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  • greetings from Seoul South Korea after spending three action-packed days in the

    來自韓國首爾的問候 花了三個充滿活力的日子

  • capital it was time for a group to head over to the second biggest city in the

    資本是集團領導的時候了 到了第二大城市

  • country Liu San waking up bright and early we headed over to Seoul station to

    國家劉三醒來明亮而且 我們早早地前往首爾站

  • take the KTX which stands for Korea train express the nation's high-speed

    以KTX代表韓國 火車錶達了全國的高速

  • rail system after grabbing some quick coffees teas and snacks we boarded the

    鐵路系統搶了一些快 咖啡茶和小吃我們登上了

  • train to begin our adventures in Busan


  • alright guys we just got on the first class

    好吧,伙計們,我們剛剛開始了 類

  • love it very comfortable lots of legroom Wow

    喜歡它非常舒適很多腿部空間 哇

  • I'm gonna charge my batteries great part of our job let's charge your batteries

    我要給電池充電很大一部分 我們的工作讓你充電

  • there's also Wi-Fi onboard right yeah we've been ours I'm curious yeah guys

    右邊還有Wi-Fi,是的 我們一直是我們的,我很好奇,是的

  • like as well we got a little right stick yeah I got some green tea latte I think

    我們也有一點點正確的棍子 是的,我想有一些綠茶拿鐵

  • I have to go back to dummy internment again it's so good to try this snack is

    我必須回到假人的拘留所 嘗試這個零食真是太棒了

  • this called a hundred chime she'll stick I've never had a chop saw we're having

    這稱為百ch她會堅持 我從未見過我們所見過的印章

  • any chapstick it's my first time to try this Korean snack for the trade office

    任何章節都是我第一次嘗試 這是貿易辦公室的韓國小吃

  • I'm so sweetly really taste the honey but also got like a glaze on the outside

    親愛的,我真的很甜蜜 而且外面也像釉一樣

  • this is um I mean they have a lot of western-style Donuts but this is a more

    這是嗯,我的意思是他們有很多 西式甜甜圈,但這是一個更多

  • Korean item so it's really good and to wash it all down we've got the

    韓國產品,所以非常好 並把它洗乾淨我們已經得到了

  • green tea latte so right now we have a nice little snack it came with the first

    綠茶拿鐵所以現在我們有一個 第一個帶來的美味小點心

  • class actually see right here this is first-class amenities so Chris this is

    班級實際上看到的就是這裡 一流的設施,所以克里斯這是

  • your first time to take the TTX this is my first time to take the KTX I'm pretty

    你是第一次參加TTX 我第一次參加KTX我很漂亮

  • excited about it we're going from Seoul to Busan two and a half hours at 150

    對此感到興奮,我們要從首爾出發 150點到釜山兩個半小時

  • kilometers an hour faster 300 kilometers 300 will help us super fast so we're

    公里一小時快300公里 300將幫助我們超快速,所以我們

  • gonna be there like in no time we are we're basically going like a diagonals

    我們很快就會在那裡 我們基本上像對角線一樣

  • off the country Northwest the Northeast I'm also excited to have some snacks I

    離開西北的東北部 我也很興奮能吃點零食

  • got some ice cream teeth and Dunkin Donuts our second breakfast that's right

    得到了一些冰淇淋牙和Dunkin 甜甜圈我們的第二頓早餐是對的

  • I never have enough breakfast here they are feeding us quite well yeah yeah

    我在這裡從來沒有足夠的早餐 餵我們很好,是的,是的

  • you like your cape yeah yeah yeah I love you I love you it's very fast very fast

