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  • [gentle ukelele music]


  • [S]: Ooooooooh.


  • [S]: Starting off...


  • [S]: the day...

    [S]: 這一天...

  • [S]: with a good snuggle session. [M]: Well, SOMEBODY


  • [M]: slept on my head

    [M]: 睡在我頭上

  • [M]: the whole night.


  • [S]: Ooooh. [M]: So now,

    [S]:Ooooh. [M].[M]:所以現在。

  • [M]: I'm gonna wake him up


  • [M]: and sleep on HIS head.


  • [S]: Is that right, Meemer? [M]: Oh, you're so-- so soft and nice.

    [S]:是這樣嗎,Meemer?[M]:哦,你是如此... ... 如此柔軟和漂亮。

  • [S]: Hey Ducky, you know what else is gonna be really nice?


  • [M]: What?

    [M]:[M]: 什麼?

  • [S]: Hundred-dollar mango, hundred-dollar mango~ ♫

    百元芒果,百元芒果~ ?

  • [S]: Hundred-dollar, hundred-dollar, hundred-dollar mango~ ♫ [M]: [whining and sobbing] Oh-ho nooooo, I'm not readyyyyyyy!

    百元,百元,百元芒果~ ?我還沒準備好!

  • [S]: Hundred-dollar mango, hundred-dollar mango~ ♫

    百元芒果,百元芒果~ ?

  • [S]: Hundred-dollar mango, hundred-dollar mango~ ♫

    百元芒果,百元芒果~ ?

  • [S]: Hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-dollar mango~ ♫

    [S]:百元芒果~ ?

  • [S]: Hundred-dollar mango, hundred-dollar mango~ ♫

    百元芒果,百元芒果~ ?

  • [S]: Hundred, hundred, hundred, hundred, hundred! ♫


  • [S]: [kiss kiss kiss kiss] MANGO [kiss kiss kiss kiss] MANGO

    [S]:[親親親親]芒果 [親親親親]芒果?

  • [S]: Hundred hun-- hun-- [Simon's singing transitions to Baby When You Move Your Bod-ay ♫] [Meemers says something, unclear]

    Hundred hun... hun... [Simon的歌聲過渡到Baby When You Move Your Bod -ay] [Meemers說什麼,不清楚]

  • [S]: MANGO

    [S]: MANGO

  • [S]: Oh yeah, boi!


  • [S]: Look at me ridin' my bike!


  • [S]: With my hundred-dollar mango!


  • [S]: I got a man-goHundred-dollar man-go

    [S]:我得到了一個芒果 百元芒果?

  • [S]: Saw a fifty dollar mango, though, "Is that good enough?" NAH. ♪

    [S]:看到一個50元的芒果,雖然, "這是很好的不夠?"NAH。♪

  • [S]: Hundred-dollar man-gooo

    [S]: Hundred-dollar man -gooo?

  • [S]: This video cost one hundred and six dollars to make.


  • [S]: THIS mango was six dollars,


  • [S]: and this one was a hundred.


  • [M]: I don't even remember how we used to shoot these videos-- [S]: How did we do these-- well,

    [M]:我都不記得我們以前是怎麼拍這些視頻的了... [S],

  • [S]: we usually started the video with me going out to get the fruit... [M]: Yes, mm-hmm.

    [S]:我們通常開始的視頻 我出去得到的水果... ...[M]:是的,MM -HMM。

  • [S]: And then me SINGING about the fruit, [M]: Yes.

    [S]:然後我唱歌的水果,[M]。[M]: Yes.

  • [S]: and then me singing about how Martina's not going to be interested in this, [M]: Yes.

    [S]: and then me singing about how Martina's not going to be interested in this, [M]:[M]: Yes.

  • [S]: but today, you're all on-board!


  • [M]: I am!


  • [ominous bass piano keysmash]


  • [S]: I haven't been this hyped-- like, this is the most exciting-- [M]: [whispering] Ha-bap-bap-bap!

