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  • Yes, it's easier and more instant than ever to get a good picture and then potentially share it with thousands of people.


  • What's interesting is how this is affecting restaurants.


  • It's never been easy to make it in the restaurant business, and today good food is, unfortunately, rarely enough.


  • More and more, the quickest way to restaurant success isn't all about food.


  • It's all about photos.


  • And for Burger Joint Black Tap, success looks like this.

    而對於這家Burger Joint Black Tap來說,成功是這樣的。

  • The crazy shake.


  • People kept taking photos and we said, well, something is going on here and we've always had a strong Instagram presence.


  • But our followers started gaining because people were posting and we were posting.


  • It was going viral at that point.


  • Is it enough to just have really great food?


  • I've never thought of us being defined by the crazy shake.


  • I think that there are a lot of different elements, from the crazy shake to the craft burger to the music, and the design is a very, very important part of it.


  • Not every restaurant can strike gold on their first try, which is why some restaurants get a little help from design companies like Paperwhite, which helps restaurants and other businesses figure out their brand identity.


  • We're at the restaurant, Jack's wife, Frida.

    我們在Jack's wife, Frida 餐廳。

  • Where can I see the Paperwhite touch here?


  • So the menus, the sugar packets, everything on the exterior, the signage and then everything down to really the smallest detail.


  • We did not by any stretch of the imagination, design Jack's wife, Frida, for Instagram.

    我們當初完全沒想過Jack's wife, Frida的設計會在Instagram帶來什麼。

  • A few months into opening, we noticed people were instagramming the sugars, and so we really just kind of leaned into it.


  • - Now you can't not without Instagram - Oh, yeah. For sure.

    - 現在不能沒有Instagram。- 哦對啊。一定的。

  • It would be crazy not to consider it, but it's a factor in the sense that we know that it's a platform people are gonna use, but we're not trying to make it such a formula.


  • But for Black Tap, the same social marketing campaign that brought them viral success also led them to court.

    但對於Black Tap來說,社交媒體上的營銷活動除了給他們帶來流量外,也把他們送上法庭。

  • They were sued by former collaborators who believed they helped create the black tap brand, including its crazy shakes, and said they were later cut out of profits from its expansion.

    他們被前合作對象起訴,前合作對象認為他們幫助創建了Black Tap品牌,也包括瘋狂奶昔,並說後來卻得不到一點品牌擴張後的利潤。

  • Black Tap denied their allegations, and the company's eventually settled confidentially.

    Black Tap否認了他們的指控,而最後私下和解了。

  • It's par for the course, but I think being on the map make you a little bit more of a target.


  • If we were a little 15 seat hole in the wall, you know, having 45 customers a day, I think that there'd be less people, uh, trying to make waves.


  • Do you think that customers, Instagram users can tell the difference between a restaurant that's doing a stunt food verse, a restaurant that's really trying to develop something that is connected to their brand?


  • I absolutely do, you know, if it doesn't taste good, then it's almost like deceiving the consumer and they're not gonna come back.


  • So I think a lot of people think that they can come up with these crazy concoctions and people start lining up and I don't think it works that way.


  • I think things have to be organic.


  • You can put something online and posted on Instagram, but if you come in and don't like it, it's gonna be a short lifespan for that company.


Yes, it's easier and more instant than ever to get a good picture and then potentially share it with thousands of people.


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