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  • This is the biggest pasta factory in the world.


  • Barilla produces 1400 tons of pasta each day at its flagship plant in Parma, Italy.

    Barilla 在義大利帕爾馬的旗艦工廠每天生產 1400 噸義大利麵。

  • Each line produces about 10,000 pounds of pasta per hour, which goes to fill roughly 230 blue Barilla boxes.

    每條生產線每小時生產約一萬鎊的義大利麵,用於裝滿大約 230 個藍色的 Barilla 盒子。

  • The recipe for dry pasta is simple.


  • It only takes durum wheat, semolina flour and water to make dough.


  • Barilla then takes the dough and turns it into 103 different shapes, including long strands of spaghetti and bow ties of farfalle.

    Barilla 將麵糰揉成 103 種不同的形狀,包括長條義大利細麵和義大利蝴蝶麵。

  • Machines punch out each shape before the pasta goes through the drying process.


  • This process allows the pasta to preserve itself so that nothing else is needed to keep it fresh.


  • And this is what gives the box yellow carbs a longer shelf life than most other products.


  • We press the pasta throughout a die, which is a metal plate with holes shaped in the way to obtain the format of pasta that we want to pack.


  • We dry the pasta for up to 12 hours in this plant, depending on the recipe, depending on the formats.

    根據配方和格式的不同,我們在這個工廠裡把義大利面烘乾長達 12 個小時。

  • In order to obtain a shelf-stable, dry and ready to be eaten pasta.


  • The Barilla factory operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

    Barilla 工廠每週七天 24 小時運作。

  • We produce more than 320,000 tons of pasta per year, which means at the end of the year, more than 4.2 billions of pasta dishes.

    我們每年生產了超過 32 萬噸,也就是說到年底,會有超過 42 億道義大利麵菜餚。

  • So we're very proud to say that in 18 months we can feed the entire population of the world.

    因此我們可以非常自豪的說在 18 個月內,我們可以做出足夠餵飽全世界所有人吃的義大利麵。

  • Barilla started as a small bake shop in the center of Parma more than 140 years ago.

    140 多年前,Barilla 是從帕爾馬市中心的一家小麵包店開始做起。

  • Today, the company is privately owned by fourth-generation Barilla Brothers Guido, Luca, and Palo.

    如今,公司由第四代 Barilla 兄弟 Guido、Luca 和 Palo 私人所屬。

  • While ownership has stayed the same for decades, much has changed since 1877, especially in the way pasta is sold today.

    雖然所有權幾十年來一直保持不變,但很多事自 1877 年以來已經有了改變,尤其是現在義大利麵的銷售方式。

  • The turning point came when Pietro Barilla traveled to the U.S. after the Second World War and he saw the packaging of food and so he came back.

    第二次世界大戰後 Pietro Barilla 去美國旅行,轉捩點隨之而來,他看見食品的包裝,所以他就回來了。

  • He was very much in touch with artists and designers and together with the artist they designed the blue box, which is now famous all over the world.


  • Barilla consumers around the world buy more spaghetti than any other blue box variety.

    世界各地的 Barilla 消費者購買的意大利麵條比其他任何藍盒產品都要多。

  • And that's what makes it the most produced shape in the factory.


  • I think that spaghetti, in terms of long cut pasta, is very well known all around the world.


  • Because in China you have noodles, in Italy spaghetti, of course, but is not that far from the culture and the habits of many, many population in the world.


  • Barilla is available in more than 100 countries, including Brazil, Singapore and Japan.

    Barilla 在巴西、新加坡和日本等 100 多個國家有販售。

  • Italy was traditionally the biggest pasta market for Barilla until the US recently took over the top spot.

    義大利的 Barilla 歷年來是世界最大的義大利麵市場,直到最近美國取代它,成為榜首。

  • Today, the company controls 32.8% of the entire dry pasta market in the United States.

    如今,該公司掌控了美國整個乾燥義大利麵市場 32.8% 的份額。

  • The industry is growing beyond the US too, as consumer eating habits favor meatless meals and plant-based diets.


  • We've seen definitely a shift towards more plant-based diets because it's now universally recognized that they are the best one for the health of people and of the planet.


  • And so we are seeing globally an increase in pasta sales.


  • The trend doesn't look to be dying anytime soon, which could mean more demand for blue boxes around the world.


This is the biggest pasta factory in the world.


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世界上最大的意大利麵工廠是如何每天生產1400噸意大利麵的? (How The World’s Biggest Pasta Factory Produces 1,400 Tons Of Pasta Per Day)

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