    [S]:我還沒有這個hyped -- 喜歡,這是最令人興奮的 - [M]:[竊竊私語]哈,拍,拍,拍!

  • [M]: [forced] Everything's fine!


  • [Martina goes into wheezing coughing fit]


  • [M]: Now, the reason I'm so excited about this is because before when we got expensive fruit,


  • [M]: I never really knew if it was in or out of season,

    [M]:我從來沒有真正知道 如果它是在或不在季節。

  • [M]: because those white strawberries we did, [S]: Yeah.

    [M]:因為我們做的那些白草莓,[S]。[S]: Yeah.

  • [M]: remember they came into season a little bit before the strawberries?


  • [S]: Right before their peak season is when we got them.

    [S]:Right before their peak season is when we got them. Right before their peak season is when we got them.

  • [M]: Yeah, and when we got them, a lot of people were saying that if they didn't taste great, we might not have gotten them at the right time.

    [M]:是啊,當我們得到了他們, 很多人都說, 如果他們沒有味道很大, 我們可能沒有得到他們 在正確的時間。

  • [S]: Uh-huh. [M]: So all the other-- the fruits that we've gotten so far, I've been really hesitant.

    [S]:Uh -huh.[M]:所以,所有其他 - 水果 我們已經得到了這麼遠, 我一直很猶豫。

  • [M]: "Is this the right time of year?" [S]: Right! [M]: "How do I know?"

    [M]:"現在是合適的時間嗎?"[S]:[S]: 對![M]:"我怎麼知道?"

  • [S]: But this, for sure, 100%


  • [S]: IS the perfect season,


  • [S]: for this mango.


  • [M]: And the way they fall off the stem guarantees that they are plucked at the exact time period.


  • [S]: Because they're not actually PLUCKED. [M]: They're not pulled by hands,


  • [S]: They let them fall into their own little nets that catch them before they hit the ground [Gregorian chanting music]

    [S]:They let them fall into their own little nets that catch them before they hit the ground [Gregorian chanting music] (格里高利聖歌音樂)

  • [S]: and get bruised, and every single net is individually placed on every mango-- [Gregorian chanting]

    [S]:並得到傷痕累累,每一個網單獨放在每一個芒果--[格里高利吟唱] 。

  • [Gregorian chanting]

    [Gregorian chanting]

  • [M]: How about you open this lid and show everybody so we can compare the two? Open the baby up, here. [S]: Okay, so--

    [M]:要不你把這個蓋子打開給大家看看,我們可以比較一下?打開寶貝,在這裡。[S]:好吧,所以 -

  • [M]: Ahhhhhhh ♪ [S]: This mango comes in a box.


  • [M]: It's called the Red Egg.


  • [S]: Beautiful. I want you to see side by side how these look.


  • [S]: You can see the pores on here, you can see the battle scars, the crosses-- [sad flute]

    [S]:你可以看到這裡的毛孔, 你可以看到戰鬥的傷疤, 十字架 - [悲傷的笛聲] 。

  • [M]: This mango looks like a mango, and this mango looks like something Daenerys would have [sad flute]

    [M]:這個芒果看起來像一個芒果, 而這個芒果看起來像什麼 丹妮莉絲會有[悲傷的笛聲] 。

  • [M]: that she-- that she would be like, "It's a-- it's a baby dragon egg!" [S]: This--

    [M]: 她 - 她會像, "這是一個 - 這是一個小龍蛋!"[S]:這 -

  • [M]: Did you guys see that I changed my hair?


  • [M]: I changed my hair. [S]: Let's see, alright...


  • [M]: My hair's silver now. [S]: So...

    [M]:我的頭髮是銀色的了。[S]:[S]: So...

  • [Both]: Oh. [M]: Oh boy. Whomp whomp.

    [兩個]。[Both]: Oh.[M]:哦,男孩。Whomp whomp。

  • [S]: Whomp whomp.

