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  • Meet Professor Mel.

    他是 Mel 教授。

  • Hi, I'm Mel Rosenberg and I fix bad breath.

    嗨,我是 Mel Rosenberg,我改善大家的口臭。

  • Mel is a smart man.

    Mel 是個聰明人。

  • He's a microbiology professor at Tel Aviv University who 30 years ago wanted to fix a problem.

    他是 Tel Aviv 大學的微生物學教授,而他 30年前就想解決一個問題。

  • Everybody has, But nobody could fix --- bad breath.


  • After smelling ten thousand people's Breath, and after 30 years of research, he came up with a conclusion: that it's possible to fix bad breath.

    聞了一萬人的口氣後,經過 30 年的研究,他得出了一個結論:那就是口臭是可以解決。

  • So he went to his lab, played around with bacteria and came up with a unique invention that magically solves the problem.


  • You shake, you gargle, and spit, that's it.


  • His academic invention became a worldwide hit, and it's sold in the millions .


  • Now tens of millions are using my invention.


  • This is the guy that's the reason your friends don't have bad breath, and if they still do, then they need to talk to Professor Mel.

    他就是讓你的朋友沒有口臭的原因,如果還有的話,那麼就得找 Mel 教授談談了。

  • That's one minute, see you tomorrow.


  • Meet Takuro.

    他是 Takuro。

  • Hi, my name is Takuro.

    你好,我是 Takuro。

  • I want to beat Google.


  • Takuro is a smart guy from Japan.

    Takuro 是來自日本的聰明人。

  • Just like Google, he built a search engine.


  • You type what you want and it shows you results in your email after three days.


  • It wasn't as fast as Google.


  • That failed... then just like Google glass he put a ring.

    所以失敗了... 接著他研發出像谷歌眼鏡一樣的戒指。

  • You move your hand and it controls your devices.


  • But Google glass was better and his ring failed.


  • Then he built a translator.


  • But unlike Google translate, it doesn't need Internet, it's portable, fast, and it works.


  • Especially...when you travel.

    特別是... 當你旅遊時。

  • (Janpanese) when you travel. -Yes!

    (日文) 當你旅遊時。 - 太好了!

  • And he convinced the Japanese government to help him make it better.


  • Takuro has spent six years trying to compete with Google.

    Takuro 花了六年時間試圖與谷歌競爭。

  • But for the first time in his life, this guy might actually have a shot at winning.


  • That's a minute, see you tomorrow.


  • Hi.


  • When you think of energy, you normally think of coal, you think of wind, you think of solar.


  • But what you don't think of is the poop of guinea pigs.


  • Yes, I have just arrived to a farm in the country of Peru, where these farmers created energy from the poop of guinea pigs.


  • This process is simple.


  • They take the poop of 1,000 guinea pigs, put it in underground chambers and pressure it.

    他們使用 1000 隻天竺鼠的排泄物,放在地下室裡並加壓。

  • And that creates methane gas that can power their farm appliances and light bulbs.


  • And the poop leftovers, they put in Coca Cola bottles called it CaCa Cola.

    還有,他們把剩下的排泄物放在可口可樂瓶裡,稱它為CaCa Cola。

  • Use it as a fertilizer to turn their entire farm green.


  • We make this product from the guinea pig poop.


  • This'll unique method is not enough to replace electricity.


  • But it shows that you can make something out of nothing!


  • That you can power a farm from guinea pig poop.


  • (Spanish) That's a minute, see you tomorrow!

    (西班牙文) 一分鐘了,我們明天見。

  • Before you go, one last thing.


  • That video you just saw I made using this camera and this microphone.


  • But for the first time ever, I'm ditching my camera and I'm picking up my podcasting equipment.

    但我有史以來第一次,拋棄了我的相機,拿起了我的 Podcast 設備。

  • Because, yes, I'm starting a podcast.

    是的沒錯,因為我開始做 Podcast 了。

  • It's called NasTalks.

    它叫做 NasTalks。

  • It's free.


  • And it's only on Spotify.

    只在 Spotify 上播放。

  • And if you liked that video, I think you're gonna love the podcast because I just wanted to make a podcast about things that I would listen to, about topics that I wanna listen to.

    如果你喜歡這個影片,我想你會喜歡上這 Podcast,因為我只是想做我想聽的主題的 Podcast。

  • Yes, NasTalks is 100% honest and raw and deep.

    是的,NasTalks 是 100% 誠實、真實、有深度的,

  • And by the way, it's 100% free.

    對了,它也是 100% 免費的。

  • So keep your money and give me your ears.


  • Because if you like this video, I think you're gonna love this podcast.

    因為如果你喜歡這個影片,我想你會喜歡這 Podcast 的。

  • See you on Spotify.

    Spotify 上見。

Meet Professor Mel.

他是 Mel 教授。

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