to turn our country around and you're not gonna blow up.


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COVID-19成為焦點,特朗普、拜登進行最後的努力。 (COVID-19 in spotlight as Trump, Biden make final push)

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