    [S]:Whomp whomp.

  • [M]: So... what do we do?

    [M]:那麼... 我們該怎麼辦?

  • [M]: That was five dollars, huh?


  • [S]: This was six! [M]: Six dollars. [S]: Six.


  • [S]: Look at that! [M]: Look at this.

    [S]:看那! - [M]:[M]:看看這個。

  • [S]: I'm gonna cut off the bad part. Because we just need to taste this, right?


  • [S]: Okay, so you grab-- [M]: I've grown very attached to this mango now. [S]: I know!

    [S]:好吧,所以你搶 - [M]:我已經長大了非常重視 這個芒果現在。[S]:[S]: 我知道!

  • [S]: It's such a beautiful mango that I don't even want to cut it up.


  • [S]: Here, let's try the bad one first. [M]: Put it back.


  • [S]: Really dark in the center, are we gonna get diarrhea? Who knows.

    [S]:真的很黑暗的中心, 我們會得到腹瀉?誰知道呢。

  • [M]: Sweet for sure, though.


  • [S]: It's a very sweet, juicy mango. [M]: It's pretty good, it's competing against a ripe mango. [S]: Wow.

    [S]:這是一個非常甜蜜,多汁的芒果。[M]:這是相當不錯的,它的競爭 對一個成熟的芒果。[S]:[S]: Wow.

  • [M]: Mmm.

    [M]:[M]: Mmm.

  • [S]: What does yours smell like?


  • [S]: What do you think? On the count of three, we're gonna say it! [M]: Well--

    [S]:[S]: What do you think?在數到三,我們要去說它![M]:[M]: Well --

  • [S]: One, two, three-- J*zz.


  • [Martina laughing loudly]


  • [M]: It smells like...


  • [M]: when you clean a countertop with bleach. [S]: Yup.

    [M]:當你用漂白劑清洗檯面時。[S]:[S]: Yup.

  • [M]: And it has a bit of a... [S]: There you go. OR it smells like that season in Toronto

    [M]:它有一點... ...[S]:你去那裡。或者它的氣味像多倫多的那個季節

  • [S]: where all the trees... [M]: We called them the C*m Trees.

    [S]: 哪裡所有的樹...[M]:我們叫他們C*m樹。

  • [S]: The C*m Trees. [M]: We'd walk around and we'd go,

    [S]:[S]: The C*m Trees.[M]:我們會走來走去,我們會去。

  • [M]: "Something smells real weird here."


  • [S]: And this smells VERY j*zzy.


  • [S]: This is a delicious mango. [M]: Okay, it's extremely sweet--

    [S]:這是一個美味的芒果。[M]:好吧,這是非常甜 -

  • [M]: You've got some competition, miyazaki.


  • [M]: The miyazaki mango's supposed to be a MINIMUM of 350g in size,


  • [S]: Mm-hmm. [M]: it has to have 15% sugar content,

    [S]:[S]: Mm -hmm.[M]:它必須有15%的糖含量。

  • [S]: Damn, girl, how'd you memorize this?


  • [M]: I dunno, SMART!


  • [S]: Now let's try... the best mango possible.

    [S]:現在讓我們試試... 最好的芒果。

  • [S]: Is this worth ninety-four more dollars...?


  • [M]: Ah-- the answer is no! The answer is no, by the way. [S]: And the other one-- the answer is no! The answer's no.

    [M]:啊--答案是否定的!答案是否定的,順便說一句。[S]:而另一個 - 答案是否定的!答案是否定的。

  • [S]: Girl, I'm so nervous. [M]: Well you better hurry this stuff up 'cause it's only a one-time shot.

    [S]:女孩,我很緊張。[M]:好吧,你最好快點這個東西了 因為它只有一個一次性的拍攝。

  • [M]: Sh*t now it's pushing down on the countertop! [S]: It's pushing down on the table!

    [M]:Sh*t now it's pushing down on the countopt! [S].[S]:它的推下來的表!