    你喜歡你的斗篷是的,是的,我喜歡 你我愛你,速度非常快

  • so efficient yeah always on time yeah all the time okay well we're in

    如此高效,總是準時 是的,我一直都好

  • Busan guys you ready to be here we are excited to be here especially for our

    釜山人你準備好了我們在這裡 我很高興能夠來到這裡

  • buffet yeah it's lunchtime long time is my favorite time Hank Iran

    自助餐是的午餐時間 很長一段時間是我最喜歡的時間漢克伊朗

  • is a Korean buffet yeah I hope better I wanted 20 different communities yeah

    是韓國自助餐是啊我希望我更好 想要20個不同的社區

  • kimchi challenge let's do it mukbang let's do it so we have arrived in Busan

    泡菜挑戰讓我們做mukbang 讓我們這樣做,所以我們到了釜山

  • and like the others were saying it is time for lunch we are going for a buffet

    就像其他人說的那樣 午餐時間我們要去吃自助餐

  • I'm not sure if it's Korean or other food but I'm hungry I can't wait to have

    我不確定它是韓國人還是其他人 食物,但我很餓,我等不及了

  • some thank guys if you're traveling in Korea you have to consider taking the

    如果你正在旅行,有些感謝你們 韓國你必須考慮採取

  • KTX like it is fantastic such an efficient train service it arrives on

    像這樣的KTX太棒了 它到達的高效火車服務

  • time and you can cross basically the whole country from Seoul which is in the

    時間和你基本上可以交叉了 來自首爾的全國

  • northwest to blue sandwiches in the southeast in just 2 hours and 15 minutes

    西北到藍三明治 東南僅需2小時15分鐘

  • that's pretty remarkable so what did you think of the first KTX ride yeah gonna

    這非常了不起,你做了什麼 想到第一次KTX騎車是的

  • be doing bus we're gonna be doing that twice yeah it's very similar to the one

    做公共汽車,我們會這樣做 兩次,是的,它與那個非常相似

  • in Japan yeah similar to the shrink in Zen okay

    在日本 是的,類似於禪的收縮好吧

  • you know very similar seating this one has you know charging station you're

    你知道非常相似的座位 你知道充電站嗎?

  • gonna stress with your legs two to one configuration and one it depends to -

    要用雙腳一對一的壓力 配置和它取決於 -

  • yeah of a really fast 190 miles per hour 300 kilometers yeah only took 2 hours

    是的,每小時190英里 300公里耶,只花了2個小時

  • and 15 minutes if you do that drive it's over 5 hours you know you know what I

    15分鐘,如果你這樣做驅動它 超過5個小時,你知道你知道我

  • love about it to you it's like whisper quiet inside

    喜歡它,就像耳語 安靜的里面

  • so for lunch today we are going to VIPs which is a buffet apparently they

    所以今天午餐我們要去VIP 這顯然是自助餐

  • specialize in both Western and Korean style food especially they're known for

    專攻西方和韓國 風味食品尤其是他們的名氣

  • salads salad buffet so always looking to eat healthy you know it's okay like a

    沙拉沙拉自助餐所以一直期待著 吃健康你知道它好像是一個

  • lot of greasy food as well it's gonna be nice to get some greens and some healthy

    很多油膩的食物也會如此 很高興獲得一些果嶺和一些健康

  • food in for lunch so I had a little look here earlier it's a really nice

    吃午飯的食物所以我有點看 這裡早些時候它非常好

  • combination of Western and Korean there's also a really big dessert

    西方和韓國的結合 還有一個非常大的甜點

  • section obviously we're gonna get savory items first I'm gonna start off here

    部分顯然我們會得到美味 項目首先我要從這裡開始

  • with read and hopefully it is known as single

    同 閱讀並希望它被稱為單身

  • nope go ahead you see there's a lot of tofu

    不 你還能看到有很多豆腐

  • here has a kind of a watery base vinegarette just gonna put a little bit

    這裡有一種水基 vinegarette只是放一點點

  • there did you know veggie weeks we're gonna grab a bit of that lots of

    你知道我們的素食週嗎? 要抓住那麼多

  • gochujang sauce lots of red pepper paste look at this guy's

    gochujang醬大量的紅辣椒醬 看看這傢伙的

  • these are rice cakes and a red pepper paste sauce called gochujang sauce I

    這些是年糕和紅辣椒 醬醬叫做gochujang醬我

  • grab some of that just like this plop it onto the plate

    抓住一些像這樣的東西 在盤子上

  • so my colorful plate has arrived at the table I brought it here myself

    所以我的彩色盤子已經到了 桌子我把它帶到了這裡

  • so I'm gonna start with the mixed veggie salad here it looks so fresh guys so

    所以我要從混合素食開始 這裡的沙拉看起來很新鮮

  • colorful red gochujang sauce reminds me so much of the salad we had their first

    五顏六色的紅色gochujang醬讓我想起 我們第一次吃了很多沙拉

  • barbecue mmm super spicy who the late-onset okay let's move on to the

    燒烤mmm超辣的人 遲發的好吧讓我們繼續前進

  • tofu


  • Oh nice soft tofu really like the texture

    哦 好軟的豆腐真的很像質地

  • next up I've got the spicy red looks like washed noodles with the vegetables

    接下來,我有辛辣的紅色外觀 喜歡用蔬菜洗麵條

  • those are cold noodles so they taste a bit like gum I believe it's called

    那些是冷面,所以他們嚐一嘗 有點像口香糖我相信它被稱為

  • naengmyeon bibim naengmyeon which i believe is like a mixed cold noodle with

    naengmyeon bibim naengmyeon i 相信就像一個混合冷面

  • red pepper paste so here we have the pork for barbecue

    紅辣椒醬所以我們在這裡 燒烤豬肉

  • super tender the piece I just drop out a little bit fat to which I kind of like

