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  • the outlook gets ever cloudier for British Airways owner I A G.

    英航老闆I A G的前景越來越模糊。

  • On Thursday, the airline group said its third quarter loss hit 1.3 billion euros, all over $1.5 billion.


  • That was far worse than analyst forecasts and comes as passenger numbers plunged.


  • The company says it struggled to even half fill.


  • The few planes that are flying on the coming months don't look much better for the group, which also owns Iberia, Aer Lingus and other carriers.


  • Over the fourth quarter, I A G now says it will fly just 30% off its capacity, down from earlier guidance, off 40%.

    在第四季度,I A G現在說,它將只飛30%的能力,低於先前的指導,關閉40%。

  • As a result, it no longer expects to break even over the period, though it said it had plenty off liquidity on hand after raising over $3 billion from shareholders with a rights issue.


  • One glimmer of hope for the airline was this week's introduction off rapid virus testing at its main hub, London's Heathrow Airport.


  • Passengers to some destinations can now get a quick check before they fly.


  • B A and other airlines hope such measures could restore confidence in air travel.

    B A和其他航空公司希望這樣的措施能夠恢復人們對航空旅行的信心。

  • But right now that seems a distant hope I A G shares dropped more than 3% Thursday before recovering some ground.

    但現在看來,這似乎是一個遙遠的希望我A G股週四下跌超過3%,然後收復一些陣地。

  • So far this year, the stock has lost almost 80% off its value.


the outlook gets ever cloudier for British Airways owner I A G.

英航老闆I A G的前景越來越模糊。


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英航虧損加劇 (British Airways losses mount)

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