  • [S]: There you go... [M]: Ooooh!

    [S]:你去那裡...[M]:[M]: Ooooh!

  • [S]: Wow, look at that colour there!


  • [M]: Does not smell like j*zz!


  • [S]: This, just, you can see how it's glistening!


  • [M]: If this is a hundred-dollar mango and we can't really eat the inside part, [S]: Right...

    [M]:如果這是一個百元的芒果 我們真的不能吃裡面的部分,[S]。[S]: Right...

  • [M]: that means each one of these pieces is basically, like, $45.


  • [M]: Good luck! [S]: And DON'T f*ck it up. [M]: Yeah.

    [M]:[M]: Good luck! [S]:不要搞砸了。[M]:[M]: 是啊。

  • [S]: Ohh my gosh, this just looks so much cleaner,


  • [S]: it doesn't look as porous and empty and cavernous...


  • [M]: Wow, this looks like-- almost like it's fake.

    [M]:哇,這看起來像 - 幾乎像它是假的。

  • [S]: Doesn't this? Madam. [M]: Alright.

    [S]:不這樣嗎?夫人。 [M]:[M]:[M]: 好吧。

  • [M]: I don't know how to eat this without mashing my face in it.

    [M]:我不知道如何吃這個 不搗毀我的臉在裡面。

  • [loud slurping]


  • [M]: It's somehow managing to be both super sweet and tart at the same time. [S]: Yeah.

    [M]:這是不知何故管理 既超級甜和酸在同一時間。[S]:[S]: Yeah.

  • [S]: Right! [M]: Like a sour candy.

    [S]:[S]: Right![M]:像一個酸的糖果。

  • [S]: Now, let's try the... six dollar one again and see what tastes different.

    [S]:現在,讓我們試試... 六美元的再次 看看有什麼不同的味道。

  • [loud slurping]


  • [S]: Oh, yeah. Night and day.

    [S]:[S]: 哦,是的。白天和黑夜。

  • [M]: 'Kay, this tastes like mush, now. It tastes like super sugary mush. [S]: This just tastes like... mush.

    [M]:"凱,這味道像泥,現在。它的味道像超級糖漿。[S]:這只是味道像... 糊。

  • [M]: Which is obviously, is because it seems to [have] received a horrible ass-kicking. [S]: Yeah.

    [M]:這顯然是因為它似乎被人踢了個稀巴爛。[S]:[S]: Yeah.

  • [S]: This definitely-- [M]: Like... this is mango cruelty, that this occurred to this mango.

    [S]:這絕對 - [M]:就像... ... 這是芒果的殘酷, 這發生在這個芒果。

  • [M]: The lack of texture actually makes it just mush into a single flavour.


  • [S]: Yeah! Right. [M]: It just tastes like unflavoured sugar.

    [S]:[S]: Yeah!是啊![M]:它只是嚐起來像無味糖。

  • [S]: As soon as you bite into it, it just all falls apart. Like cotton candy, in a way. [M]: One f-- one tone.

    [S]:只要你咬上一口, 它只是所有分崩離析。像棉花糖,在某種程度上。[M]:一個f -- 一個音。

  • [M]: Yeah! So, cotton candy has one tone. [S]: Yeah.

    [M]:[M]: Yeah! 所以,棉花糖只有一種顏色。所以,棉花糖有一個音。[S]:[S]: Yeah.

  • [M]: You eat it, and it's, like, one flavour.


  • [M]: But when you eat this mango, it has a crunch, which releases something sour, [S]: Mm-hmm.

    [M]:但是,當你吃這個芒果, 它有一個脆, 這釋放的東西酸,[S]。[S]: MM -HMM。

  • [M]: but not sour like tart, like a good tart. [S]: Yeah.

    [M]:但不像撻那樣酸,像好的撻。[S]:[S]: Yeah.

  • [M]: And then it has the sweet, and then it has, like, an apple-y taste.