    超級嫩的這件我剛輟學了 有點胖,我有點喜歡

  • and the sauce and the sauce is what makes it it's unreal I'm about beer yeah

    醬汁和醬汁是什麼 讓它變得不真實我是關於啤酒的

  • we got Jade you pay long Hale closes from is brewed in Jeju Korea which is

    我們得到Jade,你支付長期Hale關閉 來自韓國濟州島的釀造

  • like the famous island in a South semi-tropical island and I've never

    喜歡南方著名的島嶼 半熱帶島嶼,我從來沒有

  • hired alcohol from there


  • Oh oh my gosh did I school like I could have asked her a better drink he's got a

    哦,天哪,我的學校就像我一樣 她問過一個他喝的更好的飲料

  • crafter your tastes a little grapefruit II love it man nice and light so I just

    你的口味有點葡萄柚 我愛它,男人好看又輕,所以我只是

  • got a couple things up to try it I'm going to try the dope cookie spicy rice

    我有幾件事要嘗試一下 去嘗試塗鴉餅乾辣米飯

  • cakes with the gochujang sauce it's also good well I love about this the doctor

    與gochujang醬的蛋糕也是 我很喜歡這個醫生

  • gave sauce it's obviously really spicy there's also a bit sweet too we've added

    送醬汁顯然很辣 我們也添加了一些甜點

  • some sugar really tasty and this is a this is just a personal favorite of mine

    一些糖真的好吃,這是一個 這只是我個人的最愛

  • the salmon o Sole tundra it's like a smoked salmon love that and the final

    鮭魚o Sole tundra它就像一個 煙熏三文魚喜歡那個和最後的

  • thing for me to try is a squidding fun so I don't know if there's anything in

    對我來說,嘗試的是一個簡單的樂趣 所以我不知道是否有任何內容

  • the middle I'm gonna dissect it see if I can show you guys

    中間我會解剖它,看看我 可以告訴你們

  • no it just looks like it is a squid ink fun it's black throat it's obviously

    不,它看起來像是魷魚墨水 有趣的是它的黑色喉嚨很明顯

  • been dyed black and let's give that a try

    染黑了,讓我們給它一個 嘗試

  • that's really interesting there's been a bit of a fishy salty flavor Wow

    這真的很有意思 有點咸腥味哇

  • I've never had anything quite legen to be honest I think you should walk you

    我從未有過任何相當的事情 說實話,我覺得你應該走你的路

  • down with the beer yeah anyways guys this is round 1 we will be having many

    無論如何,喝啤酒是的 這是第1輪我們會有很多

  • more rounds this is a buffet so off to a great start and for the second round

    更多回合這是一個自助餐,所以關閉 偉大的開始和第二輪

  • which I'm not sure if I'll show you guys I'm flying to try some of the western

    我不確定我是否會告訴你們 我要飛去嘗試西部的一些

  • options dude you're on round 3 dude like I can't I don't make it to the

    選項老兄,你在第3輪 老兄喜歡我不能不做到

  • table I eat on the way is that good would you favorite thing you've had here

    我在途中吃的桌子就是那麼好 你最喜歡這裡的東西嗎?

  • for the buffet the pork pork pork yeah dude it literally I said it before in my

    自助豬肉豬肉豬肉是的 從字面上看,我之前在我的演講中說過

  • video tastes like brisket like freakin texas-style brisket nice tender pork

    視頻味道像牛腩一樣喜歡瘋狂 得克薩斯風格的牛腩好嫩豬肉

  • nice barbecue sauce like it's been like marinades delicious sauce and this like

    很棒的燒烤醬就像它一樣 醃料美味醬和這樣的

  • spicy noodles


  • today where we come next it's called gum Shan cultural village

    今天我們接下來 它被稱為膠山文化村

  • one of the most touristic spots in the city but it's really nice this place

    這是該地區最具旅遊景點之一 城市,但這個地方真的很棒

  • really started in the late 1950s you know after the Korean War

    真的是在20世紀50年代末開始的 朝鮮戰爭後知道

  • a lot of the northern Korean refugees settled here and then it just became a

    很多北朝鮮難民 在這裡定居然後它就變成了一個

  • really poppin place I mean in terms of color I mean just like color everywhere

    我的意思是真正的poppin地方 顏色我的意思就像到處都是顏色

  • and the way their houses are it's like a hill you can see was saying it's like a

