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  • many features in office, including Power Point, are geared towards saving and sharing your files online.

    Office中的許多功能,包括Power Point,都是針對保存和在線共享你的文件。

  • This is done through one drive on online storage space for your documents and files that lets you access them even when you're away from your computer.


  • If you want to use one drive, make sure you're logged into power Point with your Microsoft account.

    如果你想使用一個驅動器,請確保你已經用你的微軟帳戶登錄到power Point。

  • First, let's take a look at the regular Save Command on the quick access toolbar.


  • Just click, and if it's a new presentation, you'll be taken to the backstage view where you can choose where to save your file.


  • For now, let's save it to our computer.


  • Click the browse button to choose a location for your presentation, then enter a file name and click save when you're done.


  • Now, you can save it anytime by clicking the icon.


  • If you want to save a different version, maybe in a different location or with a different file name, you can go to save as in the backstage view and follow the same steps again.


  • You'll have the option of saving toe one drive or to this PC.


  • But if you primarily save files to your computer, you may want to change the default setting, so this PC is always selected.


  • To do that.


  • Click options in the backstage view, then select Save in the Left pane.


  • Now check the box that reads Save to Computer by default.

    現在勾選 "默認情況下保存到計算機 "的方框。

  • When you're done, click OK.

    完成後,單擊 "確定"。

  • If you ever forget to save or if your computer crashes while you're working, don't worry.


  • The auto recovery feature saves a backup copy of your presentation automatically to recover an unsaved file.


  • All you have to do is reopened Power Point and the document Recovery pain should appear on the left.

    你所要做的就是重新打開Power Point,左側應該出現恢復疼痛的文檔。

  • Here, you can access any recovered versions of the file by default.


  • Power Point Auto saves a backup copy every 10 minutes, so if you're working on something for less than 10 minutes, you may not be able to use this feature.

    Power Point自動每10分鐘保存一份備份,所以如果你正在處理的東西少於10分鐘,你可能無法使用這個功能。

  • You can also export your presentations into an alternate file type by clicking export in the backstage view.


  • Exporting as a PDF is a good choice if you need to send a presentation to someone who doesn't have power point.

    如果你需要向沒有Power Point的人發送演示文稿,導出為PDF是一個不錯的選擇。

  • This format lets them view, but not edit the presentation.


  • Using a free program that anyone can download under change file type.


  • You can access several other formats, depending on what you need.


  • For example, if the person you're sharing with uses power 0.2003 or earlier, you'll need to send them a 97 to 2003 presentation instead.

    例如,如果與你分享的人使用的是power 0.2003或更早的版本,你就需要給他們發一個97到2003的演示文稿來代替。

  • To share your presentation with others, click the share button in the top right corner.


  • Next, you'll have to upload your presentation toe one drive, so click on the option associated with your account.


  • Once it's uploaded, you can email an invitation for others to view or edit the file.


  • There are more ways to share at the bottom of the window, like attaching your presentation toe une email or getting a shareable link.


  • If you have office 3 65 you can use the auto safe feature.

    如果你有office 3 65,你可以使用自動安全功能。

  • Once you upload your presentation toe one drive.


  • Whenever you make a change, it will automatically save your file.


  • However, if you want to disable this feature, click the button in the top left corner.


  • Keep in mind that if you deactivate auto saving, you'll need to click the save button every time you want to save With so many options, how you save and share your work is up to you whether it's exporting your file is a PdF or sharing your presentation online.


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many features in office, including Power Point, are geared towards saving and sharing your files online.

Office中的許多功能,包括Power Point,都是針對保存和在線共享你的文件。

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