    [M]:然後它有甜, 然後它有一樣, 蘋果 -Y的味道。

  • [S]: This is the best mango, without a doubt, that I've ever had in my life.

    [S]:這是最好的芒果,毫無疑問, 我曾經在我的生活。

  • [M]: Yeah. You know when you have dried mango from the Philippines?

    [M]:[M]: 是的,你知道當你有菲律賓的芒果乾?你知道當你有幹芒果 從菲律賓?

  • [S]: Oh, wow! [M]: And the dried mango tastes

    [S]:[S]: Oh, wow![M]:和芒果乾的味道

  • [M]: way sweeter than normal mango 'cause it's been, like, tossed in sugar or something? [S]: Mm-hmm, right, right.

    [M]:方式比正常的芒果甜 因為它一直一樣,折騰在糖什麼?[S]:嗯,嗯,對,對。

  • [M]: It tastes like this, without the sugar.


  • [M]: Hello, Meemers! [S]: Hello, Meemers!

    你好,Meemers!你好 Meemers!

  • [M]: I'm taking the "cheap mango"... [S]: Alright...

    [M]:我採取 "廉價芒果"... ...[S]:[S]: Alright...

  • [M]: I theorize that hot pepper flakes lime on a mango that isn't quite ready [S]: Uh-huh.

    [M]:我理論上說,熱辣椒片青檸 芒果,是不是很準備[S]。[S]: Uh-huh。

  • [M]: either over- or under-ripe would taste better.


  • [S]: Right. [M]: Where we had it before on a really, really good mango

    [S]:[S]: Right.[M]:在那裡,我們有它之前 在一個非常,非常好的芒果,

  • [M]: and it ruined the flavour, almost? [S]: Yeah, it did, it did!


  • [M]: Are you risking a cube? [S]: With the expensive one...


  • [S]: Gets in the way. [M]: Yeah! [S]: It's definitely a lot better on its own.

    [S]:Gets in the way. [M].[M]:[M]: Yeah! [S]: Gets in the way.[S]:這絕對是一個更好的很多自己。

  • [S]: When you have a fruit that's AS perfect as this, you don't need to add anything to it.

    [S]:當你有一個水果 這是完美的,因為這個, 你不需要添加任何東西。

  • [M]: Oh-oh-ohhhhhh. [whining]


  • [S]: Is he snuggling up? [M]: Yeah.

    [S]:他是依偎著?[M]:[M]: 是啊。

  • [M]: Meemers, I really wanna pet you, buddy.

    [M]:Meemers, I really wanna pet you, buddy. Meemers,我真的很想摸摸你,夥計。

  • [M]: But I'm so sticky. [S]: But you're so sticky.


  • [S]: And I know for some people you might say, "It's just mango, I've had mango."


  • [S]: But once you get to a level of, like, really high-level stuff,

    [S]:但是,一旦你到了一個水準, 像,真正的高級的東西,

  • [S]: there are differences in flavours, and I can see that with this


  • [S]: to a huge degree. [M]: Think we--


  • [M]: AHHHHH!


  • [M]: NAAAH!


  • [S]: You suck that table, girl! [M]: I didn't! I didn't drop it.

    [S]:你吸,表,女孩![M]:[M]: 我沒有!我沒有放棄它。

  • [S]: Where'd it g-- there's-- is that piece? [M]: Right there.

    [S]:它在哪裡g -- 有 -- 是那塊?[M]:就在那裡。

  • [M]: There we are, look, everything's fine.


  • [S]: Whooooooa.


  • [M]: [with mango in her mouth] Eight dollars.


  • [S]: Eight dollars!


  • [M]: It's what we're having for dinner tonight!


  • [M]: If you guys happen to be watching this via the premiere and you are livestreaming with us right now,

    [M]:如果你們碰巧在看這個通過首映式 和你是直播與我們現在,

  • [M]: let us know in the comments section what is the next expensive fruit you'd like to see us do. [roaring sfx]


  • [S]: Now here's the next question:


  • [S]: how do you share the middle seed of a mango?