    和他們的房子的方式就像一個 山,你可以看到說它就像一個

  • mini like Machu Picchu you know on a hill and all the houses are like one

    迷你像馬丘比丘你知道嗎 山和所有的房子就像一個

  • room one kitchen no bathrooms when they use a communal bathroom and right now it

    房間一個廚房,他們沒有浴室 使用公共浴室,現在就可以了

  • just makes it like cafes you know they've had like touristic shops yeah

    就像你知道的咖啡館吧 他們就像旅遊商店一樣

  • food too will come here later when we come to the busan by the time yeah we're

    我們以後食物也會來這裡 我們到的時候來到釜山

  • gonna come and do a street food thing but where now we're going to do is we're

    要來做街頭小吃的事 但現在我們要做的就是我們

  • gonna walk around like an hour and they're gonna get some soju

    要走了一個小時左右 他們會得到一些燒酒

  • what a view where are we this is the most of anything ever we're here a

    我們這是什麼意見 我們在這裡的大部分事情都是在這裡

  • little cafe called Oran cafe yeah like right at the beginning and basically

    小咖啡館叫奧蘭咖啡館,是的 在開始和基本上

  • from here there's a cafe obviously in the bottom top we have this little

    從這裡開始有一家咖啡館 最下面我們有這個小

  • terrace with an incredible lookout point part of the best view we've seen all

    露台有一個令人難以置信的瞭望點 我們所見過的最好的觀點的一部分

  • busan just incredible look at that I mean the poor up with something to the

    釜山只是不可思議地看著我 意味著窮人的東西

  • poor and you can see all the buildings yeah so there's only like two or three

    窮人,你可以看到所有的建築物 是的,所以只有兩三個

  • villains that are a little tall you know a little higher than everything but

    你知道的有點高的惡棍 比一切都高一點

  • usually it goes lower and lower lower lower so we are chilling like villains

    通常它越來越低 更低,所以我們像惡棍一樣令人不寒而栗

  • here in Busan it's incredible I'm loving the breeze the port vibe it's just it's

    在釜山這裡我很有愛心 微風端口的氣氛就是這樣

  • a completely different city from Seoul I'm like I'm picking up a different vibe

    與首爾完全不同的城市 我喜歡我正在採取不同的氛圍

  • over here something I really like glad we're gonna be spending some time here

    在這裡,我真的很高興 我們要在這裡度過一段時間

  • and not just now but also the two of us are heading back which is awesome but in

    不僅僅是現在,還有我們兩個人 正在向前走,這很棒,但在

  • terms of recapping what we did today I mean taking the the KTX train was so

    重申我們今天所做的事情的條款我 意味著乘坐KTX列車是如此

  • fast and efficient I felt like we was just like the shortest ride ever I had a

    快速高效我覺得我們就是這樣 就像我有過最短的車程一樣

  • couple conversations and like by the time we arrived in Busan I felt like the

    夫妻的談話和喜歡的 我們到達釜山的時候感覺就像是

  • shortest ride ever basically it's just two hours and 15 minutes and we had a

    最短的騎行基本上只是它 兩小時15分鐘,我們有一個

  • top notch buffet so good and then just being able to walk out here and like

    頂級自助餐這麼好,然後就是 能夠走出這裡,喜歡

  • have a view of the city with this vantage points unreal so if you're

    有這個城市的景色 有利點不真實所以如果你是

  • coming to Busan you definitely have to come to this area and yeah it's just the

    來釜山,你一定要 來到這個地區,是的,這只是

  • beginning of our adventures here so be sure to stay tuned give this video a

    我們冒險的開始就在這裡 一定要保持關注,給這個視頻一個

  • thumbs up leave a comment below subscribe to our Channel Samuel and

    豎起大拇指在下面發表評論 訂閱我們的頻道塞繆爾和

  • Audrey under Matt beyond the camera there's been here David's been here we

    奧德麗在馬特超越相機 大衛一直在這裡我們

  • will see you soon with more Korean food and travel adventures

    很快就能見到你更多的韓國美食 和旅行冒險

greetings from Seoul South Korea after spending three action-packed days in the

來自韓國首爾的問候 花了三個充滿活力的日子


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Delicious Korean Buffet + First impressions of Busan, Korea

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