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  • Every year in the United States alone, over 300,000 robberies air going to take place.


  • But most of these aren't often successful enoughto wipe out an entire city supply of cash.


  • Imagine for a moment if, in a few minutes a group of robbers managed to steal almost all of Washington D.


  • C s cash, because this story is almost as ridiculous as that one.


  • Except this story took place in Sweden, and it was nearly all of Stockholm's cash that was stolen.


  • It's not entirely clear exactly who took part in the robbery, but we know that it took place 10 years ago.


  • On the 23rd of September.


  • Back in 2000 and nine, the city of Stockholm was enjoying a quiet, peaceful day until 5 15 PM, when, almost out of nowhere, a helicopter loaded with bandits landed on top of the G four s cash service building in downtown, which basically stockpiled sweet Swedish cash money for ATMs in the city and there's actually video surveillance of this happening to, even though it looks like the camera was trying to film Bigfoot rather than a robbery.


  • Anyway, four gang members got out of the helicopter and, armed with sledgehammers and bombs, they smashed and blasted their way through the skylights on the roof and roped themselves down into the building's lobby.


  • Reports of some machine gun firing inside were made, and the robbers used Mawr explosives to blast their way through into the building's vaults.


  • As you can see in this video, the thieves came pretty prepared with buzz sauce toe hack their way into the cash cages.


  • They just began helping themselves toe literal bags of money before deciding to depart back up to the helicopter.


  • Using a stolen helicopter to land on top of one of the biggest cash reserves of a major city, and using machine guns and bombs to blast their way in is the most guaranteed way to earn yourself a G T A five stars in real life.

    利用偷來的直升機降落在一個大城市最大的現金儲備庫上面,利用機槍和炸彈轟擊進去,是最能保證自己在現實生活中獲得G T A五星的方法。

  • But the thieves knew that they knew this would attract basically the entire wrath of the country of Sweden.


  • So just prior to the robbery, some accomplices laid out metal Cal Trump's on all the roads connecting to the building, which prevented any police cars from getting anywhere close.

    所以就在搶劫前 一些同夥在連接大樓的所有道路上 鋪設了金屬的Cal Trump's 阻止了任何警車的靠近

  • But why didn't the police just use their own helicopters, then to intercept them in the air?


  • Well, they thought about that, too, and solved it in both the dumbest and the smartest way possible.


  • They stole the helicopter from a police base, and then they just put an empty bag at the entrance of the hangar that just said the word bomb on it.


  • The police took it seriously enough that they weren't able to scramble their own helicopters to intercept the thieves and time.


  • So no helicopters.


  • 20 minutes after they first landed, the thieves loaded their new cash aboard their stolen chopper and took off without the police ever once entering the building.


  • The Swedish government has never publicly confirmed exactly how much money was stolen, but speculation ranges anywhere between $5 million equivalent on the low end, up to multiple hundreds of millions of US dollars equivalent.


  • On the high end, we may never know the true amount, and the thieves completely got away with a crime or exactly one or two days, just two hours and 40 minutes after they left.


  • With the money, the helicopter was discovered in the woods just 30 kilometers to the north of Stockholm.


  • Just two days after the heist.


  • One of the men responsible was caught fleeing to the Dominican Republic, where he was apprehended by the local police and extradited immediately on a charter plane back to Stockholm to face trial.


  • Another man attempted to flee to the Canary Islands, where he was met right out of the gate by the special services arm of the Swedish police.


  • In total.


  • Over the next year, seven men were arrested and sentenced by the Swedish government for their roles in the robbery.


  • While nobody was physically hurt, they had stolen an unbelievable amount of money through violence.


  • The pilot of the helicopter received seven years for his role in the crime.


  • One of the men who entered the vault also received seven years as well to organizer's who helped the bandits procure explosives and SIM cards, each received five years while a Serbian man accused of being the highest mastermind received three years a man who falsified an alibi for the missing helicopter on the base got two years, and the man charged with hiring the pilot for the job received just one year behind bars.


  • Now, obviously, at least four men were caught on camera robbing the actual inside of the vault and only one or two of them.


  • If you count the pilots have ever been arrested and sentenced for anything, which means at least two other dudes air out there.


  • Still free and unknown, it is widely believed that most of the money stolen has never been recovered to date, which means that it was maybe in the hands of the men who were never caught the entire time.


  • We and Sweden might never figure that out, and meanwhile, all of the men who actually were sentenced for the highest have since been released back into society.


  • If the other unknown men were just holding on to that money the whole time for them waiting, would it be worth it to sit in jail for five or seven years and then leave a millionaire?


  • The total value of the money stolen 10 years ago remains mysterious, but it is known that the Swedish government announced a warning that ATMs in Stockholm may run out of money in the days immediately following the heist so it could be gathered that enough money was stolen, that a major European city almost ran out of cash, at least for a little while.


  • So if these bad guys fought so hard and thought so far in advance to pull off a heist to steal money behind the vault of a secure bank, imagine what they would do with your bank or credit card information.


  • That's probably not actually secured it all.


  • For example, do you use the same password for every site that you use because of some dude in his apartment in Belarus?


  • Figures it out.


  • They'll immediately have access to your entire life, basically, and I get it.


  • Using different passwords for different websites is really tough, because then you'd actually have toe, you know, like thank and remember all of them.


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  • Thank you for watching and I'll see you again next week.


this video was made possible by Dash Lane.

這個視頻是由Dash Lane製作的。

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