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  • Meet Jim.

    這是 Jim。

  • Hi, I'm Jim and I'm just a guy.

    嗨,我是 Jim,我只是個平凡的人。

  • Jim is no ordinary guy because he single-handedly brought over 300 Syrian refugees to live in Canada.

    Jim 不是普通人,因為他一手將 300 多名敘利亞難民帶到加拿大生活。

  • It's the most fulfilling thing I've ever done.


  • See, the country of Canada allows any Canadian citizen to personally sponsor refugees.


  • And that's what I did.


  • This successful businessman sponsored not one or two, but 87 Syrian families out of his own pocket.

    這位成功的商人資助的不是一、兩個人,而是 87 個敘利亞家庭。

  • And even though it cost him millions, he was able to help 300 people immigrate, learn English, integrate in the society, and become Canadian.

    雖然花了他好幾百萬,但他卻能幫助 300 人移民、學習英語、融入社會,並成為加拿大人。

  • I'm so happy here in Canada.


  • Jim is one of thousands of Canadians who volunteer their time and money to bring Syrian refugees to their country.

    Jim 是加拿大數千人中自願花時間和金錢將敘利亞難民帶到他們的國家的其中一員。

  • Turns out to be a Superman, you don't need to shoot lasers out of your eyes.


  • All you gotta do is this: just do the right thing. How tough can it be?


  • That's one minute, see you tomorrow.


  • My friends, if you enjoyed watching that video, then I think you will love reading my book.


  • It's called around the world in 60 Seconds, and now it's available in every country in the world so you can order it, and you can have it in seven days or less.

    它叫 60 秒環遊世界,現在全球每個國家都有販售,所以你可以訂購它,然後七天之內就可以拿到了。

  • This book is really special because it took me 1000 days to write, and it took me 64 countries to travel to and 10,000 people to talk to.

    這本書真的很特別,因為我花了 1000 天的時間來寫它、走遍了 64 個國家、訪問了 10000 人。

  • Look, all these people were involved in writing this book.


  • This has stories that do not yet exist on the Internet.


  • I go super deep into these stories and into these topics.


  • This is a really cool book that got five out of five stars ratings on Amazon.

    這是一本非常酷的書,在 Amazon 上得到了五顆星的評價。

  • If you like it, I think many people did.


  • You can click on the link below to get it.


  • I super appreciate your support.


  • I think this will make a great gift for yourself, for your family, or just for you to read, because now you cannot travel.


  • So this should help you travel around the world, at least from your bedroom.


  • Thank you so much for watching us daily and for supporting my book.


  • That's more than a minute, I will see you tomorrow for another video.


Meet Jim.

這是 Jim。

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A2 初級 中文 加拿大 敘利亞 送給 難民 環遊 超人

加拿大的超人 (Canada's Superman)

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