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  • a record breaking performance in North America.


  • Sophia, Chrysler drive up on operating profit in the third quarter The Italian American car maker posted earnings before interest and tax of $2.7 billion from July to September, way ahead of analyst forecasts.

    索菲亞、克萊斯勒推動第三季度營業利潤上升 意大利美國汽車製造商7月至9月的息稅前利潤為27億美元,遠超分析師的預測。

  • On Wednesday, CEO Mike Manley credited the results to a strong performance in North America were operating profit rose 26% to $3 billion.

    週三,首席執行官Mike Manley將業績歸功於北美地區的強勁表現,營業利潤增長26%至30億美元。

  • That covered losses made in other regions Andi at its Maserati unit.


  • The update comes the same week it was reported the use close to approving a $38 billion merger between Fiat, Chrysler and P S, a group parent of Persia and other brands.

    更新是在同一周,據報道,使用接近準許菲亞特、 克萊斯勒和 P S,波斯和其他品牌的集團母公司之間 380 億美元的合併。

  • Pizza said Wednesday it also saw some upturn in the third quarter.


  • The French firms overall sales came to $18.3 billion in July to September, slightly down on the year before, But automotive revenue rose 1.2% to $14 billion after ending the first half of the year, down more than 35%.


  • The results mean that both Fiat, Chrysler and P S A bounced back from an industry wide route seen in the first half of the year.

    這一結果意味著菲亞特、克萊斯勒和P S A都從上半年出現的行業性路線中反彈。

  • However, Pierce A shares were down 3% in morning trade as French stocks were broadly hit by the prospect of new national restrictions.


a record breaking performance in North America.



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美國銷量推動菲亞特克萊斯勒重回盈利狀態 (U.S. sales drive Fiat Chrysler back into profit)

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