  • [S]: You peel the outside and then you just start sucking it all around, right? [M]: Let's see? Good question.


  • [S]: What's the right way to share-- [M]: S'cuse me. I'm eating it!

    [S]:什麼是正確的方式來分享 - [M]:S'cuse我。我吃它!

  • [S]: Wh'd'y-- you just walking away, girl?!

    [S]:WH'D Y -- 你只是走開,女孩? !

  • [S]: Wh-- you lickin' my mango! Our mango.

    [S]:WH -- 你舔我的芒果!我們的芒果。

  • [M]: What're you gonna do about it?


  • [S]: I'm gonna, just, like, rub my sticky hands all over your shirt! [M]: What're you gonna d--

    [S]:我要去,只是一樣,擦我的粘手 所有在你的襯衫![M]:你打算怎麼d --

  • [M]: What're you gonna do about it?


  • [S]: Alright, people are gonna see some handmarks on your shirt.

    [S]:好吧,人們會看到一些手印 在你的襯衫。

  • [M]: No they won't! No they won't!


  • [S]: C'mere, girl, you gotta share with me! C'mon. [M]: Nope. You're too big, you'll never be able to chase me.

    [S]:C'mere,女孩,你得與我分享!C'mere,女孩,你得與我分享! 來吧。[M]:[M]: 不。你太大, 你永遠無法追逐我。

  • [S]: This is such a delicate, small house! [M]: Nope.

    [S]:這是一個如此精緻,小房子![M]:[M]: Nope.

  • [S]: Ducky. [M]: Nope.

    [S]:Ducky.[M]:[M]: Nope.

  • [S]: I think mango is a fruit that you can't share seductively.


  • [S]: Like, grapes you could share with each other seductively, or, like, chocolate dip, but

    [S]:就像,葡萄,你可以分享 與對方誘惑, 或者,像,巧克力浸,但。

  • [S]: what can you do with...

    [S]:你能做什麼... ...



  • [S]: How do you erotically eat your fruit? [M]: Well how do YOU erotically eat your hundred-dollar fruit?


  • [S]: [gasps] Here you go.


  • [S]: Mmm! [M]: There's lots to go. Mmmmm.

    [S]:[S]: Mmm![M]:有很多去。Mmmmmmm.[S]:

  • [S]: Alright, enough with the "mmm"s and back to the sharing, I had a little nibble!

    [S]:好了,夠了與 "嗯 "的 和回分享, 我有一個小nibble!

  • [M]: Oh, sorry. [S]: You had two big beefy bites! [M]: Mmmm.

    [M]:[M]: 哦,對不起。[S]:你有兩個大牛肉咬![M]:[M]: Mmmm。

  • [M]: Mama didn't raise no fool. With Simon around...


  • [M]: Simon's like, "Do you wanna get a hundred-dollar mango?" I'm like, "Yup."


  • [S]: Yep! [M]: And I'm gonna eat it all.

    [S]:[S]: Yep![M]:而我要去吃這一切。

  • [S]: Yeah, this was the best mango I've ever had in my entire life. [M]: Yeah it was the super [unclear]

    [S]:是啊,這是最好的芒果 我曾經在我的整個生活。[M]:是啊,這是超級[不清楚]

  • [S]: I honestly don't know how to compare it to any other mango apart from, like, its shape and kind of its taste.

    [S]:老實說,我不知道如何比較 它與任何其他芒果 除了一樣,它的形狀和那種它的味道。

  • [S]: That's a stupid thing to say, of course it tastes like a mango, but this is

    [S]:這是一個愚蠢的事情,說, 當然,它的味道像一個芒果,但這是。

  • [S]: the essence of mango. [M]: AHHHH!


  • [M]: Everything's fine!


  • [S]: I think that means that we should do more. I heard [M]: Hnmmmmmmm...

    [S]:我認為這意味著我們應該做得更多。我聽到[M]:嗯嗯嗯... ...

  • [S]: that they have thousand-dollar rice.


  • [Moonlight Sonata plays]


  • [M]: Are you jok--? NO.

    [M]:你是在開玩笑 - ?沒有。

  • [M]: The answer is no, we're not doing thousand-dollar rice.


  • [S]: I HEARD that there's thousand-dollar rice. [M]: Look--

    [S]:我聽說有千元大米。[M]:看 -

  • [S]: We need thousand-dollar rice. [M]: That's not happening.


  • [S]: I think someone in the comment section is gonna be like, [M]: NO.

    [S]:我想有人在評論區 是要去像,[M]:[M]: No.

  • [S]: "F*CK THAT! No way!" [M]: No, exactly! Martina's on board with you.

    [S]:"F*CK THAT!沒辦法!"[M]:不,正是!瑪蒂娜的船上與你。

  • [S]: I don't care. [M]: No, it's not happening.


  • [M]: We're not doing thousand-dollar rice. [S]: Thousand-dollar rice.


  • [S]: Leave in the comments section "yes" if we should and "yes" if we shouldn't--

    [S]:如果我們應該,請在評論區留下 "是",如果我們不應該,請留下 "是"。

  • [S]: I'm waiting to see your answer. [M]: I'll accept it as backwards writing where everything-- yes means no.

    [S]:我等著看你的回答。[M]:我接受它作為倒退的寫作 其中一切 - 是意味著沒有。

  • [S]: Thanks for watching us get sticky with each other, everybody.

    [S]:謝謝你看我們得到粘性 與對方,大家。

  • [M]: Gettin' sticky with it

    [M]:Gettin' Sticky with it

  • [to the tune of Gettin' Jiggy Wit It] NA NA NANA NA NANA

    [伴著《Gettin' Jiggy Wit It》的旋律] NA NA NANA NA NANA ?

  • [Both]: NA NA NANA NA NA get sticky with it! ♫

    [都有]。NA NA NANA NA NA NA 獲得粘性!♫

  • [S]: I should have known. [somber piano music]


  • [S]: All the signs were there. She's just...


  • [S]: A bit too eager, wasn't she?


  • [S]: Damn.


  • [S]: Today, you're all on board!


  • [M]: I am!


  • [M]: [slowly, with echo] I am!


  • [M]: Simon's like, "Do you wanna get a hundred-dollar mango?" I'm like, "Yep." And I'm gonna eat it all.


  • [M]: [slowly, with echo] I'm gonna eat it all.

    [M]:[慢慢地,與回聲] 我要去吃這一切。

  • [horror movie crescendo]


  • [M]: Mama didn't raise no fool. With Simon around... [S]: Mmm. Mmmm.

    [M]:媽媽沒有提出沒有傻瓜。有西蒙在身邊...[S]:[S]: Mmm.Mmmm. Mmmm.

  • [M]: [low-pitched voice] I'm beating him at his own game, this time around.

    [M]:[低音調的聲音]我擊敗他 在他自己的遊戲,這一次。

  • [M]: [voiceover] Mhm. Yup, now's my chance. Just--


  • [M]: [voiceover] Carefully...


  • [M]: [voiceover] Uh-huh.


  • [somber piano music, horror movie crescendo]


  • [M]: I'm eating it!


  • [S]: What're you-- you just walking away, girl?!

    [S]:你是什麼 - 你只是走開,女孩?

  • [horror movie crescendo]


  • [M]: Were you looking more for a video where I was extremely upset about Simon's super-expensive fruit decision?

    [M]:你是在尋找更多的視頻 在那裡我是非常不高興 西蒙的超級昂貴的水果決定?

  • [M]: Well, I've got the one for you.


  • [M]: $150 grapes and a bonus, tiny, expensive peanut butter and